8 Critical Strategies for F2P & Low Spender in Watcher of Realms

In this guide, we will be going over 8 critical strategies that you need to know when playing as a F2P (Free to Play) or Low Spender player in Watcher of Realms to maximize your resources to get the most out of it, so you can progress your account quickly and efficiently.

8 Essential Strategies for Free to Play & Low Spender

Embrace F2P Mentality & Patience

Adopt a long-term mindset when playing gacha games. Comparing yourself to high-spenders is natural but you won’t be able to keep up with them as it feels like an uphill battle. As a free-to-play or low spender, recognizing that this journey is more of a marathon than a sprint is vital. It’s about relishing the process and crafting your individual milestones. Although the high-spenders (krakens, whales and dolphins) are swimming ahead of you, tailoring your approach at your own pace and devising a strategy that reflects your distinct strengths is pivotal in forging your own path to success.

Early Game Planning

Efficient early-game planning is crucial. Prioritize on rushing through the campaign story chapters to unlock the highest efficient EXP Raid dungeon farming stage. This provides you the best Energy to EXP Potion ratio to level up your core heroes quickly, which results in clearing more difficult Gear Dungeons and Guild Boss. In addition, follow the game storyline quest as it guides you on how to unlock those promotion and gear raid dungeons while unlocking quest rewards along the way.

Efficiency Overload & Compromise

Balancing efficiency is crucial but don’t overcommit. Compromising on some efficiency at times is necessary to progress smoothly without getting overwhelmed.

Efficient Raid Approach

Approach raids strategically. Avoid overcommitting too early, especially for gear or artifact material farming, until your roster is adequately prepared for higher stages.

Optimizating Summons

Optimize summons around game needs, not just during 2X events. Consider 10X pulls with desirable epics that might serve you better than waiting for a 2X event.

Event Planning

Patience is key. Wait for the right events, tournaments, and challenges. Keep an eye on the game schedule for upcoming rewarding events.

Stamina Refill & Resource Utilization

Stamina refills are an investment in your progression. Use them smartly, especially during resource rate farming and high-reward events like tournaments.

Selective Six-Star Hero Upgradese

Avoid rushing to six-star a unit too quickly. Waiting for better choices and using resources wisely is crucial to building a strong, strategic roster.

Ending Notes

In conclusion, by pacing yourself, being adaptable, and making smart choices, you can maximize your free play experience in Watcher of Realms. Whether you’re new to the game or looking for ways to enhance your strategy, these insights aim to assist you in your journey through the realms. Remember, it’s not always about the speed, but the smart moves you make along the way that truly count.

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