Garden Guardians Walkthrough

Garden Guardians is a simple tower defense games with theme based on plants and bugs. There are over 5 types of plants to be soiled. These critters comes in all shapes and colors, but more importantly its traits such as moving fast and having lots of health to absorb damage received from plants.

Garden Guardians Plants Guide

Sunflower upgrades any plant it is placed next to.
Daisy produces pollen for other plants. Sunflowers cause faster pollen growth.
Mushroom is good for building walls. Sunflower will upgrade it to Toxic Toadstool.
Thorny Rose shoots torn in 4 directions. Sunflower increases its shooting speed.
Dandelion slows down enemy movement. Combines well with Toxic Toadstool.

Garden Guardians Tips

1) Toxic Toadstool poison bugs while Roses hurts bugs with flying thorns.
2) You can remove Sunflower after upgrading a plant adjacent to it.

Garden Guardians Challenges

Challenge 1 – Perfect all Easy levels.
Challenge 2 – Perfect all Medium levels.
Challenge 3 – Perfect all Hard levels.
Challenge 4 – Complete all levels (Unlock Survival Mode)
Challenge 5 – Survive for 10 minutes in Survival Mode.
Challenge 6 – Survive for 20 minutes in Survival Mode.
Challenge 7 – Complete level 3 without Toxic Toadstool.
Challenge 8 – Perfect Level 1 under 6 minutes without Roses.
Challenge 9 – Survive for 4 minutes in Survival Mode without Roses.
Challenge 10 – Perfect all levels with 3 stars.
Challenge 11 – Beat all challenges (minus this one)

Garden Guardians Level Guide

Below are final layout screenshots of each Garden Guardians stages which has the best strategic plant placement for protecting your candy before it gets stolen by bugs. If you have a better strategy than mine, post a comment below and share.

Level 1

Completing level 1 without Roses earns Toxic Alley Achievement!
Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 1 Final Layout

Level 2

Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 2 Final Layout

Level 3

Completing level 3 without Toxic Toadstool earns Eco Friendly Achievement!
Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 3 Final Layout

Level 4

Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 4 Final Layout

Level 5

Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 5 Final Layout

Level 6

Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 6 Final Layout

Level 7

Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 7 Final Layout

Level 8

Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 8 Final Layout

Level 9

Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 9 Final Layout

Survival Mode

Garden Guardians Walkthrough Level 9 Final Layout

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