Nuclear Outrun Walkthrough Guide

Nuclear Outrun is a physics-based race between a Nuclear Warhead and Trucks. Blast away obstacles and zombies to collect points while racing for the exit. Spend points into upgrading Vehicle, Combat and General Aspects. Overtime Mode is unlocked upon completing the game, there’s no escape but find out how far you can go before the nuclear missile lands and turns you into a smear in the landscape. View Nuclear Outrun Walkthrough Guide for more information!

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Nuclear Outrun Level Guide

Use the upgrade levels below as reference guide on best-way to spend upgrade points. This avoid sacrificing many trucks to escape from nuclear pandemonium. You will need to have a balance of Vehicle and Combat upgrades to escape quickly.

Vehicle Upgrade
Level 1 – Vehicle engines are now more powerful
Level 2 – Spiked Wheels lasts for 2 seconds.
Level 3 – Spiked wheels can be used up to 2 times.
Level 4 – Vehicle engines are now more powerful.
Level 5 – Spiked wheels last for 5 seconds.
Level 6 – Spiked wheels can be used up to 3 times.
Level 7 – Vehicles are immune to explosive force.
Level 8 – 10X Bonus for crushing things with wheels!

General Upgrade
Level 1 – Every run will now have explosive crates!
Level 2 – Every run will now have balloons.
Level 3 – Explosive crates now have a wider range.
Level 4 – Zombies spawn with lower health.
Level 5 – Explosive crates now spawn more frequently
Level 6 – Balloons have higher chance of spawning!
Level 7 – Bonus from distance traveled is now doubled!
Level 8 – Zombies now give twice as many points when killed.

Combat Upgrades
Level 1 – You now start each run with 1 extra ammo clip.
Level 2 – You now carry a passenger with a melee attack.
Level 3 – You can now carry a random backup firearm.
Level 4 – You now start each run with 3 extra ammo clips.
Level 5 – Passengers have a longer attack range!
Level 6 – You can now carry a backup 99mm Pistol
Level 7 – You now automatically reload after 1 second.
Level 8 – You now start each run with 5 extra ammo clips.

Level 1 – 99mm Pistol (Weakest firearm, does very little damage)
Level 2 – Shotgun (standard shotgun, short range, high damage)
Level 3 – Revolver (six shots, punches through weaker objects)
Level 4 – Magnum Pistol (powerful handgun, able to do a lot of damage)
Level 5 – The Blade Boomerang (throws a boomerang that homes on a target)
Level 6 – Machine Pistol (fires short bursts, good against multiple objects)
Level 7 – Assault Rifle (fires in a wide burst, but does a lot of damage)
Level 9 – Squid Launcher (shoots squid which destroys anything it touches)
Level 10 – Submachine Gun (fire short, accurate bursts)
Level 11 – Compound Bow (shoots electric arrows that penetrate objects)
Level 12 – Combat Rifle (good damage, lots of ammo, fires in bursts)
Level 13 – Sawn Off Shotgun (requires frequent reload, but destroys everything)
Level 14 – Grenade Launcher (grenades explodes after 1 second)
Level 15 – Combat Shotgun (high ammo count, decent damage, best shotgun)
Level 16 – Hunting Rifle (bullets instantly strike the crosshair)
Level 18 – Sniper Rifle (needs good accuracy to use well, high damage)
Level 19 – Sawblade Launcher (fires a rotating sawblade)
Level 21 – Rocket Launcher (fires 3 homing missiles that explodes on contact)
Level 22 – Minigun (shoots a wall of bullets, chews through objects)
Level 23 – Remote Control (Summons Flying Robot/Cyborg T-Rex)
Level 24 – Gauss Rifle (fires an accelerated, high damage shot)

Unlocked after completing 20 Trucks Run
Bomber Blimp (Sends a blimp on a bombing run)
Shark Gun (It’s not for killing sharks, trust me)
Explosive Revolver (Fires exploding bullets)

Nuclear Outrun Screenshots

Main Menu introduces the developer “Nerdook” and game title “Nuclear Outrun”. A simple game menu is located above in every game screen containing Mute Music/Sound-Effects, Game Quality (Low, Medium, High), More Games on Kongregate and Nerdook’s Facebook Official Page.
Nuclear Outrun Main Menu

This game offers 3 Save Slots. Select either slot and click Accept to begin your Outrun Adventure! If you wish to delete an existing save game, click the Delete on the bottom left corner. You can view Friend’s Score on if they play on Kongregate (requires an account).
Nuclear Outrun Save Slot

Every game has a story and objective. Here is the Game Introduction: Nuclear missiles descend slowly towards the city. Our only hope is to outrun them with our trucks. You have 20 trucks. How many can escape?
Nuclear Outrun Introduction Storyline

This is the Weapon Menu where you can slightly customize your Truck’s wheels size and select your primary weapon. There are a total of 25 unlockable weapons you can use to dispose obstacles sprinkled between Nuclear Shelter and the Safety Bridge.
Nuclear Outrun Weapon Menu

You can select one of two driving modes : Automatic or Manual. For starters, I recommend automatic. This allows you to focus on shooting while computer drives your truck automatically. For hardcore gamers who are in need for more challenge should select Manual. Use W/Arrow-UP for acceleration, S/Arrow-DOWN to reverse and brake, A/Left-Arrow and D/Right-Arrow tilts the truck.

This is the Game Screen where you exit your Nuclear Shelter on your armored truck. You can set your wheels on spikes that destroys any obstacles it touches for a limited time. This can be obtain by upgrading your Vehicle (see list above). The extra passenger will aid and protect your truck (obtain from General Upgrade).
Nuclear Outrun Start Game

Game Score is shown after reaching the exit (a distance of 1100 meters from Nuclear Shelter) There are 3 road blocks (iron crates) along the way, you can use spikes to deal with it or just blow them up with guns. Beware of mini Nuclear Warheads that approaches from right around 500 meters.
Nuclear Outrun Game Score

Failing to reach the exit will bring up the Game Over Screen, smearing it with bloody red and black shadow of your remaining truck and self. This occurs a lot during the first 10-15 level ups. Once you have obtain sufficient upgrades and better weapons, you can reach the exit easily.
Nuclear Outrun Game Over

Each time you Level UP you will unlock a new weapon and sometimes an additional upgrade points. Select a primary weapon that you are comfortable with (I used Remote Control to summon a flying Robotic Tyrannosaurus T-Rex) Spoiler: If you can drive your truck above 100mph constantly, order your T-Rex to attack and it will keep on chomping zombies/crates/birds/bombs in front of it!
Nuclear Outrun Level UP

Success or failure still rewards experience points or upgrade points. Spend them in Upgrade Menu in either Combat, Vehicle or General aspects of your vehicle. Each category has total of 8 upgrades, each has a stronger version of its predecessor.
Nuclear Outrun Game Upgrades

The game automatically saves screenshots. You can export them as JPEG files!
Nuclear Outrun Screenshot

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