Royal Envoy 2 Walkthrough Guide

Royal Envoy 2 Guide Level 7 – Western Arctic (Expert)

By employing forestry workers, you can ensure constant supply of wood for free!

Goals: Build up all empty slots, Repair everything, 1000 Wood
Resources: 7000 Gold, 4 Workers
New Features: Forestry

Royal Envoy 2 Level 07

1. Build Sawmill and Market.
2. Purchase 250 wood and 250 food.
3. Restore Forestry and assigned 2 workers to produce wood.
4. Fill vacant land slots with Cottages and upgrade them.
5. Clear snow piles and restore the remaining Forestry.
6. Purchase more food to hire more workers.
7. Assigned 2 workers to each forestry to speedup wood production.
8. Purchase wood from Sawmill to achieve goal faster.

Assigned workers to forestry to supply you with constant wood. A worker produces 25 wood. Having 2 workers will produce 50 wood in total. There is a maximum limit of 5000 wood that can be supplied before it gets exhausted. You can’t build Forestry. It only exist only in certain levels.

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