MapleStory2 Maid Guide

In MapleStory2, a maid or housemaid or maidservant is a female/male NPC that you buy and hire each month. The maid makes things for you when you order her to make certain item. The items you need in order to let her make stuff requires you to gather mats throughout Victoria Island. Maids are an furniture item that you put into your house and it will come to life. The items that the maid can make differ per specialty they master. There are 5 different specialties.

Maid Specialties

  • Alchemist (연금술): This maid specializes in making pots and buff pots, such as Warrior’s potion.
  • Ring Production (반지 제작): This maid specializes in rings. This maid can also make red, blue and green skill upgrade crystals.
  • Necklace Production (목걸이 제작): This maid specializes in necklaces. This maid can also make red, blue and green skill upgrade crystals.
  • Beverage Maker (음료 제조): This maid specializes in making beverages, such as Orange Juice. These items are better than the normal herbs in-game.
  • Cooking / Chef (요리): This maid specializes in making buff foods, such as Grilled Chicken. these items are better than the normal herbs in-game.

Different tiers of maids

  • Maids have the same “tier-system” as the rest of the game.
  • You can buy the Mesos variant in Tria, there’s only one tier that is Mesos, the rest is Merit.
  • To buy the Merit ones you have to go into the merit shop.
  • The different tiers: Common (Mesos), Rare (Merit), Elite (Merit), Excellent (Merit)

The pros and cons of having an Merit maid

  • Pro: They require less materials per job.
  • Pro: They level up faster.
  • Con: They cost merit each month as opposed to the mesos one which costs mesos monthly. The cost per year is quite high. We’re talking up to $100+ for 2 Excellent (Purple) Maids for a full year.

Important information about maids


  • Have an House or Apartment.
  • Have 77,000 Mesos or atleast 590 Merit for an (Rare) Merit Maid.

General Information

  • You have to pay the maid each month, for the mesos one it’s mesos for the merit one it’s merits. This does not include the month you’ve bought them in.
  • You can only have 2 active maids at the same time in your house. you can own multiple ones.
  • I’m not sure if you can have 2 of the exact same maid active at the same time.
  • You can pay merit to the maid let them instantly make a job you’ve ordered the maid to be instantly done. You can only do this with Merit, mesos is not an option (This works on all maids including the mesos one). The cost of merit is different per item you requested the maid to make

Prices of the maids

Each tier differs in cost. Under here is an comparison. This is the same for every specialty. There is no cost difference in that.

For example this are the available maids for food buffs.

Tier Cost Monthly Cost
Common 77,000 Meso 69,000 Meso
Rare 590 Merit 190 Merit
Elite 790 Merit 290 Merit
Excellent 1290 Merit 490 Merit

Where to buy maids

The seller to buy the maids are located in Tria. You can buy them from 타바사. You can also buy all the these maids from inside your House or Apartment.
MapleStory2 Maid Seller

Pension Tools

You will need these after reaching Level 5 on your maid. Your maid will not be able to make items above Level 4 without these tools. Every specialty (Ring + Necklace share the same one) has it’s own “Pension Tool”. The mesos pension tools are also located in Tria. You can buy them from 니케아.​
MapleStory2 Maid Tools Seller

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