My Dear Boss Walkthrough Guide

My Dear Boss is a catapult upgrade game where you kick your abusive boss out of the window! Having a difficult time with your fussy boss who drives you at your wit’s end? Time your kick well to make him fly high in this crazy game! View My Dear Boss Walkthrough Guide below for more tips!

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My Dear Boss Strategy and Tips

1. Purchase land upgrades such as Cars and Umbrella to constantly bounce boss up.
2. Upgrades self to improve your kicking power to make boss fly further faster.
3. If all fails, purchase upgrade whenever they are available with earned cash.
4. Last but not least, have fun watching boss tortured by random encounters!

My Dear Boss Playthrough

Purchase upgrades such as Hungry Birds, Explosive Balloons, Wild Bulldogs and Bouncy Umbrella to keep your boss constantly rolling. Send him crashing into his home , hospital and lastly the grave (hole?).
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