MapleStory M Updates – Pre-registration & Community Rewards Notice (2018-07-27)

[Pre-registration & Community Rewards Notice]

Maplers! 🍁
Login now to receive your pre-registration rewards and community rewards!! 😍

🎁 Reward Details:
🔸 Grand Launch Gift Box (1)
▪ Air Bike
▪ Kitty Word Bubble Ring
▪ Cat-ger Label Ring
▪ Normal Hair Coupon
▪ Normal Plastic Surgery Coupon.
▪ VIP Teleport Rock
▪ Respawn Tokens
🔸 Grand Launch Gift Box (2)
▪ 300,000 Meso Coupon
▪ Unique Armor Draw Ticket
▪ Mysterious Refining Powder Box (Unique)
🔸 Community Event Reward Box (1)
▪ 100,000 Meso Exchange Ticket
▪ Orange EXP Increase Ticket (15 Min)
▪ Auto-Battle Charge Ticket (30 Min)
▪ Amorian Aura Ring
🔸 Orange EXP Increase Ticket x2
🔸 Auto-Battle Charge Ticket (30 Min)

📌 Reward Period:
– America Server: July 27th (Fri) 05:00 ~ (PDT)
– Europe Server: July 27th (Fri) 14:00 ~ (CEST)
– Asia Server: July 27th (Fri) 20:00 ~ (GMT+8)

*Rewards can be received until Aug 31st 23:59 (Server Time), and must be received from inbox within 7 days.
*The reward will disappear after the expiration period, so please remember to login and receive them!

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Together, We Are Stronger (2)

👨👩👧👦 Together, We Are Stronger (2) 👨👩👧👦

Hi, Maplers! 🍁 Still playing on your own?
Join a Guild now and do not miss your chance to get rewards! 😊

🎁 Event Reward 🎁
Limited for 50 Lucky Maplers ❗
➡ Orange EXP Increase Ticket X 2
➡ Auto-Battle Charge Ticket (30 Min.) X 1

👉 How to Participate 👈
1. Join a Guild within the event period.
2. Take a screenshot of ‘All Guild Members’.
(Your nickname must be visible inside the screenshot!)
3. Leave the screenshot in the comment along with your Nickname and server!

📅 Event Period 📅
Jul. 27th (Fri) ~ Aug. 2nd (Thu)

📌 Please Note 📌
– You must include correct nickname/server and screenshot to get rewards! ✅
– Each account will be chosen as the winner once. ✅
– Rewards will be sent after the event is finished, within 1 week.
– Inappropriate or spam comments may be deleted without notice.

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July 27th Patch Notice

A patch has been scheduled for server stabilization.
The patch schedule is different for all servers, and the time for each patch is subject to change without notification.

❗ Please kindly restart the application after the patch.
❗ The game will be automatically closed if you do not re-login within 5 minutes after the patch.

📅 Patch Period:
Asia 1 Server
– July 27th (Fri) 16:00 (GMT+8)

Asia 2 Server
– July 27th (Fri) 16:30 (GMT+8)

Europe Server
– July 27th (Fri) 09:30 (CEST)

America Server
– July 27th (Fri) 02:00 (PDT)

💠 Issues Fixed:
– Server Stabilization

Thank you.

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