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Watcher of Realms Abomination Hero Guide


NAME: Abomination
FACTION: Nightmare
RARITY: Legendary
ROLE: Fighter
USABILITY: Mid-Late Game




★★★★✰ Guild Boss
★★★★★ Tide
★★★★★ Faction Trial


★✰✰✰✰ Anti-Air DPS
★★★✰✰ AoE DPS
★★★★✰ Single-Target DPS
★★★★★ Sustained DPS


★★★★★ Gear Raid 1
★★★✰✰ Gear Raid 2
★✰✰✰✰ Gear Raid 3
★★★★★ Gold EXP Raid
★★★★✰ Artifact Raid

Abomination Overview

Abomination is a Legendary Fighter with Normal Attack from the Nightmare faction in Watcher of Realms. Abomination is an awesome fighter hero as he can be both offensive and defensive hero. He has the highest base HP in the game and able to deal decent amount of damage in Arena (Single-Target DPS and Sustained DPS), Guild Boss and Gear Raid 1.

Abomination Skills

Physical ATK (Basic Attack)
Deals 100% DMG to 1 enemy, with a 15% chance of triggering a charged ATK that deals 120% AoE DMG to all enemies in range.
Level 2: Initial DMG of Basic ATK +5%
Level 3: Initial DMG of Basic ATK +5%
Level 4: Initial DMG of Basic ATK +5%
Level 5: Initial DMG of Basic ATK +5%

Boundless Endurance (Auto Ultimate | Energy -900/+0 | Duration 25s)
Triggers automatically for 25 sec. Inceaseses MAX HP by 50%, extends ATK Range, and reduces P.DMG taken by 20%. Attacks all enemies in range 2 times, each time dealing 60% AoE DMG and inflicting Burning for 2 sec. This effect will become permanent after being triggered 2 times.
Level 2: DMG+5%
Level 3: Reduced P.DMG Taken +10%
Level 4: DMG+5%
Level 5: Skill Cost -200
Burning: Deals 5% M.DMG per sec. Burning effects from different sources can coexist.

Blood of Agony (Passive)
For every 3 instances of DMG taken, the hero permanently increases ATK Spd. by 6 and DMG by 3%, stacking up to 10 times.
Level 2: ATK Spd. Increase +1
Level 3: DMG Increase +1%
Level 4: ATK Spd. Increase +3
Level 5: Required Hits Receive -1

Ultimate Torment (Passive)
When HP drops below 40%, gains Invulnerability that lasts 4 sec, and then restores HP equal to 30% Max HP. This effect can only be triggered 1 time every 55 sec. When Boundless Endurance is active, the skill’s cooldown is reduced by 5 sec.
Level 2: HP Threshold +10%
Level 3: Effect Duration +1 sec
Level 4: HP Recovery +5%
Level 5: Cooldown -5 sec

Abomination Awakenings

  1. The Charged ATK triggered by Basic ATK will inflict the target with Stun (0.5 sec).
  2. ATK +300
  3. During the effect of Boundless Endurance, increases the DMG of charged ATK by 20%
  4. Rage Regen (Attacked) +4
  5. Reduces the damage tkane times erquired to trigger Blood of Agony by 1.

Abomination Equipment Guide

  • Stats to Prioritize: ATK%, C.RATE, C.DMG, ASPD, Rage Regen
  • Recommended Gears: Infernal Roar, Glacier, Wrath, Night Terror
  • Recommended Artifact: Soul Drainer, Scarlet Hunt, Eye of Sin

Abomination Storyline

The product of dozens of doomed Humans ripped asunder, sewn together, and turned into a Demon through blasphemous magic as an affront to the gods, Abomination is among the most feared and mighty of the Demons of the Infernal Volcano. Such is his power that he is locked away deep under the ground and only brought out when the Demons wish to unleash their blasphemous hell beast.

His rage against the horror of his creation and his constant pain grows by the day and it does not matter if it is a Demon or Elf before him, he will swing his mighty mace of burning hate at it to watch its limbs splinter. If this happens to you, pray your death is quick for it has been said that he feeds on those still alive.

Abomination is not one of the primordial Demons, spawned from all the negativity in the universe settling in physical wretched forms. Rather, he is the result of a famous massacre. Three thousand years ago, when the early Human kingdoms fought for the gods against the threat of the Demonic horde, the battles were devastating, leading to huge Human casualties and only limited Demon losses. It was not until the intervention of the gods that the Demon defeat began.

However, there was one battle in which the Demons incurred huge losses thanks to the inspired might ofthg Humans of a town called Salavi. At this battle, high in the mountains near an ancient fort, it is said the Demons lost hundreds against an army of just a few-dozen Humans. Yet, of course, the Demons eventually overpowered the men of Salavi.

Still, the Demons are not known for turning down a good weapon, no matter where it is from. They then set their foulest minds and magic on the task of distorting the Humans, tearing the corpses of these young men limb from limb, many of them still alive, mincing some of them together, peeling off their flesh, and creating a twisted, and blasphemous weapon of mortal flesh they dubbed Abomination, in mockery of the men’s hometown. The face of Abomination is that of their once noble commander Dereclus, a name that drives the beast now to insanity, his head crowned with horns to humiliate him before the gods.

Now Abomination is twisted by the cruelty of eternity and the desire for revenge has made him as evil as the earliest of Demons, driven by the instinct to rend others limb from limb so he can recreate his pain. So hot is his hatred that it burns his fierce mace, forged in the darkest chasms of the volcano where he lurks, imprisoned, waiting and dreaming of the violent ecstasy of his release.

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