Demons Took My Daughter Walkthrough Guide

Demons Took My Daughter is a hybrid platformer and defense flash game where you play as a dad who wants to rescue his daughter from the evil (and adorable!) Demons. Fight a wide variety of enemies (and the 7 Deadly Sins) on your epic quest! View Demons Took My Daughter Walkthrough Guide below to complete all levels with max souls!

Play Online: Demons Took My Daugher (Unlock Achievements)

Demons Took My Daughter 3 achievements & 50 points to earn!

Demon Extermination Badge (5 points) – 100 kills done in a single game load!
Have No Fear, Daddy’s Here! Badge (15 points) – Game completed
All that Glitters Is Gold Badge (30 points) – 26 gold medals earned

Demons Took My Daughter Instructions

Arrow Keys / WASD to move. Down to Sell Blocks.
Spacebar to freeze time. R to Restart
Numbers 1-6 to place Blocks, or you can use the mouse.

Demons Took My Daughter Tips

1. Prevent the Imp Demons from stealing your daughter’s Soft Toys!
2. Stacking blocks vertically will give you more time to kill Demons.
3. Press spacebar to pause/unpause game.
4. You can move and place blocks while the game is paused!

Demons Took My Daughter Level Guide


List of Blocks in Demons Took My Daughter

Wooden Block (Unlock after Sloth 1) – Requires 1 Soul
Cheap blocks that don’t attack. Good for creating stacks.
Rarely used.

Sticky Block (Unlock after Sloth 2) – Requires 3 Souls
Slows down nearby Demons by 25% and deals 1 damage every 2 seconds.

Sleeper Block (Unlock after Sloth 3) – Requires 4 Souls
Shoots gas cloud every second that deals 2-6 damage, and stuns for a short while.
Great against any opponent because of its high damage and stun ability!

Piercing Block (Unlock after Greed 1) – Requires 5 Souls
Fires a 1-4 damage arrow that pierces through enemies. Each pierce does 1 damage less.
Best block against mobs of weak Demons.

Topshot (Unlock after Greed 2) – Requires 3 Souls
Fires upwards for 1-5 damage per second. Can penetrate other blocks.
Rarely Used.

Dual Block (Unlock after Greed 3) – Requires 5 Souls
Fires two arrows in both directions per second, dealing 1-4 damage per arrow.
Rarely Used. Used in the mid map if you have extra Souls to spend

Eye Block (Unlock after Envy 1) – Requires 2 Souls
Can spot invisible units in a 2-block radius.
Used only when there is Ghost Demons in map.

Booster Block (Unlock after Envy 3) – Requires 2 Souls
Adds 1 to the damage of any missiles fired from a block on the same stack.
Increases the base damage to your most strategic blocks.

Cursed Block (Unlock after Envy 2)
A random nearby Demon loses 1-3 hp per second.
Rarely Used.

Flame Block (Unlock after Wrath 1)
Shoots a fireball every 2 seconds, dealing 10-15 damage.
Most powerful attacking block with a base damage of 10!

Magma Block (Unlock after Wrath 2) – Requires 6 Souls
Burns all Demons in a 1 radius block for 1-3 damage every 2 seconds.

Cannon Block (Unlock after Wrath 3) – Requires 7 Souls
Fires a curving cannonball every 2.5 seconds.
Each dealing 3-9 damage to each enemy it passes through.
It is similar to Piercing Block without -1 damage penalty to its missile!
To maximize its damage, build these on top of Booster Blocks like a staircase.

List of Demons in Demons Took My Daughter

Demon Imp – Basic Demon found in all levels
Speed Demon – Use Sticky Blocks to slow down the Speed Demons.
Sloth (Boss) – Defeat SLOTH to unlock chapter 2 and 3!
Masked Demon – Masked Demons only take a maximum of 3 damage from missile!
Soul Stealer – Moves any souls that it touches to the ceiling. Each souls makes them move faster!
Greed (Boss) – Defeat GREED! Don’t let him steal your Souls!
Burglar Demon – Moves faster after they steal your Dolls!
Ghost Demon – Use Eye Blocks to see Ghost Demons. Otherwise they have 75% chance to dodge.
Envy (Boss) – Defeat ENVY! Some block combinations work better than others.
Horned Demon – Horned Demons are slow but can take a lot of damage.
Rhino Demon – Very fast on straight paths. Use vertical stacks to slow them down!
Wrath (Boss) – Watch out, he can unsummon your Blocks!
Succubus – Move slightly faster each time they are hit.

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