Ramen Delight! The Happy Journey Walkthrough Guide

Ramen Delight! The Happy Journey is a business time management game where you join Panda in his journey to grow a successful restaurant by collecting money and getting to know your customers! This game offers 4 Episodes each with 10 levels. Delight your patrons with various side dishes and drinks. View Ramen Delight! The Happy Journey Walkthrough Guide for more game insight!

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Ramen Delight Overview

Serve each customers delightfully with bowl of hot soup Ramen with requested side dishes (Nori-Seaweed / Tama-Egg / Shrimp)

Ramen Delight Strategy Guide and Tips

1. Upgrade Ramen and Soup first as these are main ingredients used in all dishes!
2. Replenish each cup with drink dispenser first to deliver them quickly.
3. Upgrade ingredients to increase profit or decorations/items for better efficiency!
4. If you make any mistakes, just click the rubbish bin to throw food away.
5. Pay attention to customer’s characteristics highlighted in * in List of Customers.

Ramen Delight Strategy Episodes

Episode 1: Shameful and Sad. Help Panda start a new restaurant! Cheer up!
Episode 2: Sad But Stronger! More menu, more customers! Go Panda, go!

List of Customers in Ramen Delight

Plain Jane: A cheerful schoolgirl looking for her daily dose of ramen to boost her energy. Studying and partying all night is hard work, you know?! Medium Patience Level.

Jojohnas: A mischievious boy who loves to run under the sun all day. He drops by daily because he loves ramen and we suspect he has a huge crush on Jane! Medium patience level.

Grannie: An elegant lady who was crowned ‘Miss Universal’ in 1943. She maintains her beauty by drinking green tea. She is also super duper green. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is her motto. High Patience Level. *Do not waste food when she is around! She gets upset/angry!*

Emo Kid: Mom and dad keeps fighting so he doesn’t want to eat at home. Always winter in his life, he needs HOT food to warm his soul. Medium Patience Level. *Serve him delightful food only! This is done by adding soup last!*

Sumo: Wearing the traditional yukata on his day off, this young player is so chubby and friendly. But watch out! If you don’t feed him right, he may reveal a RAGE you never want to witness! Medium Level Patience. *Always serve him everything at once!* (Unlocked at Level 10)

Ninja-Chan: Just stopping by to eat in between assignments, she is very anxious to get back to work. Enemies are everywhere! Server a second too late, and you may become another enemy too! Very Low Patience Level. *Clock is ticking! Server her quickly!* (Unlocked at Level 15)

List of Upgrades in Ramen Delight

Decoration (Increases Customer’s Patience)
La Ramen Bowl: An artwork by ramen by local artist PanDaVinCi.
Self-Potrait: Chef photo increases shop credibility and customer’s patience.

Food and Drinks (Increases Profits)
Noodles: Long, soft, thick and tasty noodle made by Panda’s hands.
Soup: Boiled for 88 hours 8 minutes. The broth rich flavors leaves 888 sensations!
Char Siew: Top-graded kurobuta pork, succulent meat with irresistible tender texture.
Tamago: Strong cocks and fat hens produce perfect-DNA high protein eggs.
Pair of Trays You know you want these XOXO Team Dev.

Ramen Delight Screenshots

Main Menu: Displays several options (Story Mode, Endless Mode, Costumes, Achievements, Facebook, Credits and How To Play Section, Link to Sponsor Site, Host Game)
Ramen Delight The Happy Journey Main Menu

Credits: displays the game version along with people who brought this game to life: Music by Kevin MacLead, Development and Arts by Jeupiter Pte. LTd. Sponsored by MochiGames.
Ramen Delight The Happy Journey Credits

Episode Selection: has 4 episodes to choose, each with 10 challenging levels. An episode is unlock after you have completed all levels from previous episode.
Ramen Delight The Happy Journey Episode Selection

Level Selection Each level introduces new customer, food and drinks! You can replay the level to gain all 3 Golden Bowls! This can be achieved by delighting and serving all customers!
Ramen Delight The Happy Journey Level Selection

Gameplay: This is the screen where you serve various customers all walks of life! Some customers prefer both drinks and food serve together while some order separately. Some food must be prepared in advance before serving to customers. Pay attention to customer’s characteristics to avoid hurting their feelings.
Ramen Delight The Happy Journey Gameplay

Upgrade Menu: Use money to upgrade restaurant amenities and food quality!
Ramen Delight The Happy Journey Upgrade Menu

Ramen Delight Achievements

It’s just Jane – Server 30 Plain Jane.
Jane Duh!? – Upset 5 Plain Jane.
Jo Found Love – Delight 35 JoJohanas.
Emo Breaker – Delight 50 Emo Kid.
Forever Emo – Upset 10 Emo Kid!
Go Green, Go… – Serve 60 Grannies!
Fat Waster – Upset 15 Grannie.
Quake Game – Upset 20 Big Sumo.
Kunoichi Love – Delight 75 Ninja-Chan
Green Tears – Upset 20 Gray-sha!
Me Gangsta – Delight 50 Mister Y.
U Mad Bro? – Upset 30 Mister Y.
Service Star 1 – Get 3 Gold Bowls at Lv.10
Service Star 2 – Get 3 Gold Bowls at Lv.20
Service Star 2 – Get 3 Gold Bowls at Lv.30
Rich Panda 1 – Save $5,000.
Rich Panda 2 – Save $10,000.
Rich Panda 3 – Save $20,000.
Troll Panda – Upset 150 customers.
Oh My Panda – Delight 760 customers.
Served Em All – Serve 1500 customers.
Noob Chef – Get 30 Gold Bowls.
Sous-Chef – Get 60 Gold Bowls.
Chef De Ramen – Get 105 Gold Bowls.
Costume Mania – Get 7 New Costumes.
Fashion Lover – Collect All New Costumes.
Interior Beauty – Buy all shop decors.
Forever Happy – Complete Story Mode.
Ramen Fans – Found Jeupiter on Facebook!
Curious Panda – Eater Egg #2 – Try to find me!

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