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Watcher of Realms introduces Gear Sets that allows Heroes to gain additional ability to either improve their offense or defense capabilities. All 3 Gear Raid dungeons drops different types of Gear Sets that are suitable for different hero roles (e.g. tanker, fighter, healer, marksman, mage). This Gear Sets guide provides you some understanding on how to use this gear sets properly to unleash your hero’s fullest potential!

Gear Raid 1 Gear Sets

Gear Raid 2 Gear Sets

The Tempest

The Tempest: Rage Regen (ATK) +2

Ageless Wrath

Ageless Wrath: Critical Damage +30%. Increases Critical Damage by 1% after making Critical Hits, stacking up to 30 times. (Total: +60% Critical Damage)

Night Terror

Night Terror: Increases Critical Damage by 25% for 3 seconds after making Critical Hits.

Gear Raid 3 Gear Sets

The Wisdom

The Wisdom: After using Ultimate skills, increaes Damage by 35% for 10 seconds.

Twisted Blade

Twisted Blade: DMG +10%.

Occult Shield

Occult Shield: Damage Taken -10%


Fracture: Increases Critical Damage by 45% when HP is above 70%.

Mana Spring

Mana Spring: Rage Regeneration (Auto) +3

Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye: Launching 5 Basic Attack increases Damage by 25% for 6 seconds.
Tips: Hawk Eye is recommended for heroes who can attack the enemy very quickly to benefit from the damage boost that this set provides. However, Night Terror is a much better gear set to consistently deal high amount of damage without needing to focus too much on Attack Speed to get this benefit.

The Doom

The Doom: Single-Target Damage +18%
Tip: The Doom gear set is recommended for heroes whose abilities are primarily dealing single-target damage. Although The Doom does not provide higher damage enhancement in comparison to other gear sets, it has one of the lenient restriction that does not require the hero to perform critical hit nor trigger ultimate to activate this gear set ability. Example of heroes who benefit from The Doom are Wrath and Idril.

The Wisdom

The Wisdom: After using Ultimate skills, increases Damage by 35% for 10 seconds.
Tip: The Wisdom gear set is recommended for heroes who has a very low rage requirement to trigger their ultimate frequently and their ultimate type is burst damage instead of having long uptime duration to benefit from this gear set. Example of heroes who benefits from The Wisdom are Morrigan, Hatssut, and Shamir.
Ascension: The Wisdom can be ascended to Soulbound Arcana.

The Insight

The Insight: Critical Rate +15%. Every single-target ATK deals additional True Damage 10 times the caster’s level.
Tip: The Insight allows your hero to gain additional 15% Critical Rate to easily reach the 100% Critical Rate to consistently deal Critical Damage. However, it does not improve your hero damage output significantly in comparison to other gear sets since the True Damage is capped to the hero’s level, which is Level 60, resulting in a 600 max total damage from True Damage.
Ascension: The Insight can be ascended to Infernal Roar.


Asclepius: Max HP +10%, Healing Effect +20
Tips: Asclepius gear set is recommended for heroes who has the ability to heal their allies. Example of heroes who can provide healing are Vortex, Midan, Dolores, Lightlocke, Laya, Sadie, and Elowyn.
Ascension: Asclepius can be ascended to Invigoration.

Soulbound Arcana

Soulbound Arcana: After the Ultimate is cast, DMG increases 10% permanently, stacking up to 5 times. (Total: +50% Damage)
Tip: Soulbound Arcana is recommended for hero’s ultimate who has low rage requirement so they can quickly ramp up their damage quickly. Example of heroes who has low rage cap are Wrath, Morrigan and Shamir. Soulbound Arcana can still be used on heroes with higher rage requirement but you will need to boost their rage recovery with heroes such as Laya, Elowyn, Laurel, or Hollow to maximize this gear set potential.

Infernal Roar

Infernal Roar: Basic ATK DMG +40%.
Tip: Infernal Roar is recommended for hero who primarily deals damage using their basic attack and their other abilities such as ultimate and passive enhances their basic attacks. Example of heroes who mainly uses basic attack for all their damage are Idril, Wrath, and Arrogance.

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