Demons Took My Daughter Walkthrough Guide

Demons Took My Daughter Wrath Guide

Demons Took My Daughter Wrath Walkthrough 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4

Remembered that I mentioned Piercing Block works great with Booster Block? Now you can finally see it in action where it pierces through all the enemies (great against Masked Demons) in this Wrath 1 Map. Even though there are bunch of Horned Demons (tons of health), it easily disintegrate them with the help of Booster Block. This strategy works against Rhino Demon Wrath 2/4

Demons Took My Daughter Wrarth Walkthrough 4/4

This map is a little trickier than the previous bosses. This Wrath Boss is able to remove your block once it hops over the top of it. Due to this issue, there is a new technique called selling and buying blocks. You can apply this technique to any blocks, but its best with Magma Blocks and Sleeper Blocks.

First, build 1 Sleeper Block on right, and boost it with Booster Block. (Against Imp Waves)

Once Imp Invasion is over, use Magma Block to deal with Horned and Rhino Demons.
You will be able to build 3 Magma Blocks after selling the rest of your blocks.
If Demons are on top of Magma Blocks, pause game, sell all blocks.
Rebuild Magma 1 block to the right again. This will herd the Demons into a tight pack.
Repeat this steps above till you reach the boss (as usual Big Headed Demons)


Replace Magma Blocks with Sleeper Block and Booster Block against Boss!
Apply the same buy-and-sell technique on the right column blocks if boss is reaching the top!


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