Ink Battle Walkthrough Guide

Ink Battle is a typing defense game where you type words from pieces of paper to charge magic mana bar and summon soldier, shooter and mystical creatures such as Lord of the Rings Epic Heroes to defeat the evil Ink Blobs who are invading the library! There are 12 levels to play, each rewards gold that you can spend on upgrading buff enchantment, epic heroes and better cannons to defend your castle! View Ink Battle Walkthrough Guide below to complete the game with ease!

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Ink Battle In A Glance

1) Type words on pieces of paper to replenish mana (magic points)
2) Then type words hanging below mana bar to summon soldier or enchant your soldier.
3) Sit back and watch your soldiers crumble the Evil Ink Blobs Castle.

Ink Battle Strategy Guide for All Levels

Summon Special for an epic hero who is 3 times stronger of a dot soldier.
If you bought Sword or Armor Buff, cast it first before summoning hero.
Summon a shooter and buff it with Sword Buff after summoning a special.
Spend remaining mana on casting missiles against enemy castle to finish it quickly.

Ayumilove Ink Battle Playthrough Level 1 to 12
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Ink Battle Upgrade Guide

Purchase upgrades from shop in this sequence.
Level 1 – Buy Level 1 Sword ($100)
Level 2 – Buy Level 2 Sword ($200)
Level 3 – Buy Shooter ($300)
Level 4 – Buy Level 3 Sword ($300) + Buy Level 1 Armor ($100)
Level 5 – Buy Art of War ($300) + Buy Level 2 Armor ($200)
Level 6 – Buy The Odyssey ($500) $100+
Level 7 – Buy Don Quixote ($700) $100+
Level 8 – Buy Level 3 Armor ($300) $600+
Level 9 – Buy The Lord of the Rings ($900) $600+
Level 10 – Buy Missile ($1000) $600+
Level 11 – Buy Level 1,2,3 Turret ($500,$100,$100)
Level 12 – Win!

Ink Battle Screenshots

This is the main menu. We create a new game or continue from where we stopped.
Ink Battle Main Menu

This is the screen where we select difficult mission/levels.
Ink Battle Level Menu

You can purchase upgrades for your army, castle and magic spells!
Ink Battle Shop

This is where the fun begins! You type the words from pieces of paper. If no spelling mistake, the paper disappears and replenishes your blue bar (mana bar). Type in those small pieces of paper hanging below that bar to summon soldier, cast buff to your army or attack enemy castle with missile!
Ink Battle Typing Game

Ayumilove Ink Battle Review

I love typing games and the moment I see one, I try it out. Ink Battle is a simple game similarly to Mario Teaches Typing where you type words to summon mystical creatures based on the storybook you are reading, which is really interesting. For instance, if the book was Alice in Wonderland, the special summon would be a Pink Cat whereas Lord of the Rings Book will summon a Wizard! However, this does not apply to dots and shooters. It would be nice to see a change of costume on those summons as well based on the storybooks. Also, I would be nice to see famous quotes or phrases derived from each storybook to be typed in game as a way to replenish magic points, summoning or casting spells.

The game can be much more interesting if it was similar to Age of War where they are different eras with different soldiers and spells you can summon, but that makes the game really complicated. So, to make it easier for players to digest the game mechanics, introduce each game features in different levels. For example, level 1 introduces summoning different type of creatures. Level 2 introduces spells you can cast on your army. Level 3 introduces books you can purchase to upgrade your castle.

Talking about summoning creatures, this game can further improved on managing army by seeing how its done in Pocket Creature. The good thing about Ink Battle is you can build your army while battle is on-going whereas Pocket Creature does it before the game starts and prevents any changes made during battle. +1 for that. However, its army is lacking of characteristics. Example of few characteristics would be tanker (absorbs tons of enemy damage but inflict low damage), attacker (low health but great damage) and healer (a soldier that supports army by healing).

Regarding the game difficulty, it wasn’t difficult for me since I am a touch typist hitting above 60 WPM (words per minute). However, for newbie typist, it would difficult for them to keep up with the word difficulty level. Implementing a difficulty options such as Casual and Expert would be a nice addition. If the developer wants to develop a storyline as the game progresses each level, having a Casual option allows player to fully immerse into the story while having some easy enjoyment of completing the game. Example of Casual Mode would be having each correct word typed refill blue mana bar faster than Expert Mode.

Being a touch typist, it is easy for me to ward off enemies with my special mystical creatures, but just want to test out how the cannons do well. A little disappointing as the cannon is not able to kill an enemy dot without damaging my book (castle). Need to do some refinement on those defenses, otherwise, its much better to summon creatures instead of building turrets.

The game rewards can be further enhance with a few more tweaks such as implementing a combo system where the more correct word typed within a chain (a misspelled word breaks the chain) increases the reward gained by end of level. You can combine both static and dynamic reward. For example, just by completing the level, you will earn $100. If player do very well in accuracy, speed and difficult words, give them an extra bonus $$$. A great incentive for players to improve their typing speed and accuracy.

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