Job Interview Tips – How to Get a Job Interview

Let’s talk about how you actually get a job interview. Nowadays we are very fortunate because of our technology, internet and social media. It is very easy to find people. People are the connection to your interview.

Okay, you have decided on the industry, company and found a great position. Now you have applied and you are waiting of the all important time that you can personally present your skills, knowledge, talents and abilities to the organization. So how do you get in there. Right now as the market is flooded with talented people. The key is all about people connection. You got to find an internal champion within an organization that’s going to either physically go to the human resources department for you or pick up a phone and say I have a referral for you.

Many organizations have very robust employee referral programs. That means they pay their employees a very nice bonus in order to refer qualified candidates that actually get hired. So bearing that in mind, this is of great way to approach people who maybe you were a little bit shy about asking “Could you please put in a good word for me?” Remember they could financially benefit them as well as you when you finally get that job.

So pick up the phone and call someone that you know that works in a company and say I’ve just applied for XXX company in XXX position, please help me get an interview. Who do you know that you could ask to find out what is the status of the interviews, who do you know that could push my application through to be reviewed before or at least at the beginning of all of the other applications and what do you suggest an idea to really finalize this.

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