Reincarnation: The Clergy Of Unholy

Reincarnation: The Clergy Of Unholy (TCOU). It has come to my attention that another soul has escaped through a reincarny portal. It seems as if Saul has become a priest and has been preaching the… “good” word. This is his second escape attempt in the last ten years so hopefully he is still as evil as always and I can keep my soul count up for my hell! – Luke a.k.a The Devil

Play Online: Reincarnation: The Clergy Of Unholy

Baptize room
1. Get holder next to stair.
Worship room
1. Use holder on one of candle to clear light.
2. Get key from man’s pocket when he lights up candle.
3. Open up purple curtain.
4. Get silver key on floor.
5. Open gold box.
Baptize room
1. Enter Bell Room via left door.
Bell room
1. Get rope on floor.
2. Get silver medallion.
Baptize room
1. Use silver key to unlock right-door to enter passageway.
1. Use golden key to unlock door with a cross symbol to enter study room.
Study Room
1. Get gold ball on table.
2. Get sticky tape from bottom of cupboard.
3. Click book with an orange cross symbol (Reveals: Genesis 19:8)
4. Inspect photo frame located on right cupboard.
1. Click door on most right.
2. Place medallion into symbol holder.
3a. Bonus: Enter 666 (saint number)
3b. Set it to 198 to unlock door and enter bedroom.
1. Click boy.
2. Get white cloth.
3. Get XXX bottle.
Worship room
1. Pour XXX bottle into cup.
2. Combine rope and cloth to create a robe.
3. Combine tape with golden ball.
4. Combine taped golden ball with holder.
Baptize room
1. Wear robe.
Bell room
1. Place taped golden ball holder into large silver bell.
2. Push large silver bell.
3. Push priest out of window.

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