Royal Envoy 2 Walkthrough Guide

Royal Envoy 2 Guide Level 2 – Marshy Lowlands (Expert)

Fir tree is an excellent source of wood.

Goals: 5 Workers (4 more needed), 1500 Gold
Resources: 1000 Food, 1 Worker
Features: Hiring Workers, Chopping Trees

Royal Envoy 2 Level 02

1. Hire 4 Workers
2. Assign all workers to chop trees.
3. Fix bridge once 300 wood is obtained.
4. Build cabins on all vacant land.
5. Assign 2 Workers to chop trees for more wood supply.
6. Collect rent.

Assign some workers to work on both building and chopping trees.
This ensures constant wood supply to build other Cabins without pause.
Upgrade all Cabins to improve rent from 100 gold to 150 gold.
To keep a worker chopping continuously, click trees before picking wood.

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