Small Town Detective Walkthrough Guide

Small Town Detective is a puzzle game where you play as Paul the Detective to find a missing journalist who is lost in the small town for almost a week. View this Small Town Detective Walkthrough Guide to solve this case quickly and find out who is behind all this mischievous activities.

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You start your day work in Paul’s office. Check e-mail using PC (e-mail contains new job, to find Candice, a missing person) Pickup paper pin. Visit Franklin’s Gazette. Talk to Candice’s colleague (she will introduce you a new place, Jalapenos)

Visit Jalapenos. Steal 3D glasses from sleeping guy. Enter Jalepenos shop. Order “Five Alarm Chilli” to grab hold on Hot Sauce. Visit Franklin Gazette. Get black-spray from desk. Lock-pick drawer using paper pin to reveal paper with password (891346) Login Candie’s desktop using password to reveal new location. (Cody’s Burger)

Visit Cody’s Burger. Pickup Pumpkin. Enter restaurant. Order “Cody’s Burger with his secret green sauce”. Apply Hot Sauce on burger. Complain to Cody about his burger is rotten. Enter “Staff-Only” room. Pickup broom on the corner of the room. Take blue cloth hanging on box. Use 3D glasses on picture frame to reveal safe’s password (7243) Use password to open safe and get golden key. Use golden key to open mail box outside of Cody’s restaurant. The mail box contains a snail mail from Jacqueline (reveals Jacqueline office)

Visit Jacqueline Inc. Combine broom, cloth and pumpkin to create scarecrow to attract guard’s attention. Grab fire axe nearby the guard’s desk. Enter Jacqueline’s office and pick up a paper from her trash bin. Visit’s Cody Restaurant and use fire axe to break the advertisement and get key. Visit Warehouse 24. Spray security-camera with black paint using black-spray. Use key to open warehouse door and rescue Candice!

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