Rune Raiders Walkthrough Guide

Rune Raiders is an adventure strategy game where you hire mercenaries from inn to form a maximum 6-members team to complete a series of increasingly-challenging missions. This game offers 13 unlockable Mercenaries with 6 upgrades, 19 unique enemies, storymode survival mode and 3 boss missions that test your team combination creativity.

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Rune Raiders Mercernaries Strategy Guide

Mission 1: Tutorial

You will only need Dwarf and Elf to complete this level. Have both of them stand in pairs or to be safe have Elf stand behind Dwarf. The Elf supports Dwarf with its long range attack while Dwarf protects Elf from being attacked by Goblins. Completing this mission unlocks Moonflower (Cleric/Healer).

Mission 2: Heathergreen Fields – No Littering

The West Coast King is under siege! Barbarian hordes from the East have overrun his castle, and Ogre raiders have stolen his enchanted Golden Bottle. Retrieve the Bottle, and return it before the King falls.

This mission introduces a new enemy, Ogre Archer who has the same ability as Elf without the upgrades. Hire Dwarf, Elf and Moonflower to complete this mission. Moonflower is a cleric who heals injured allies during battle but does not participate in aggressive activities. Once your main attacking forces has the ability to cure oneself, Moonflower will no longer be needed. Wizard is unlocked upon completing this mission.

Mission 3 Westward Coast (Bull-A-Vard) – Reach King by crossing Minotaur herd.

This mission introduces Minotaur (a red tough melee bull) who charges towards an ally and give a super smash with its axe hammer. Very deadly and not advisable to have any allies standing within 3 tiles in front of it. Minotaur can kill his enemies in 1 blow (1 HIT KO) but his weakness is it cannot attack enemies on its flanks (left and right side). Hire Dwarf, Elf, Moonflower and Wizard to complete this mission and to unlock Centaur (Archer).

Mission 4 Westward Coast (Dragon Cove) – These lizards are all fired up.

Once upon a time, Westerly Wizards kept the Fire Dragons at bay. Now that those wizards have all passed away, Dragons have resumed hoarding treasure about their old nesting grounds.

This mission introduces Dragons aka Lizards that spits fire. Fortunately the fire does not blaze nearby allies, only 1 though but it still hurts. Hire 4 mercenaries: Dwarf, Elf, Wizard and Centaur. Both Dwarf and Centaur will fill the front garrison while Wizard and Elf support from behind. This map has lots of treasure chest, nice way to farm tons of gold for mercenary upgrades. Completing this mission unlocks Ninja (melee).

Mission 5: Westward Coast (King’s Bracing) – Sun, sea and a last stand.

Welcome to King’s Bracing, the West Coast Fortress. The Westward King is currently under siege and in desperate need of his Golden Bottle, so he can’t come to the gate right now.

This mission introduces you first boss challenge! This skele-zombie evil boss is able to make your ally attack one another without hurting the boss itself. Therefore, your ally have to split up to avoid hitting each other else, have 1 melee unit blocking boss spell, while the rest of the archer units attack safely from far. Completing this challenge unlocks A.Bear (twice as powerful as Minotaur but more limited attacking range)

Rune Raiders Mercernaries Stats and Perks


Dwarf is a tough and powerful melee attacker who uses hammer to smash enemies into pieces. He will be hired frequently to deal with tough melee opponents until you unlock Tree Mercenary which can replace his place as the front-line tanker. Available in Mission 1. Dwarf – Click again to hire me boss! I really need a gig. Is there any way I can channel my anger issues into work?

Stats: 40 Damage, 40 Armor, Hammer
Psych 101: Axe Therapy: Increase attack power. +25% attack bonus.
Psych 103: Facing Intimidation: +100% attack bonus if 2 or more enemies around you.
Psych 106: Money Cures Everything.
Psych 107: Coping with Criticism: +20% armor bonus vs melee weapons.
Emotional Armor: Improve defense strength. +25% armor bonus.


Elf is a noble archer who attacks an enemy from far using crossbow. Available in Mission 1. Elf – I’m confident that we can assemble a smart, focused and above all physically attractive team of professionals.

Stats: 20 Damage, 35 Armor, Crossbow
Leadership Seminar: Ambition: Increase range of arrows at cost of halving their scope.
Full Healthcare Package: Increase healing by 20% per turn.
Designer Armor: Improve defense strength. +30% armor bonus.
Explosive Arrowheads:+25% damage to all enemy tiles next to target.
Optimized Teamwork Targets: Provides very long distance damage.


Heroine is a more difficult character to play since it has an awkward attacking range (like a fork). This title should belong to her instead of Waitress (another mercenary). Available in Mission 1. Heroine – Sheena’s the name, I don’t need to know yours. Just point me to something I can poke holes in.

Stats: 60 Damage, 50 Armor, Dagger
Heavy Daggers: Move enemy tiles back one space when attacking.
Chainmail Vest: Improve defense strength. +20% armor bonus.
Dagger-Throwing Crossbow: Throw daggers at a greater distance.
Tri-Blade Crossbow: Throw 3 daggers at once.
Agility Training: Dodge enemy attacks.


Moonflower is a Cleric who heals allies with potions but does not take part in fighting enemies. Complete Mission 1 to unlock. “Moonflower ~ If you must fight like primitives, at least my nutritious fig-thistle elixirs will keep you in good health”.

Stats: 0 Damage, 10 Armor, 1 Shot, Weapon: Potion
Multitasking. Smugly: Heal 2 allies simultaneously.
Multitasking. Kindly: Heal 3 allies simultaneously.
Restorative Smelling Salts: Heal all allied tiles diagonals.
Extra Thick Fig-Thistle Juice: Healing remedy takes effect twice as fast.
Impose Veganism on Party: Elves enjoys healthy eating. Defense bonus to adjacent elf.


Vecheza is a wizard who cast magical energy balls that strikes enemy from various direction. Difficult to use but once you get the hang of it, he can be a big thorn against multiple enemies! Complete Mission 2 to unlock him. Wizard – My name is… um, I wrote it down somewhere, Oh dear. I’m fairly sure I’m a wizard. I can probably do magic.

Stats: 35 Damage, 30 Armor, Weapon: Magic
Remembering Old Tricks: There was this really good magic attack thing.
Aim-Improving Spectacles: Increase attack power. +20% attack bonus.
Inspiring Anecdotes: Increase damage done by allies by 20%.
Armored hearing Aid: Improve defense strength. +20% attack bonus.
Learning New Tricks: There’s this one multi-target trick I’ve always wanted try.


Stallona is an archer centaur who throws Centaur Shoes against nearby enemies. Similarly to Elf but its ability to attack multiple enemies makes it to have him in most team combination against melee enemies. “Stallona – Half Horse? Who, me? Nah, I’m all man. Look at my biceps. They’re like watermelons.”

Stat: 22 Damage, 100 Armor, 2 Speed, Weapon: Horse Shoes.
Thick Human Skin: Improve defense strength. +20% armor bonus.
Five Extra Workout a Day: Bigger triceps increase horse shoe range.
Ten Extra Workouts a Day: Bigger quadceps increase number of horse shoes strikes.
Manly Self-Sacrifice: Restore health to entire party upon death.
Manly Diet: Increase healing by 25% per turn.


Ninja attacks enemies from behind and has limited attacking range. “Ninja – Through meditation, I’ve mastered all emotions and I fear nothing except spiders.”

Stat: 100 Damage, 20 Armor, 1 Shot, Weapon: Brong.
Ninja Stealth: No turn counted for moves.
Spirit of Booze: Improve defense strength. +20% armor bonus.
Avoiding Addiction: Dodge enemy attacks.
Spirit of Range: Increase throwing star range.
Spirit of Shots: Shoot 2 stars per turn.

A. Bear

Claw: 60 Damage, 160 Armor
Stolid Bear: Improve defense strength. +20% armor bonus.
Hungry Bear: Exploit weakness. 25% attack bonus if enemy health under 50%.
Angry Bear: Increase attack power. +20% attack bonus.
Scary Bear: Hold enemy BumbleHawk in place.
Fury Bear: Increase attack power. +20% attack bonus.


Tip Money: Earn $25 more money per kill
Being Extra-Helpful: Shoot forks in all directions.
Sharing Is Fun: +20% damage to all enemy tiles next to target.
Non-Homemade Armor: Improve defense strength. +20% Armor Bonus.
Super Extra-Sharp Forks: Increase Attack Power. +30% Attack Bonus.

Forest Fairy

Natural Protection: A thick layer of vine-leaf armor.
Come Winter, Bring Death: Increase attack power. +20% attack bonus.
Come Spring, Bring Life: Increase healing by 20% per turn.
Boredom with Nature: Increase wind-attack by using a fan.
Improving on Nature #1: Dynamite tipped leaves. +25 attack bonus.

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