Pocket Creature Walkthrough Guide

Pocket Creature is an idle strategy game where you build and evolve your army to overthrow the King Romeo. There are 4 creature categories and total of 28 creatures, each with a unique ability. Check this Pocket Creature Walkthrough Guide below to find the best 4 party creature combination to score S-Rank effectively on all Mission! Next episode might have Queen Juliet for battle!

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Pocket Creature Speed Run Level Guide to get Romeo-S

How to get Romeo-S ? This can be obtain by speed running.
You will need attempt as little missions as possible to achieve Romeo-S reward!
0) You will start off with 1 Spirit and 1 Undead.
1) Purchase 1 Spirit and 1 Dragon.
2) Arrange party (2x Spirit, Dragon, Undead)
3) Do first 2 missions and training to upgrade Dragon to Bombard Dragon.
4) Do 3rd Mission and some training to upgrade Undead to Walker.
5) Do 4th + 5th Mission and some training to upgrade Dragon to Shadow Dragon.
6) Arrange party (Shadow Dragon, 2x Spirit, Walker)
7) Do 6th Mission and spend money to upgrade Spirit to Warp.
8) Arrange party (Shadow Dragon, Spirit, Warp, Walker)
9) Do 7th Mission and spend money to upgrade Warp to Earthshaker.
10) Buy 1 Undead.
11) Do 8th Mission and some training to upgrade Undead to Eater > Entropy.
12) Do some training to get sufficient money to upgrade Walker to Corpse King.
13) Arrange party (Shadow Dragon, Entropy, Earthshaker, Corpse King)
13) Do 9th Mission.
14) Max out EarthShaker, Corpse King and Shadow Dragon in sequence.
15) Do all missions with the party combination above. Leave the last 2 levels alone!
16) Complete last 2 levels using Shadow Dragon, Soul Seeker, Entropy, Corpse King.
17) To get Soul Seeker, upgrade your unused Spirit to Warp and to Soul Seeker.
18) Remember to spend all your cash into maxing Soul Seeker.
19) Entropy does not require upgrades as it does not boost attack nor max health.
20) By following this guide, you will complete within 36 missions without any lost.

Pocket Creature Boss Reward Romeo Ranking
Romeo C has the weakest stat, while S, A and B have decent creature stat.
1-38 Mission = S Rank
39-44 Mission = A Rank
45-50 Mission = B Rank
51 Mission and above = C Rank

Ayumilove Pocket Creature Playthrough Romeo S Rank Speed Run (36 Missions)
[youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2fJeDf4C6A]

Pocket Creature Combination for Last Level Guide

Shadow Dragon + Soul Seeker + Entropy Alien + Corpse King
2 x Shadow Dragon + Entropy Alien + Earthshaker (2nd Alternative)
2 x Shadow Dragon + 2 x Scarface (3rd Alternative)
3 x Shadow Killer + Scarface (4th Alternative)
1 Soul Seeker + Shadow Killer + 2 Scarface (5th Alternative)

For Final Level in Pocket Creature, use Shadow Dragon for its awesome DPS (damage per second) while Soul Seeker is to knockback any melee units from harming Corpse King. Entropy heals party member whenever they are hit by range enemies. Corpse King as tanker to block enemy from reaching our Shadow Dragon.

Pocket Creature Combination S-Rank All Mission Level

Soul Seeker + Entropy Alien + Shadow Killer + Corpse King
Shadow Dragon + Soul Seeker + Entropy + Corpse King / Romeo-S (2nd alternative)

This party build allows you to score S-Rank on all missions in Party Creature! Entropy heals everyone, while Shadow Killer deals damage to all enemies. Corpse King as a tank to absorb damage from enemy range attackers while Soul Seeker pushback powerful enemy melee from hitting Corpse King, so he can last longer during battle.

Pocket Creature Combination for Endless Level Guide

2 x Shadow Dragon + Entropy Alien + Corpse King (Reach Level 57)
2 x Shadow Dragon + Blade Spirit + Romeo S w/ blade spirit’s skill (Reach Level 94)

You will need at most 2 Shadow Dragon for its amazing high damage per second (DPS) followed by 1 creature that can heal all party members (example: Entropy Alien or Romeo Class-S with Blade Spirit Skill)

List of Pocket Creature Abilities + Evolution Branch


Dragon : Gain additional 20 attack, 20 endurance, 0.10 Attack Speed
Bombard Dragon : Torch opponent in front of him.
Tyrannousaurus : Trample the ground and deal damage to opponents.
Shadow Dragon : Gain additional 2x Attack Speed
Fire Dragon : Gain 20% chance of critical attack (+50 Attack)
Mechanic Dragon : Gain 20% chance to knock opponent back.
Dark Dragon : Generate black hole to deal damage to opponents.

Dragon Evolution
Dragon > Bombard Dragon > Shadow Dragon
Dragon > Bombard Dragon > Fire Dragon
Dragon > Tyrannosaurus > Mechanic Dragon
Dragon > Tyrannosaurus > Dark Dragon


Undead : Restore 10 HP Per Second
Walker : Restore 30 HP Per Second
Eater : Restore 25 HP Per Hit
Lord : Gain additional 300 HP
Corpse King : Restore 60 HP Per Second
Entropy : Restore all members 40 HP per second.
Devourer : Restore 60 HP per hit.

Undead Evolution
Corpse > Walker > Lord
Corpse > Walker > Corpse King
Corpse > Eater > Entropy
Corpse > Eater > Devourer


Variant : Gain 50% chance to deal critical attack (+10 attack) Range.
Star Spirit : Gain 50% chance to deal critical attack (+20 attack) Range.
Warp : Knock-back opponents by 100 yard. Melee.
Spartan : Restore his HP with the amount of damage dealt. Melee.
Frost Spirit : Gain 20% chance to deal double attack. Melee.
Shaker : Knock-back opponents by 300 yard. Melee.
Soul Seeker : Knock-back opponents by 30 yard. Range.

Spirit Evolution
Variant > Star Spirit > Spartan
Variant > Star Spirit > Frost Spirit
Variant > Warp > Shaker
Variant > Warp > Soul Seeker


Pinocchio : Release 3 trackers to attack opponents.
Chronos : Control time and attack at very fast speed.
Striker : Gain 20% chance to knock-back opponent.
Chakra : Attacks can penetrate all enemies.
Scarface : Restore 25 HP per second to all party members.
Shadow Killer : Attacks can penetrate all enemies.
Ultima : You can feed him 6 times.

Puppet Evolution
Pinocchio > Chronos > Chakra
Pinocchio > Chronos > Scarface
Pinocchio > Striker > Shadowkiller
Pinocchio > Striker > Ultima

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28 thoughts on “Pocket Creature Walkthrough Guide

  1. ThePsychoBear

    I am stumped with endless, I cannot get past 55.

  2. Total Noob

    Hey :a grouping that worked well for me on Endless is [Entrohty;Shadow Dragon ; Shadow Dragon; Spartan] I can consistantly get lvl 55 to 60 if I don’t have a lot of other tabs open and Im on wireless ( I have not tried playing on a Cat6 cable yet., not sure it would help)

  3. Ayumilove

    Hi Meta, thanks for the feedback. Glad that 38 mission did not downgrade your rank 🙂

  4. Meta

    I did everything like u said , but i ended up using 38 mission not 36 :\ , buy at least i got Romeo-S

  5. gill331

    i tried 100 times but still no luck in gettin lvl 95 in endless mode in 5 minute 🙁

  6. gill331

    and you reached lvl 100 with those :O ?

  7. Ayumilove

    Hi gill331, depends mostly on luck though. If you get opponents who are weak against your party build, you will reach level 100 quickly. My best build was 2x Shadow Dragons, Entrophy Alien and Corspe King.

  8. gill331

    any idea how to reach lvl 95 in endless mode in 5 min…what team should i use…i use 2 shadow dragons , entropy alien and blade spirit but reach only level 61 and after time got me 🙁

  9. ayumilove


    You can try creating your own party build and win the final level, if it works for you, you can replay the whole mission again with that combination. It is not necessary to fully follow my guide, try different things that suits you 🙂

  10. Attemptor

    yo, i did this to the letter and i died on the last level, might wat to rethink your thing and clear up the part where im supposed to level my 4 to max when you dont tell me how

  11. ayumilove


    Some people are really lucky to get Spartan Ability when they are doing Survival Endless Mode (5 minutes). I got it once but the rest are not good buff for my Romeo-S.

  12. ayumilove

    Completing the final level/mission will get you Romeo. But there are different kind of Romeo you can get based on the total missions you have completed. The lesser mission you do, the higher chance you can get Romeo-S (S Rank)

  13. yp[;fgjhg

    How do you get romeo

  14. confused

    hey im so confused how do you give abilties to romeo-s? im trying to give him the spartan ability but it doesnt workkk

  15. ayumilove

    The Blade Spirit (also known as Spartan the Spirit) has an ability that leech enemy health to the proportion of damage inflicted to enemy. You will need to restart the Mission a couple of times to get Romeo to equip with that special ability.

  16. Ricky

    What is the “Blade spirit” for the eneless mission? I can’t find out which one it is.

  17. McKing

    In order to complete the last level, use Shadow Dragon, Entropy Alien, Earth Shaker, Corpse King.

  18. ayumilove

    Hi Mac

    Whenever you enter a battle, Romeo-S will get a random buff from any creatures in Pocket Creature. For instance, you replay Mission 11 with Romeo-S, Romeo-S gets a buff heal 40 HP per second on all allies (Entropy Buff). Replaying Mission 11 again gets you another buff, it could be 60 HP heal to self only (similarly to Corpse King) 🙂

  19. Mac

    How do you get S-Romeo w/ Blade Spirit? Does it come with the normal S-Romeo? Cause I have the S-Romeo and I don’t know if blade spirit comes with it.

  20. ayumilove

    Actually bladespirit refers to Spartan (Spirit Class) that leech enemy health equivalent to the damage they inflict 🙂

  21. roberton

    Which skill or creature is bladespirit?

  22. ayumilove

    Hi jonjon,

    Thanks for loving my game 🙂

  23. jonjontarget

    it worked perfectly ending right on 38 for me. thank you ayumilove, and i love hackerstory BTW

  24. ayumilove

    Hi Anonymvs,

    What army build you used for the last level that works for you?

  25. ayumilove

    Hi Shain,

    Have you upgraded your creatures and arrange them in the right order? Before I made this guide, I tested it 3 times and it works fine. If the last build does not work, you can try 2x Dark Dragon, Entropy Alien and Corpse King but getting 2 Dark Dragons requires lots of cash, and might not be able to get it done within 38 Missions.

  26. Shain

    This guide is nice BUT i ended up losing the last battle twwice before winning – no Romeo S for me -.-

  27. Anonymvs

    duh it didnt worked! i start last lvl with exactly the same combination and die… had to spend 3 hours (yup, im a nerd =)) to get nuff luck and complete it in 36 missions