Watcher of Realms Update Announcement 2023

11/06/2023 Update Announcement

Salute, Commanders. The server will go offline for maintenance and update. You will not be able to log in to the game during the update which may be extended or shortened, subject to the actual situation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and continued support. After the update, you will receive compensation via mail. We wish you an exciting adventure in the Land of Tya!

Update Duration: 11/06/2023 19:15 – 11/06/2023 21:15 (UTC-8) | Compensation: Diamond x100

I. Guild War

Guild War Beta 2 season will officially start on 11/13/2023 00:00 (UTC-8)

1. Revamped Season

After the revamp. Guild confrontations will happen weeklv—Preparation Phase on Mondays and Tuesdays, Battle Phase from Wednesdays to Saturdays, and Ranking. Calculation Phase on Sundays. Each season will last eight weeks, ending with a grand season calculation.

2. Revamped Rewards

After the revamp, rewards will be distributed for each round of matches based on the result and current ranking at the start of the next round. The original season rewards remain, with the final day of the season dedicated to reward collection.

3. Revamped Battle Features

We’ve overhauled the Demon Soldiers operation mode—no more interval and wave-based teams. Instead, Commanders can now select from five types of Demon Soldiers and deploy them based on available energy, which replenishes over time but won’t exceed 10 points. Excluding the Demon Captain, each type of Demon Soldier can be deployed for an additional time.

4. Adjusted Stats and Attributes

To align with the new Demon Soldiers battle features, we’re rebalancing all Demon Soldiers’ attributes. The BP boosts when affiliating Demon Soldiers to Lord Heroes will also be adjusted, with Lord Heroes of different rarities providing diverse attribute enhancements.

5. Added Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leader Garrison Adjustment Permission

On the final day of the weekly Preparation Phase, only Guild Leaders and Vice Leaders will be able to readjust members’ garrisoned positions. Only the member with a suitable garrisoned team and Guild rank can be repositioned to the targeted fortification.

6. Added Season Contribution Ranking

Open [Guild War > Member Info > Contribution Ranking] to view. This ranking is based on Guild members’ contributions within the current season. Besides, contribution calculation rules have also been adjusted. The team destroying the Central Keep will earn more contribution points, and the remaining HP of garrisoned fortifications will also be converted into contribution points.

7. Adjusted Guild War Point Rules

Optimized point increments and reductions, placing more emphasis on victory and defeat and less on remaining HP.

8.Adjusted Training Stages

Training stages have been adjusted to suit the new Demon Soldiers battle features. The reward granted by winning in all Training stages has been upgraded to a
Legendary Demon Soldier – Knight of Destruction. In addition, please note that the progress and rewards will be reset.

9. Adjusted Demon Soldiers in Guild Shop

Lowered purchasing requirements for certain Demon Soldiers and added new ones to the shop.

10. Optimized Interface Performance and Navigation.

*** No additional information here ***


Introduction: Every day at 00:00, there is a chance for a mysterious hero to visit your camp. The heroes will only stay in the camp until 24:00 on the same day. Completing quests from the visiting heroes will grant generous rewards.


Fighter – Gluttony, Hell’s Fifth Seat

  1. [Talent] DMG scales off of HP. After eliminating an enemy, increases Max HP by 6% and grows larger in size, stacking up to 5 times. This effect lasts for 30 sec.
  2. [P. ATK] Deals 100/105/110% DMG 1 time to 1 enemy.
  3. [Smash] Each stack of Talent has a 8/ 9/ 9/10/10% chance of turning Basic ATKs into Enhanced ATKs, dealing 180/180/ 240/ 240/3 00% DMG to up to 5 enemies ahead and inflicting Stun on them for 0.5 sec.
  4. [Gnaw] Skill Cast: Auto. Skill Cost: 1000/1000/1000/1000/900. Initial Rage: 400. Skill Effect: Rips and kills 1 enemy in range with teeth. If the target is an Elite or Boss, deals 500/500/ 600/ 600/ 800% DMG instead. After casting the skill, recovers 30/40/40/50/50% of Max HP.
  5. [Devour 8 Grow] Skill removed.
  6. [Awakened 1] Smash deals 20% extra DMG to targets inflicted with Burning.
  7. [Awakened 2] Smash can hit 3 more targets and has an extended ATK Range.
  8. [Awakened 3] When deployed, gains 3 stacks of Talent immediately.
  9. [Hero Tag] Continuous ATK + Control —> Continuous ATK + Execution


  1. Added DMG Stats of the clearing teams to Raid Guides.
  2. Added new achievements to Battle, Development, and Collection.
  3. The Tide Onslaught loot now has a chance to drop Demon Soldier Shards.
  4. Added Faction Trial Star Rewards: Claim the Legendary Hero Pact by achieving a total of 276 stars.
  5. Added promotion animations for Komodo, Ajax, Calypso, Laya and Valeriya.
  6. Added the Windows version Customer Service system.


  1. Increase Drop Rate of Spirit Materials Increased drops of The Mother Tree’s Spirit, Primitive Spirit, and Queen’s Spirit for Stage 20 and Stage 21 of Gear Raid 1, II, III. (1) Stage 20: 1-2 —> 1-3 | (2) Stage 21: 1-2 —> 2-3
  2. Increase Mythril obtained via Dismantle: Increased the amount of Mythril obtained from dismantling any Lvl. 1 Artifacts. (1) Lvl. 1 Epic Artifact: 4 —> 10 | (2) Lvl. 1 Legendary Artifact: 30 —> 45 | (3) Lvl. 1 Mythic Artifact: 65 —> 100
  3. Enhanced the models and skill visual effects of some monsters in Gear Raid III.
  4. Optimized the visual effects and art quality of monsters in the Artifact Material Raid.
  5. Optimized the Campaign Stages (Hard/ Expert) in Chapter III. Added new monsters.
  6. Lowered the difficulty of some Guild Shared Quests.
  7. Adjusted the algorithm behind the hero ratings in Hero Guides.
  8. Optimized the interface of the chat system and the player experience in the Windows version.
  9. Adjusted the rewards for some Hero’s Path quests.

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