Monsterland. Junior vs. Senior Walkthrough Guide

Monsterland. Junior vs. Senior is a physics puzzle game where you help Monster junior to wake up his father in the monsterland by removing blocks that is in his way. To earn stars, you will need to only remove essential blocks, not all of them. This casual game offers 32 challenging levels. View Monsterland. Junior vs. Senior Walkthrough Guide below to solve puzzle that you are having difficulty with!

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Monsterland. Junior vs. Senior Level Guide

Level 1 – 8
Level 9 – 16
Level 17 – 24
Level 25 – 36

Monsterland. Junior vs. Senior Screenshots

Main Menu displays 4 options : Play (Create New Game or Continue from Existing Game), More Games (Redirects you to – the sponsor of this game), Highscore and Credits.
Monsterland Junior vs Senior Main Menu

Credits indicates Alma Games developed this game using Box2D Physics Engine.
Monsterland Junior vs Senior Credits

Level Menu has 32 levels/stages where you can replay to earn higher score or gain maximum of 3 stars. A heads-up for this Physics Game: The solution provided here its based on a bit of luck and proper timing. You will need to perform the same solution few times to get the Junior into the right position. For movable objects, as they move, time your block destruction to redirect them into another area.
Monsterland Junior vs Senior Level Menu

Congratulations! This message appear when you complete all the levels!
Monsterland Junior vs Senior Congratulations

Monsterland Junior vs Senior Awards

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