PowerLogic Air Shark Wireless Mouse Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing one of PowerLogic’s peripherals and its the Air Shark 2.4G Wireless Mouse! It’s an ambidextrous mouse which can be used either right/left handed and has a slim aerodynamic with shark gills appearance on its sides. The mouse comes in a variety of 2 combination colors. The top can be either black or white, and the bottom is either ruby red, blue, sunny orange, green and cool gray. The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is 29 MYR (12 USD) for wireless and 19 MYR (7 USD) for the wired version. Click here for the product link. Before diving into the review, let’s take a brief look on the features and specifications below!

PowerLogic Air Shark Mouse Collection


  • Wireless connectivity up to 8 meters.
  • Built-in Lithium Polymer Battery.
  • No alkaline battery needed. Save money and reduce polution.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and MAC operating system.


  • 1600cpi with 3 buttons optical mouse
  • 8G acceleration
  • 125Hz polling/second
  • Optical sensor: PAN3204
  • Up to 3000 frame rate per second
  • 28 inch per second of speed
  • 2.4G wireless working distance up to 8 meter
  • 500 mAh built-in lithium polymer battery: up to 70 operating hours
  • High quality teflon foot pad

Air Shark Mouse Unboxing

Packaging-1: Taking a look at the Air Shark box, it describes the mouse specifications along with the features which are listed above in this review.
PowerLogic Air Shark Mouse Packaging Front Rear

Packaging-2: Here is a look at the contents of the Air Shark Mouse packaging. It comes with a USB Cable (91 cm), User Manual, Air Shark Optical Mouse and USB Wireless Mouse Receiver.
PowerLogic Air Shark Mouse Packaging Content

Accessory-1: The provided cable is a USB to mini-USB adapter which is used to charge your wireless mouse. It can be also used to charge your portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. This cable is capable of transferring data too. The USB cable length measures at 36 inches which is kinda short to be used while charging and I would preferred roughly 48~60 inches for more convenient reach the computer motherboard USB port at the rear.
PowerLogic Air Shark Mouse Power Cable

Accessory-2: This is the USB wireless mouse receiver that is plugged in the computer’s USB port.
PowerLogic Air Shark Mouse Wireless USB Receiver

Accessory-3: A close inspection on the user manual reveals brief information on how to operate the mouse.
PowerLogic Air Shark Mouse User Manual

Air Shark Mouse Design

Design-1: At the front of Air Shark mouse, it has a mini-USB port which you plug in the USB-to-mini-USB cable to recharge the battery! The LED light will light up near the scroll wheel.
PowerLogic Air Shark Mouse Appearance Front

Design-2: There are 3 curvy lines on both left and right sides of Air Shark mouse to mimic the appearance of a shark gills!

Design-3: Here is another look at the mouse at 45 degrees angle.
PowerLogic Air Shark Mouse Appearance Diagonal

Design-4: Observing the Air Shark optical mouse from top and rear, it seems to have an hourglass design which is great for hand ergonomics. The bottom of the mouse comes equip with Teflon foot pads to make mouse movement much smoother. The power on/off switch and USB receiver slot is located at the bottom too!
PowerLogic Air Shark Mouse Appearance Top Bottom

User Experience

There are 3 types of mouse grips (fingertip grip, palm grip and claw grip). The mouse grip I used for work and games is fingertip grip. This grip works well with Air Shark but for the other 2 grips, I found it a difficult fit due to the smaller depth of the mouse where the fingers goes beyond the reach of the scroll wheel. The body design makes it a little bit uncomfortable for me as a fingertip user as the center is slightly wider than my current Gigabyte GM-M5100 mouse by 25mm and it does not have the tall body shape to support the center of my palm. A slimmer hourglass body makes it easier for users to control the mouse with higher accuracy and less tiring to grip. Last but not least, I discovered that the sides of the mouse has a curvy sharp edge and this gap allows finger dirt and dead skin to accumulate fairly quickly especially with oily hands. I would prefer if it would be a flat surface there while the sharp edge is integrated to the top.

What I like about the mouse is the battery does not make the mouse heavy at all. It weights approximately 90 gram with dimension of 9.5 x 4 x 19 (Length x Width x Height). It has a smooth top cover that has no lines/gaps in it, therefore no grim will get trapped in it. The teflon pad on the bottom helps glides the mouse comfortably. The scroll wheel is especially smooth too when scrolling long pages with ease. It provides a feature where you can recharge battery while using it simultaneously! Apart from that, it auto turns off upon idle for a period of time, so you do not need to worry about forgetting to turn off to conserve battery. Once its on battery-saving mode, you can re-activate it by clicking on the mouse without the need to turn on/off at the bottom.


Air Shark is a unique wireless optical mouse that offers variety of color combination to suit one’s preference and its slim design make it portable to be packed in tight pockets. If you are looking for a wireless optical mouse with no battery-fuss, do consider this device.

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6 thoughts on “PowerLogic Air Shark Wireless Mouse Review

  1. Nilette A Hermogenes

    During charging, is it turn on or off?

  2. RandomPasserby

    My samsung anyzen mouse broke after 4 years of abuse… Now I’m broke. Spent all my money on other sh*t. Bought this mouse for 43 bucks at asashi technology. Pricey…

    Got a few question hopefully you still remember some of the things when you used it. ( I assume you already switch to a new mouse right now…)

    -Can I use my mobile charger to charge the mouse?
    -Does the LED turn off if the battery is full?

  3. Gene Post author

    @mark: When the mouse is connected to the USB charging cable, the mouse internal L.E.D. will light up.

  4. mark

    how to know if it’s Charging?

  5. mk

    Hi it’s PowerLogic Air Shark Wireless Mouse stock available ??

  6. Roy

    You forgot to mention that you need to use 2 USB ports if you’re charging and using it at the same time, which is a big turn off. I wouldn’t have bought it if I knew about that earlier but other than that its a pretty cool mouse.