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Watcher of Realms Artemis Hero Guide


NAME: Artemis
FACTION: Cultist
RARITY: Legendary
ROLE: Healer
USABILITY: Mid-Late Game




★★★★✰ Guild Boss
★★★★★ Tide
★★★★★ Faction Trial


★✰✰✰✰ Anti-Air DPS
★★★✰✰ AoE DPS
★★★★✰ Single-Target DPS
★★★★★ Sustained DPS


★★★★★ Gear Raid 1
★★★✰✰ Gear Raid 2
★✰✰✰✰ Gear Raid 3
★★★★★ Gold EXP Raid
★★★★✰ Artifact Raid

Artemis Overview

Artemis is a Legendary Healer with Magic Attack from the Cultist faction in Watcher of Realms. Artemis the Sanguine Surgeon is renowned for his formidable blood healing technique. His vital serum wields a dual power: inflicting Anti-Healing on foes while bestowing recovery upon allies. Departing from the typical healer archetype, Artemis blends potent AoE damage with his healing skills, offering a fresh approach to overcoming in-game obstacles.

Artemis’s core abilities revolve around his unique blood craving mechanic, which not only allows him to heal allies afflicted with this condition but also replenishes his own Rage, bolstering both his relentless attacks and healing prowess. This duality is exemplified in his ultimate move, “Crimson Reaper,” where he simultaneously heals allies and unleashes devastating AoE damage on foes. Complementing this aggressive healing strategy is Artemis’s passive ability, “Sanguine Tonic,” which periodically enhances allies with blood craving, excluding himself. This not only ensures heightened healing for his team but also contributes to his own rage generation, thus sustaining the cycle of healing and damage.

To fully unleash Artemis’s potential on the battlefield, players are encouraged to prioritize an attack speed-focused build, minimizing the interval between his attacks to maximize both his damage output and healing capacity. Equipping him with artifacts such as the Golden Scarab enhances his attack and rage regeneration, ensuring that Artemis maintains his status as both a relentless adversary and a steadfast ally in any engagement.

Artemis Skills

Single-Target Heal (Basic ATK)
Grants ATK-Based Healing to 1 ally in range.
Level 2: Healing Multiplier +5%
Level 3: Healing Multiplier +5%
Level 4: Healing Multiplier +5%
Level 5: Healing Multiplier +5%

Crimson Reaper (Manual Ultimate | Energy -1200/+600 | Duration 15 sec)
During the Ultimate, locks onto enemies, dealing 160% AOE DMG to up to 8 enemies with each ATK and inflicting Anti-Healing on them.
Level 2: DMG +20%
Level 3: DMG +20%
Level 4: Effect Duration +5 sec
Level 5: Skill Cost -200

Revitalizing Shot (Passive)
During the Ultimate, heals up to 3 allies around the target with a 100% Healing Multiplier upon hit. Basic ATK prioritizes enemy targets during the Ultimate unless there are only allies in range.
Level 2: Healing Multiplier +10%
Level 3: Healing Multiplier +10%
Level 4: Healing Multiplier +10%
Level 5: Healing Multiplier +20%

Sanguine Tonic (Auto)
Periodically locks onto allies (excluding the hero) and throws Sanguine Tonic on them. When hitting a target, applies Bloodcraving to nearby allies and heals them with a 120% Healing Multiplier.
Level 2: Healing Multiplier +30%
Level 3: Cooldown -5 sec
Level 4: Healing Multiplier +30%
Level 5: Cooldown -5 sec

Artemis Awakenings

  1. During the Ultimate, increases Critical Rate by 50%
  2. ATK +300
  3. Increases the Effect Duration of Bloodcraving on allies by 5 sec
  4. Rage Regen (Auto) +1
  5. Sanguine Tonic heals allies in range with a 30% Healing Multiplier per sec, lasting for 5 sec

Artemis Build Guide

  • Stats to Prioritize: ASPD, Rage Regen, ATK%
  • Recommended Gears: Invigoration, Asclepius, Glacier, Guardian
  • Recommended Artifact: Elysian Epitah, Euphoric Orb

Artemis Storyline

Shrouded in shadows of his own design, his disposition is as coarse as the cobblestones upon which he was first abandoned. Yet from the gutter he writhed his way up through the festering dredges of society, carving a name for himself as a talented physician. Today he’s known as Artemis, the Sanguine Surgeon. From the moment he entered his field, his pursuit of medical mastery was obsessive, almost sacred. Patients were mere vessels for his experiments, their suffering a trivial price for progress. Indeed, Artemis’s cures were miraculous, but his methods? Morally grotesque.

After Artemis began theorizing that necrotic tissue could be synthesized into a potent healing serum, whispers began to swirl when the earth of the local cemetery appeared disturbed, graves desecrated under the cloak of darkness. The locals were horrified, until his theories proved true. With his treatment of a noble’s incurable ailment, Artemis was promoted to court physician with unfettered access to fresh corpses. The prestige satiated his ambitions temporarily, until a new, insidious plague provided the perverse stimulation his dark heart craved.

Necrotic tissue would not be the key to stemming the tide of corruption. For this, the Surgeon would require blood from those above ground. From the depths of the dungeons, prisoners were hauled to his chamber, their pleas smothered by the thick walls. Then came the screams. Results manifested in a single vial of petrified blood- one which inhibited corrupt cells from reproducing, and which could be replicated with simpler alchemic methods.

By this time, Artemis had worn out his welcome with the locals, who’d grown terrified of the enigmatic physician, clamoring for his head on the guillotine. Fair enough, thought he, now yearning to test his new concoction in the fiery crucible of battle. Donning a plague mask of old to render himself anonymous, he slipped away to an abandoned workshop where he could tinker in peace. The fruit of his labor took shape in the form of a revolutionary syringe rifle which could cycle between his healing serum and petrified blood by the flick of a switch.

With a grin concealed beneath his macabre mask, Artemis has taken to the front lines to test his new weapon, a harbinger of both salvation and doom. Should you ever find yourself sharing the trenches with the Sanguine Surgeon, take heed not to anger him, lest he pump you with the wrong dose.

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