Royal Envoy 2 Walkthrough Guide

Royal Envoy 2 Guide Level 10 – Foothills (Expert)

New Building Available! The bank designed by the finest engineers and financial analysts. It increases the rents of houses by 50%.

Goals: 1 Bank, 10000 Gold
Resources: 3500 Gold, 150 Wood, 5 Workers
New Features: Banks.

Royal Envoy 2 Level 10

1. Repair lanterns that leads to the Forestry.
2. Assign 2 workers in Forestry.
3. Fix all lamps within the map.
4. Build a market and buy some food.
5. Build Cottages on all vacant land slots but leave 1 for bank.
6. Upgrade all cottages.

Building multiple bank does not provide additional bonuses.
Completing this level without buying wood gains “Say No to Sawmills” Achievement.

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