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Watcher of Realms Morrigan Hero Guide


NAME: Morrigan
FACTION: Cultist
RARITY: Legendary
ROLE: Mage
USABILITY: Early-Mid-Late Game




★★★★✰ Guild Boss
★★★★✰ Tide
★★★★★ Faction Trial


★★★✰✰ Anti-Air DPS
★★★★✰ AoE DPS
★★★✰✰ Single-Target DPS
★★★✰✰ Sustained DPS


★★★★★ Gear Raid 1
★★★✰✰ Gear Raid 2
★★★✰✰ Gear Raid 3
★★★★★ Gold EXP Raid
★✰✰✰✰ Artifact Raid

Morrigan Overview

Morrigan is a Legendary Mage with Magic Attack from the Cultist faction in Watcher of Realms. She is the cryptic faction leader of the Cursed Cult, Morrigan’s bombs and AoE magic are devastating to groups of enemies. Although she doesn’t do much AoE damage compared to other mages, she has a lord skill that amplifies her faction allies damage in battle. This makes her incredibly useful to pair up with heroes like Cereberus and Vierna to make them more output more AoE Damage to farm higher difficulty dungeons easily such as Gear Raid 1, Gold EXP Dungeon, and Arena.

Morrigan Skills

Magic ATK (Basic Attack)
Deals 70% damage to 3 targets.

Cursed Seed (Auto Ultimate| Energy -650/+200 | Duration 3.5s)
Releases a wave of Cursed Bombs at up to 3 targest in the range.
Level 2: Skill Cost -50, Initial Rage +25
Level 3: Skill Cost -50, Initial Rage +25
Level 4: Skill Cost -50, Initial Rage +25
Level 5: Number of targets that can be hit +1, Initial Rage +25

Cursed Bombs (Duration 2s)
Deals 25% M.DMG to the target per sec and explodes at the end, dealing 50% AoE DMG to surrounding enemies.

Curse Priestess (Passive)
After the Cursed Bombs detonate, generates a Ground Effect Area, dealing 10% AoE DMG per sec for 8 sec. Airborne units take half the DMG.

Cursed Pact
After being deployed for 50 sec, increases damage by 20% permanently.
Level 2: DMG Increase +5%
Level 3: Required Deployment Time -5 sec
Level 4: DMG Increase +5%
Level 5: Required Deployment Time -5 sec

Forbbiden Knowledge III (Lord Skill)
Increases faction alies basic attributes by 15%
Increases faction allies AoE DMG by 25%.
Increases faction allies DMG dealt to enemies inflicted with Stun, Freeze, Immobilize, and other control effects by 30%.

Basic attacks have a 30% chance to release Cursed Bombs.

Morrigan Awakenings

  1. Basic attack damage is increased by 10%.
  2. Faction Allies AoE DMG +5%
  3. Shortens Revival Time by 10 sec. Generated a Ground Effect Area upon death.
  4. Rage Regen (Auto) +1
  5. Cursed Bombs explode upon hitting a target and cause DMG.

Morrigan Equipment Guide

Morrigan Storyline

Morrigan was born at a pivotal moment in the history of the lost Nordshire people that once lived in what is now sijply known as Nordshire Cemetery. She acts as their dark memorial in that putrid land, its very name a reference to the ruin of those who once lived there. Ruled many, many years ago by a mythical and terrifying cult of witches dedicated to powerful spirits and demons, her people clung to life in the barren fringes of the expanding Mosune Empire.

The Nordhire people were deemed a threat to the religious doctrine of the Mosune, leading to the Emperor Calastar launching a crusade against them. This brustal campaign killed most of the people of Norshire, including Morrigan’s cultist family, leaving her fated to beg for a living in the Imperial town founded where her village had once been. This was a taste of the “new ways” for Morrigan, with Norshire a colony of the Mosune Empire. Yet while the Mosune thought they had eliminated the threat of the Norshire witches, they were ignorant their power could survive even death.

As Morrigan grew up in the fringes of Mosune society, she continued to practice the old ways, channeling the spirits of the slaughtered witches. She begged them for a plague to drive out the colonizers, a prayer that needed to be sealed with blood. Wielding the magic of her people, Morrigan slew a family of settlers in the new town as payment. A terrible sickness then spread, killing most in Nordshire. Morrigan herself was deformed by the disease but her very survival attracted the suspicions of the authorities.

Morrigan and the last remaining free people of Nordshire were imprisoned and eventually burnt at the stake as witches. Yet the spirits would not let faithful Morrigan die her body was disfigured but she lived on surviving as a now immens‘ely powerful Revenant and the Nordshire witches’ tool of vengeance. First disguising herself as a beautiful young woman with her newly bolstered magic, she then unleashed her great power on the Mosune, spreading death throughout the land, turning it into a noxious hellscape too terrifying for the living, a haven for the damned: Nordshire Cemetery.

Ever seeking more power for revenge, Morrigan has traveled far and wide, searching for those dedicated to forbidden knowledge and magic to restore the glory of the old ways. From her new base in the foul mists of Nordshire Cemetery, she has sought the might of all practitioners of the prohibited arts for centuries, uniting them under the banner of the Blightfallen in a pursuit of forbidden knowledge and power to destroy the arrogance of the new ways.

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