MapleStory M Updates – Bonus Daily Mission Event (2018-08-13)

MapleStory M Bonus Daily Event Mission (2018-08-13)
Event Period: 2018.08.14 00:00 – 08.27 23:59 (server time)
Please refer below for server time for the server you are using.
America Server (UTC-8) / Europe Server (CEST/UTC+2) / Asia1, 2 Server (GMT+8)

Event Details

Please check your event progress and rewards at [Event] menu

Daily Mission

Daily Mission can be completed every day to receive rewards

Mission Rewards
Use Potion 100 times VIP Teleport Rock x10
Clear Daily Dungeon once Diablo Messenger x3
Clear Mini Dungeon once Auto-battle Ticket (10 mins)
Kill 1500 monsters Red EXP Increase Ticket x3

All Clear Mission

You will get additional rewards for completing 20 daily missions in a week.

Period Server Time All Clear Mission
2018-08-14 (00:00) – 2018-08-20 (23:59) Complete 20 daily missions in the first week
2018-08-21 (00:00) – 2018-08-27 (23:59) Complete 20 daily missions in the second week

* All event rewards cannot be transferred between storage.
* All event rewards will be stored in your inbox for 7 days
* All event rewards can be used until 2018.08.31 (server time)

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