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Watcher of Realms Hatssut Hero Guide


NAME: Hatssut
FACTION: Nightmare Council
RARITY: Legendary
ROLE: Marksman
USABILITY: Mid-Late Game




★★★★✰ Guild Boss
★★★★★ Tide
★★★★★ Faction Trial


★★★★★ Anti-Air DPS
★★★★★ AoE DPS
★★★★✰ Single-Target DPS
★★★★★ Sustained DPS


★★★★✰ Gear Raid 1
★★★★★ Gear Raid 2
★★★★★ Gear Raid 3
★★★★★ Gold EXP Raid
★★★★✰ Artifact Raid

Hatssut Overview

Hatssut is a Legendary Marksman from the Nightmare Council faction in Watcher of Realms. Hatssut’s arena prowess is truly impressive, and when it comes to Gear Raid 3, as she can help clear mobs of enemies easily. But what’s even more remarkable is her ability to find a place in single-target content, despite her primary focus on area damage. It’s a cakewalk to incorporate her into your strategies across various game modes.

Hatssut Skills

Physical ATK (Basic Attack)
Attacks 2 times, dealing 50% DMG to the target and 20% DMG to 1 nearby enemy with each hit.
Level 2: DMG Per Hit +2%
Level 3: DMG Per Hit +2%
Level 4: DMG Per Hit +3%
Level 5: DMG Per Hit +3%

Ghastly Burst (Manual Ultimate | Energy -900/+500 | Duration 3s)
Deals DMG to up to 5 enemies nearby, dealing [180% AoE DMG] every 0.3 sec, lasting for 3 sec.
Level 2: DMG Increase +10%, Initial Rage +40
Level 3: DMG Increase +10%, Skill Cost -100
Level 4: DMG Increase +10%, Initial Rage +60
Level 5: DMG Increase +10%, Effect Duration +1 sec, Skill Cost -100

Soul Torment (Passive)
ATK bounces to 1 more target, with the DMG of each bounce increased by 5%. Each enemy hit also suffers from DEF Reduction for 10 sec.
Level 2: Splash DMG +1%
Level 3: DEF Reduction +10%, Splash DMG +1%
Level 4: Splash DMG +1%
Level 5: DEF reduction +10%, Soul pieces +1, Splash DMG +1%
DEF Reduction: DEF -30% for 10 seconds (Max Skill)

Ghastly Stealth (Passive)
When deployed, gains Invisibility for 20 sec. Meanwhile, each kill increases ATK by 5%, stacking up to 5 times and lasting for 8 sec.
Level 2: Invisibility Duration +5 sec, ATK Increase Duration +1 sec
Level 3: Invisibility Duration +5 sec
Level 4: Invisibility Duration +5 sec, ATK Increase Duration +1 sec
Level 5: Invisibility Duration +5 sec

Hatssut Awakenings

  1. Soul Drain DMG +5%
  2. ATK +300
  3. Ghastly Stealth duration +10 sec.
  4. Penetration +8
  5. Ghastly Burst duration +1 sec.

Hatssut Equipment Guide

Hatssut Review

Hatssut’s Purpose

  1. Hatssut specializes in reducing enemy defense and delivering burst damage in a fraction of a second.
  2. If you struggle against self-healing enemies like in Gear Raid 1, burst damage is more effective than continuous damage.
  3. In situations where you face fast-moving enemy groups, such as the Arena AoE DPS challenge or Gear Raid 3, Hatssut can reduce their defense. Her arrows can hit multiple targets, setting them up for elimination with her ultimate ability.
  4. Using a temporary invisibility buff, Hatssut can be deployed in hostile areas to attack enemies while remaining unseen.

Hatssut’s Synergy

  1. Hatssut works best with Nightmare faction heroes, enhancing their attack speed to quickly eliminate enemies.
  2. She pairs well with other AoE damage dealers, providing additional burst damage to defeat large groups of enemies.

Hatssut’s Limitations

  1. As a Marksman from the Nightmare faction, not the Piercer faction, Hatssut cannot extend her shooting range with the aid of a Piercer lord. This poses a problem when attempting to attack enemies out of reach.
  2. Despite her Defense Reduction ability, Hatssut is less effective in higher difficulty Guild Boss challenges. This is due to the boss’s high defense and the generally low base Attack stats of Marksman heroes. Moreover, her Defense Reduction ability is less impactful against a single target like the Guild Boss.

Countering Hatssut

  1. In Arena Defense, countering Hatssut requires swiftly eliminating enemies. Employ long-range attackers or position your fighter heroes near the enemy summoning portal. Allowing enemies from the portal to enter Hatssut’s ultimate burst attack range can lead to her quickly wiping out large groups of enemies.

Hatssut Storyline

A mysterious kingdom once thrived in the wild desert in South Tya. It is said the people there were the first followers of the Lord of the Sun. There was also the belief of the God of the Netherworld. They praise the light but fear not the darkness, believing that darkness and death are only necessary steps to the bright world that is promised.

Hatssut was born into the royal family to be a beautiful and graceful princess. She became the queen as a matter of course after getting married. Unfortunately, a political murder happened and made her a widowed queen. Her husband was brutally killed and dismembered by the rebels under the command of some high ministers. Hatssut suffered in extreme pain. In order to take revenge, she had to hide her sorrow and keep herself Clear and calm. She skillfully dealt withthose ministers and rebels, and fillygained their trust and managed to take back the throne.

Hatssut entrusted all the kingdom affairs to the ministers only to show her obedience but threw herself into building a luxurious underground palace. She then invited all the culprits involved in murdering their former king to the first banquet there. While the ministers were indulging in the magnificence and intricacy of the palace, Hatssut walked out of the crowd. She ordered to trigger the well-prepared .mechanical traps, and gas, vipers, and arrows were released from all ,corners of the palace. Those criminals mailed in pain for a long Jim?- and experienced hours of “tandem before they were finally sent to the God of the Netherworld.

Released from her revenge, Hatssut buried the underground palace and decided to die with it. She was then resurrectedby the God of the Netherworld to be immortal and :made the gods representative in the kingdom. Any intruders Mao covet the secrets of immortality or treasureiswill be judged under her supervision, and only the innocent and unguilty who have entered by mistake can leave alive.

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