Panda’s Big Adventure 2 Walkthrough Guide

Panda’s Big Adventure 2 Walkthrough for those who are having trouble solving puzzles. This second series is also known as Panda’s Bigger Adventure Walkthrough! So don’t get confused with these newer titles. Free Elvis from prison in this point-n-click adventure game!

Panda’s Big Adventure 2 Guide

Click to interact with the environment.
Pick up items from all the different eras to find your way.
Panda will face some difficult puzzles and challenges.

The image below displays all available time zones in Panda’s Bigger Adventure!


You begin on a Desert Island, find a way to access Time Machine!


1) Pickup ‘Bone’.
2) Use ‘Bone’ to unlock ‘Time Machine’.
3) Click Time Machine to enter.

You are now within the Time Machine or rather Time Toilet?


To access other time zones, get Circuit Board from Space Prison!

4) Visit Space Prison (2187 : Robo Fortress Pirson)


5) Pick up ‘Oil Can’.
6) Pick up ‘Screw Driver’.
7) Lubricate Panel’s 4 Screws with ‘Oil Can’.
8) Unscrew Panel’s 4 Screws with ‘Screw Driver’.
9) Open the Panel by clicking it.
10) Get “Circuit Board” from Panel.
11) Give “Circuit Board” to Imprisoned Elvis to recalibrate.
12) Return to Time Machine.
13) Replace the faulty one with re-calibrated “Circuit Board”.

You will now be able to visit other locations with different time zones!

14) Visit Western (1884 : The Not So Wild West)


15) Pick up Gun and Coin nearby “Duck Shoot” Stall.
16) Pick up “Rock” nearby Barber Shop.

Find bullets at The Trenches to reload your gun.

17) Visit The Trenches.


18) Pick up Bullet, Cat and Grenade.
19) Reload gun with Bullet.
20) Return to Western Level.
21) Give Coin to Stall Owner.
22) Click on the Duck Shoot Stall to do shooting.
23) Use gun to shoot 10 Yellow Ducks.
24) Take Novelty Hat from Stall after completing the mini game.

To win the duel against the pro shooter, drunk him with Moonshine!
Obtain Moonshine from Gangster’s Room Level!
However, upon reaching there, you will be held hostage at Side Room Level.


25) Use Screw Driver to free Panda from lock.
26) Use the Lever to lower the Prisoner (Blofeld)
27) Exit Side Room to access Gangster’s Room.


28) Pick up White Paint, Spanner, Key and Bottle.
29) Apply White Paint on Cat.
30) Return to Side Room
31) Give White Cat to Blofeld in exchange of MoonShine recipe.
32) Return to Gangster’s Room.
33) Use Spanner on Tap to unclog it.
34) Use Key to unlock MoonShine Brewer.
35) Rework all the pipes so all of them are linked to the pipes below.


36) Place empty bottle near the tap where you used Spanner to unclog it.
37) Follow MoonShine Recipe on the parts of water, grease and fermenting to add.
39) Turn on the tap on the other end to fill up empty bottle.
40) Return to Western Era.
41) Give Moonshine to the competitor to drunk him.
42) Point gun at the competitor to challenge him into a duel.
43) Click gun to shoot competitor when the referee says shoot.
44) Pick up Cigar that drunk guy left on the floor.
45) Return to The Trenches.
46) Exchange Cigar for Bread.
47) Visit Leonardo’s Da Vinci Workshop.


48) Pull the cord to lower the bind. (Cord is just below the bind to the left)
49) Move small and big clock hand to match clock’s time to unlock door.
50) Enter toilet and get Razor.
51) Return to The Trenches
51) Give Razor to Ryan in exchange of crate lock combination.
52) Open crate using the combination.
53) Get Enigmatendo from crate.
54) Return to Leonardo’s Da Vinci Workshop
55) Get Scrap of Paper, Paint Brush and Book near the bookshelf.
56) Click the box and open the scrap of paper.
57) Identify the capital letters in paper content (NNE , SW , NW)
58) Tick those little circles based on those compass directions.


59) Pickup Piece of String and Hook from the box.
60) Combine Bread, Piece of String and Hook to create fishing line.
61) Catch fish in aquarium by using fishing line.
62) Examine the mechanical fish for Enigmatendo code.
63) Return to Space Prison.
64) Place Enigmatendo into the lock
65) Key in the code based on mechanical fish symbols.

The mysterious symbols written on the fish represents a number.
The required keys are displayed on the machine where you placed Engimatendo inside.
Key in the code displayed on screen to match with the ones on the fish!


This releases Elvis from prison but it turns out to be a Boss Pirate!
He now keeps you as his hostage and both of you return to the Time Machine.

66) Pull the Power Lever located between Pirate and Panda.

This will cause Pirate to fall into oblivion. He will be trap at Panda’s HQ.


67) Press the red button 3 times.
68) Use door as shield to reach juicer controls.
69) Press red mini buttons until all the green lights are on.

Game Over or End of Game. The pirate is smashed into juice, and you win!

Panda’s Big Adventure Tips to get 9 Critters

1) Use Cat on Parrot in Time Machine.
2) Flush toilet in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop.
3) Use paintbrush on painting in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop.
4) Examine food on the floor in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop.
5) Give fork to Radar in The Trenches.
6) Give Rock to Elvis.
7) Toss grenade into battlefield in The Trenches.
8) Waste no bullets in Duck Shoot Stall Mini Game.
9) Look under two name’s hat.

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