Kingdom Rush Walkthrough Guide

Kingdom Rush Level 12 Guide The Dark Tower

This is the final level where you are required to defeat The Dread Wizard Veznan and his minions at his Black Tower to complete this game! This map has a graveyard which spawns Skeletons while 3 Demon portals are positioned in the middle of the map, one of it is extremely close to the exit.

Storyline: Our troops gather around the dread wizard Veznan’s Tower. It is time for a reckoning.. Time for the final fray. This is the ultimate battle for our kingdom’s safety. Every step has brought us to this moment, and there is no turning back. Now it’s time to show our mettle!


Towers: Rangers Hideout, 500mm Big Bertha
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Campaign Tips and Tricks
1. Veznan will cast a spell to disable your towers from attacking.
2. Click to unlock towers, especially the ones closest to the exit.
3. Have 2 Rangers Hideout to stun enemies from Graveyard/Portal.
4. Fill vacant slots with dummy building to avoid locking main tower.

Heroic Challenge

Towers: Rangers Hideout, 500mm Big Bertha
For Heroic Challenge, focus on building many Archer Tower (3-5) and upgrade them to Rangers Hideout to deal with the early invasion of Gargoyles, Demon Imp and Rocket Rider. Once those are clear off, start building Dwarven Tower and upgrade them to 500mm Big Bertha to clear out mobs of fast and tough land enemies.
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Heroic Tips and Tricks
1. Have at least 1 Dwarven Tower to clear off mobs of weak enemies.
2. Build at least 3 to 5 Archer Tower to handle mobs of air enemies.
3. Upgrade all Archer Tower to Rangers Hideout.
4. Keep 3 Archer Tower and sell the others to fund Dwarven Tower.
5. Upgrade Dwaven Tower to 500mm Big Bertha to handle land mobs.
6. Build 2 Archer Tower near Veznan’s Tower entrance.
7. These 2 towers are to force Rocket Rider to use their turbo boost.

Iron Challenge

Towers: Rangers Hideout, Sorcerer Mage
For Iron Challenge, you will be disabled from using Artillery (which means no Dwarven Explosive exploding in Veznan’s front yard.) Therefore, channel all your Upgrade Points into maxing out Archery, Sorcery, Meteor and Mercenary.
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Iron Tips and Tricks
1. You will only need 3 Mage Tower and 4 Archer Tower.
2. Upgrade Archer Tower to Rangers Hideout to unlock Wrath of Forest.
3. Wrath of Forest is use to buy time for Mercenary and Meteor Rain.
4. Upgrade Mage Tower to Sorcerer Mage to unlock Summon Elemental.
5. Summon Elemental blocks mobs of enemies and deal area damage.
6. Don’t upgrade Polymorph in Sorcerer Mage since it targets 1 enemy.
7. Use Meteor Rain whenever you can’t handle large enemy waves.
8. Position Mercenary far away from enemy to allow spear throw.

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