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Watcher of Realms Aracha Hero Guide


NAME: Aracha
FACTION: Star Piercers
RARITY: Legendary
ROLE: Fighter
USABILITY: Situational




★★★✰✰ Guild Boss
★★★✰✰ Tide
★★★✰✰ Faction Trial


★★★✰✰ Anti-Air DPS
★✰✰✰✰ AoE DPS
★✰✰✰✰ Single-Target DPS
★✰✰✰✰ Sustained DPS


★✰✰✰✰ Gear Raid 1
★✰✰✰✰ Gear Raid 2
★★★✰✰ Gear Raid 3
★✰✰✰✰ Gold EXP Raid
★✰✰✰✰ Artifact Raid

Aracha Overview

Aracha is a Legendary Fighter from the Star Piercers faction in Watcher of Realms. Aracha is mainly used for her Lord Skill position to amplify her faction allies damage output but not used on the battlefield because her ability to inflict Poison and immobilized a few enemies is not highly sought after in the game. Reason being, AoE burst damage heroes predominantly are used to quickly wipe out mobs of enemies, especially in Arena and dungeon farming. However, she has some usages to deal Poison damage to clear tanky flying enemies in Gear Raid 3 Stage 19 to 21 on the front line when your Marksman heroes do not have great gears to quickly defeat these enemies.

Aracha Skills

P. ATK (Basic Attack)
Deals 100% DMG to 1 enemy, including airborne units.
Level 2: DMG +5%
Level 3: DMG +5%
Level 4: DMG +5%
Level 5: DMG +5%

Spider Stance (Manual Ultimate | Rage -1000/+400 | Duration: 20s)
The hero evolves, increasing DMG by 40% and hitting 1 more targets for 20 sec.
Level 2: Skill Cost -100, Initial Rage +100
Level 3: DMG +10%, Effect Duration +5 sec
Level 4: Skill Cost -100, Initial Rage +100
Level 5: DMG +10%, Effect Duration +5 sec

Spider Toxin (Passive)
Attacks inflict Spider Toxin to the target, dealing 10% M. DMG per sec for 3 sec. When a target dies under Spider Toxin effect, it will explode, dealing 20% AoE DMG to surrounding enemies and inflicting Poison.
Level 2: Toxin DMG +1%
Level 3: Toxin DMG +1%
Level 4: Toxin DMG +1%
Level 5: Toxin DMG +2%
Poison: Deals DMG equal to 1% of the target’s Max HP per sec for 5 sec. Stacks up to 3 times.
Spider Toxin: A special toxin that deals M.DMG based on the caster’s ATK.

Messy Web (Passive)
After every 6 ATK, the next ATK will ensnare the target in spider webs for 1 sec. If the target is airborne, the duration of the webbing effect is extended to 2 sec.
Level 2: Required ATK -1
Level 3: Spider Webs on Targets +1 sec
Level 4: Spider Webs on Airborne Targets +1 sec
Level 5: Required ATK -1

Piercing Vision III (Lord Skill)
Increase faction allies’ basic attributes by 15%. Faction allies’ ATK Ranges are also increased. For every 1 tile away from the target, increases their DMG by 5% up to 50%.

When Aracha attacks unblocked targets, increases DMG by 20% and Crit. Rate by 10%.

Aracha Awakenings

  1. While in Spider Stance, increases all DMG by 20%.
  2. ATK +300 , Faction ALlies’ DMG to Airbone Units +5%.
  3. Increases the duration of SPider Toxin and Poison by 2sec.
  4. Rage Regen (ATK) +2
  5. When an enemy with Spider Toxin dies, deals 110% AoE DMG to nerby enemies affected by Poison 1 more time.

Aracha Equipment Guide

  • Stats to Prioritize: ATK%, C.RATE, C.DMG, ASPD, Rage Regen
  • Recommended Gears: Soulbound Arcana, Ageless Wrath, Night Terror, The Doom
  • Recommended Artifact: Flawless Blade, Crystal of Vileness, Void Gazer

Aracha Storyline

Aracha, Queen of Spiders, is a void of death, darkness, and danger, much like the Weaver Cave over which she rules. Yet she is elegant, mysterious, and strangely alluring in ways much like the most venomous of spiders. Quite what Aracha is may not be entirely clear, but she was almost certainly Human at one point. Long, long ago, Aracha is said to have been the wife of a poor farmer who regularly spent all his money on drink and gambling. This farmer was indebted to many moneylenders and Aracha knew ‘that before long, her husband would leave her penniless and ruined.

She prayed for a solution that came to her in the form of a vision. A mighty blacker than black spider appeared in her mind’s eye and declared itself to be the spirit of the Weaver, the dreaded Lady Spider god that had eaten her own young and then herself, disappearing from the realm of mortals. She told her that she would help Aracha out of pity in exchange for her acting as the vessel for her return to Tya, yet a sacrifice was needed. Then they would conquer the world together. The sacrifice was obvious: she would need to kill her husband. If she did so, the Weaver said, there would be a great reward.

And so, that night when her husband slept in yet another drunken stupor, she slipped a venomous spider into his ear, which bit him, killing him after hours of torment. Aracha fled the farm and took to worshipping spiders as she came to slowly resemble one. This murder destroyed her Human soul, and she grew to enjoy the act of killing. She was granted power over spiders and could command them to do as she wished. The dark voice inside her ordered her to travel from town to town and kill in exchange for mightier powers, and she did so, sending spiders to attack her victims. She developed her own venom, span webs, and commanded an army of spiders as she became more spider than Human. Yet before her transformation was complete and she grew too powerful, warriors from the Free Federation chased her into the Weaver Cave. Here she remains banished, twisted in the darkness, an aspect of the dark Weaver in the flesh, determined to use the power she was promised to spread death.

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