Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide

Kingdom Rush Level 6 Guide The Citadel

In this level, you will unlock a new mage tower type, the Arcane Tower. It has the ability to deal tons of damage to a single enemy and able to teleport enemies back from where they came from. Barracks are now able to produce Paladins, which are tougher footmen with special abilities such as Healing, High Defense, and Holy Strike (hits multiple ground enemies).

Storyline: After several days of travel we have arrived at our capital city of Linirea. The time has come to make a stand and defend Linirea Southern walls. In addition to you experienced units, the King adds two units to your battalions. The arcane wizards will provide superior firepower, and the pious paladins will inspire the troops with their bravery.


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  1. Arnie Berg

    Very useful 🙂 Too tempting though, I’ll come back when I’m deeper in and get stuck!