Job Interview Tips – How to Stand out in a Job Interview

Let’s talk about how you can really stand out in a job interview. Right now as we speak, the market is flooded with thousands of very qualified candidates. But you know what, I would really like for you think about this. There is only one you. There are a lot applicants and there are a lot of candidates and as a career coach, I hear this all the time.

“Ayumilove! How am I going to be the one that selected to come in for an interview?”

Well, you’re the only person that has your specific cadre of skills, talents and abilities. So the first thing to stand out is to be positive, confident and optimistic. You know, it may sound a little bit funny that that’s what’s going to get you an interview? But it does! Because when you do get that call, because on paper or from an on-line application you meet all the requirements and they actually get to speak with you over the phone, you’re positivity and optimism in your confidence comes through in your voice! Everybody wants to be around someone whose upbeat.

So by conveying that is who you are, you will secure an in-person interview. Once you do get that interview, make sure you appear as possible. Make sure you know where you’re going, that you have your cell phone completely off when you go into the interview, that you are dressed one notch above what the culture at the organization dresses. So if it’s business casual and you really want to dress very professionally. If it’s very professional, you want to put on that best suit, walking with a big smile and air of confidence, not arrogance! confidence, and that will secure you a position of definitely standing out from all other applicants.

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