Upgrade Complete 2 Walkthrough Guide

The long awaited sequel is here! You thought the original had enough Upgrades?
YOU WERE WRONG! This one has many, MANY more. Can you upgrade ‘em all?
Starring the vocal talents of Egoraptor and Ciyfox and the art of Matt Humphreys,
it’s really a treat for the senses. P.S. LOTS OF MEDALS FOR LOTS OF FUN!

Play Online: Upgrade Complete 2 (Unlock Achievements)

Upgrade Complete 2 Instructions:

UPGRADE UPGRADE UPGRADE! (with your mouse) and control your ship with your keyboard.

Upgrade Complete 2 Three achievements & 25 points to earn!

Don’t Crap Your Pants Badge (5 points) – Heart upgraded
Lagtastic Badge (5 points) – 3D/indie mode run simultaneously for 5 seconds
Skull Fluxed Badge (15 points) – Game completed

Upgrade Complete 2 Walkthrough

1. The key to farm money fast is to build only 3 things: Lightning, Bomb and Magnet Module.
2. Lightning Module auto-attacks enemy without having to move your ship left/right.
3. Bomb Module allows you to clear the screen clean when many enemies are present (press spacebar)
4. Magnet Module allows your ship to collect coins without requiring you to steer your ship left/right.

Upgrade Complete 2 Ship Editor

Below is the ship editor where you can customize your ship! You can choose laser, missle, lightning, etc.

Upgrade Complete 2 Action

I prefer lightning module as its able to attack enemies at the far left/right corner of the ship.

Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Grid

This is the meat of Upgrade Complete 2 Game! Lots of upgrade for you to spend your money on!
Upgrade your sound effects, background music, image quality, open up more new upgrades, etc

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