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Exos Heroes is a turn-based, fantasy-themed, role-playing gacha game, which can be played on mobile (Android and Iphone OS aka IOS). Players will need to assemble a team of champions to battle against the enemy. There are 10 Story Chapters (PvE – Player vs Environment) and 15 Dungeons aka Challenges where players can farm their equipment/resources to make their heroes more stronger! The challenges consists of Zebenstunier (PvP – Player vs Player), Experience Sanctum (Farm XP Scrolls to level up heroes), Spirit Sanctum and Blessing Sanctum (Obtain materials to enhance and bless heroes), Ancient Gold Mine and Shelter of Avarice (Farm Gold), Solar Trade Route and Lunar Trade Route (Farm Equipment), Holy Dragon Grounds and Air Squadron Battle (Boss Raid to farm special tokens to trade for powerful items), Yupir’s Labyrinth (Farm Xes aka Currency to Purchase Shop Items or Gacha) and lots more. The game is quite F2P (Free to Play) friendly as the Daily-Weekly-Achievement Quests provides a significant amount of Xes for you to perform gacha (to collect Rare-Legendary-Fated-Fate Core Heroes).

Exos Heroes Index

Getting Started

Initial Selection Recruit (Re-Roll Guide)
Battle Guide


Useful Guides

List of Hero by Element
List of Hero by Faction
List of Hero by Nation
List of Hero by Position
List of Hero by Race
List of Hero by Rank (Best to Worse Hero)
List of Hero by Tier (Star Grade)

Exos Heroes Skills



Exos Heroes Glossary

Air Squadron
Air Squadron Battle
Airship Forge
Ancient Gold Mine
Battle Guide
Core Raid
Daily Quest
Daily Tournament

Door to Creation
Exos Pass
Hero Battle
Heroes Challenge
Holy Dragon Grounds

Organize Team
Shelter of Avarice
Shrine Series
Side Story
Trade Route Series
Treasure Hunting
Wug Run Fest
Yupir’s Labyrinth
Zenbenstunier (PvP)

Exos Heroes Selection Recruit (Re-Roll Guide)

The best champion that I would highly recommend getting to boost your game progression early-mid game is to get either Bernadette (Frost 1st Option End-Game Dragon Raid), Talia (Nature 1st Option End-Game Single-AoE Healer), Baraka (Machine 2nd Option End-Game Single-Target Attacker), Magi (Fire 2nd Option Early-Mid Game Farmer), Anastasia (2nd Option Healer).

List of Champions Available for Selection Recruit

The list below contains Fated (5 Star) and Legendary (4 Star) Heroes that you can get from the first selection recruit unlimited re-roll. The Fated Hero will have Rainbow cape effect when you pull him/her.
Rudley, Rera, Valentina, Xiakhan, Jinn, Ramge, Baraka, Valarr, Shell, Uloom, Magi, Mahar, Bernadette, Emma, Talia, Bernavas, Baileysh, Sabrina, Anastasia, Chati, Duncan, Deva, David Johnson, Degas, Lyungen, Reedmarie, Liechstenstein, Benten, Brook, Sharpei, Otard, Kirina, Tantalo, Firis, Griesel, Leger, Lepin, Metron, Minea, Bayer, Spica, Annie, Zarienne, Zeradin, Karin, Pan, Guter, Luke, Risis, Monica, Bongkoos, Sernando, Scarlet, Adams, Ivan, Obellia, Corgi, Kinberra, Tereia, Fergie, Freesia, Heowon, Nero, Vinity, Sefer, Astarte, Alexei, Yao, Yorm, Cybele, Pitbull, Hawkeye, Nike April

Exos Heroes Battle Guide

Gain Mana by Element Type

Obtaining mana by element only applies to heroes that are 5★ or higher.

Icon Element Method to Obtain Mana
Exos Heroes Fire Element Fire 1 mana is created for ally or enemy hero’s Critical Attack.
Exos Heroes Frost Element Frost 1 mana is created for ally or enemy hero’s successful block.
Exos Heroes Nature Element Nature 1 mana is created when HP is at 30% or lower on your turn.
Exos Heroes Machine Element Machine 1 mana is created when HP is at 80% or higher on your turn.
Exos Heroes Light Element Light Permanently possess 1 mana if all allies survived when the turn comes.
Exos Heroes Darkness Element Darkness 1 mana is created for each defeated ally heroes on your turn.

Gain Mana by Position Type

Obtaining mana by position type applies to all heroes regardless of ★ (Star Grade).

Icon Type Method to Obtain Mana
Exos Heroes Attack Type Exos Heroes Chaos Type Attack Chaos 1 mana is created when you successfully hit a basic attack.
Exos Heroes Defense Type Exos Heroes Support Type Defense Support 1 mana is created when an enemy attacks you.


A unit with the Break status due to the break of Guardian Stone will be immobilized for 7 tums, will receive doubled final damage, and will also get an additional effect by the element of last broken Guardian Stone. Effect by the element of the last broken Guardian Stone.

Icon Element Effects by the last broken Guardian Stone
Exos Heroes Fire Guardian Stone Fire All damages will be turned into critical damages.
Exos Heroes Frost Guardian Stone Frost All damages will ignore Defense.
Exos Heroes Nature Guardian Stone Nature Receive damage each turn relative to their maximum health.
Exos Heroes Machine Guardian Stone Machine Break status will be prolonged for 5 more turns.
Exos Heroes Light Guardian Stone Light Attacker recovers health by 30% of damage dealt to the target of break.
Exos Heroes Darkness Guardian Stone Darkness 1 mana is created for the attacker.

Exos Unlock Content

Complete Prologue Episode 1~12

  • Exploration: You can obtain Hero Experience Point, Currency and Material while exploring nations.
  • Door to Creation: You can craft various items or assemble/disassemble materials.
  • Airship: Here is the Airship, the center of your journey.

Complete Story Chapter 6 “War in Republic”

  • Holy Dragon Grounds: You can challenge boss monster here.
  • Shelter of Avarice: You can obtain a lot of Gold and ancient tokens here.
  • Treasure Hunting: You can obtain materials to sell here.

Exos Heroes Events

Seven Heroes (Zeon) Fatecore Chance Up Event!
Dragon Emperor’s Knights.
Fatecore Chance Up Event! Introducing the First Guardian, Zeon!
Event Period: May 28th 2020 ~ June 4th 04:59 KST
Event Recruitment opens after clearing Main Story 00~11.
Earned 1 recruitment mileage when you recruting heroes 11 time.

Exos Heroes Resources

Shelter of Avarice

You can obtain a lot of Gold an ancient tokens here. There are 5 difficulties in Shelter of Avarice (Hard, Very Hard, Extreme, Maniac and Special).

Special – Darknok’s Treasure

Rewards: Golden Statue, Fancy Treasure Box, Ancient Treasure Box, Ancient Token, Star of Fate

Conditions to Enter
Legendary + Cleric + Light + Female = Cybele
Legendary + Enhancer + Fire + Male = Pan
Legendary + Warrior + Darkness + Male = Adams


Air Squadron


  • This is where you can form communities with users and obtain rewards through Air Squadron activities.
  • Each Air Squadron has a Master of Air Squadron and a Deputy Master appointed by the Master.
  • Gold is required to create an Air Squadron.
  • An Air Squadron can have up to 30 members.
  • An Air Squadron’s ranking can be increased through Air Squadron Battles, which are operated in seasons.


  • An Air Squadron’s level can be increased by the activities of its members, and its level does not affect its ranking.
  • Air Squadron experience points can be obtained through Air Squadron attendance and Exploration.
  • There is a limit to the maximum amount of experience points that can be earned by a single member of an Air Squadron.

Air Squadron Emblem

  • Air Squadron emblems can be purchased with Wind Wing Tokens that can be earned by exchanging Wing Tokens.
  • More emblems become available as an Air Squadron’s level increases.
  • Only the Master of Air Squadron can purchase emblems.

Contribution Points

  • This index shows how much the members have contributed to the Air Squadron. Contribution points increase when the member earns
  • Air Squadron experience points. Contribution points do not reset and keep accumulating until the member withdraws from the Air Squadron.
  • Contribution points are reset upon withdrawing from the Air Squadron.


  • A title is granted when you reach a certain amount of contribution points. (The Master and Deputy Master of Air Squadron do not have titles.)
  • Titles are divided into 3 levels according to the contribution points earned.
  • Sailor: 7,140 contribution points needed
  • Bosun: 42,840 contribution points needed
  • Chief Mate: 85,680 contribution points needed

Air Squadron Battle


  • You have to be a member of an Air Squadron to participate in Air Squadron Battles, which are operated in seasons.
  • Once Air Squadron Battles begin, you can play in the battles and Air Squadron raids. The Air Squadron Battles are held for 4 weeks.
  • Air Squadron rankings are determined by the Air Squadron points earned through Air Squadron Battles and raids.
  • You can earn rewards according to your Air Squadron’s ranking.
  • Only air squadron members have access to these PVP battles where you fight off against other air squadrons.
  • You may enter once Air Squadron Battles begin.
  • There must be at least 10 members who are ready from your air squadron, and the Master or the Deputy Master needs to sign up by Monday to participate in these battles.

Week Number

  • The week number is the period from Monday to Sunday while Air Squadron Battles are ongoing.
  • Your group is determined by the number of wins your Air Squadron achieves against the 7 Air Squadrons you battle over one week.
  • You will be matched against other Air Squadrons from the same group.
  • (If there is no Air Squadrons in the same group, you will be matched against Air Squadron from other groups.)
  • The number of wins based on your Air Squadron’s group will determine your group for the next week.
  • There may be heroes that are banned each week.


  • Each day is divided into the preparation, grouping, battle, and settlement phases. Preparation is when you decide whether or not to participate in Air Squadron Battles. Grouping is when the Air Squadrons that can participate are sorted and the groups are determined.
  • Battle is when your opponent is determined and the battle takes place.
  • Settlement is when the results of the battles are settled.
  • (Team organization can only be done during the preparation phase.)


  • Once you are matched against another Air Squadron, the user that you will battle is selected automatically.
  • You can participate 1 time per day and undergo a total of 3 battles, each with a different opponent.
  • You will face opponents with higher combat power with each battle.


  • When you face the next opponent during the series of battles, the health of the heroes in your team will be fully recovered except for the ones who have died.
  • If you force quit the pass you used will disappear and all battles will be considered as defeats.
  • Your team organization information is reflected in real-time.
  • The opponents’ teams will be the teams they saved last during the preparation phase.


  • Three components contribute to the final score during the Air Squadron Battle period: the group, participation, and victories.
  • The group score is determined by the group placement that was determined in the weekly settlement and the score for the same group may vary depending on the week number.
  • The participation score is determined by the level of participation in battles by Air Squadron members.
  • The result score is determined by the total number of people defeated by your Air Squadron’s members.

Air Squadron Raid

  • Only members of Air Squadrons can access this.
  • It is available once Air Squadron Battles have started.
  • 2 entries are allowed per day.
  • You can also defeat the boss by performing 150 battles If the boss dies, another boss of a different element appears.
  • The subsequent boss appears 3 hours after the death of the previous boss.
  • The element of the heroes you can assign into your team depends on the element of the boss.
  • A separate organize team step does not exist and heroes that meet the conditions will be assigned automatically.
  • Battles do not take place and outcomes are determined based on combat power.

Airship Forge

  • This is where you can use Xes to craft equipments, and it can be entered from the Airship.
  • It can be used once a day, and it consists of Common Craft, and Advanced Craft.
  • Only Common Craft is available at first and Advanced Craft will become available when certain story is cleared.

Common Craft

  • Common Craft can craft weapons, helmets, armors and gloves from Common to Legendary rank.
  • (For weapons, only Common to Rare ranks can be crafted.)

Advanced Craft

  • Advanced Craft can craft weapons, helmets, armors, gloves, boots and accessories from Common to Legendary rank.
  • (For weapons, only Common to Rare ranks can be crafted.)

Special Craft

  • Special Craft enables you to craft weapons, helmets, armors, gloves, boots and accessories from Common to Fated ranks.
  • (For weapons, only Common to Legendary ranks can be crafted.)

Fated Craft

  • Fated Weapon/Armor Craft requires Dragon Empire’s Relics/Stars of Fate.
  • Can be used once a month.



  • This is where you can create your own communities and participate in friendly matches, check user information, and send alliance points.
  • You can have up to 50 alliances per account and you can break off up to 10 alliances per day.
  • Alliance points can only be sent to users that are in your alliance.
  • Both the sender and receiver will earn alliance points when alliance points are sent.
  • The count of sending alliance points is reset daily.
  • Alliance points can be used at the Door to Creation.
  • There is a limit to the maximum amount of alliance points you can have.

Ancient Gold Mine


  • This is where you can earn Gold
  • The team specified for the Ancient Gold Mine will be used and different teams are saved for each day of the week.
  • There are conditions to enter the battle starting from a certain difficulty.
  • (The conditions change according to the day of the week and the difficulty.)
  • 1 Ancient Gold Mine Pass is used upon completion.
  • Passes are given every day and you can accumulate up to 9 of them.



  • In this content you can use random formations and heroes and get a reward every time you win.
  • You can enter it through the village.
  • Passes are required for entry, and they can be purchased for free once within the event period.
  • 3 heroes are randomly selected for each slot and you can use one of them that you like. All the randomly selected heroes are 6 stars at Level 90, regardless of the tier.
  • Once your opponent is decided, you have the change to change your heroes.
  • Manual control is available up to 5 wins, then it will be converted to auto battle.
  • You can win up to 12 times at a time. 1 Pass is consumed when you record 12 wins or 3 losses.

Core Raid


  • This is where you can obtain raid coupons.
  • Bosses and number of entries permitted vary according to Difficulty.
  • Use the exclusive deck for raids.
  • The health of bosses in each dungeon is saved and will stay the same in the next battle.

Core Raid Shop

  • The Core Raid coupons earned from Core Raid dungeons can be used to purchase various items.
  • There are 5 fixed items and 4 Raid items, and Step-Up rewards can be earned once all the Raid items have been purchased.
  • The shop will be unavailable once the season ends.
  • Unused Raid coupons will be converted into Gold.

Daily Quest


  • These quests can be completed every day.
  • The daily quest system is unlocked after you reach a certain point in the story.
  • You can accept and complete daily quests through the quest information window. You can only see the next quest after the previous quest has been completed.
  • The next condition cannot be completed before the previous one is completed.

Daily Tournament


  • In this content the top 16 teams of the previous Zebenstunier will be brought back for another contest
  • The participating teams can’t get directly involved in the Tournament. Other users can guess their match results and win various rewards.
  • A total of 16 single-round matches will be performed automatically.
  • During the Tournament you can guess the winners and losers of the match scheduled for the day.
  • If you guess correctly, you will get points that you can exchange for rewards.
  • The users of the participating teams will receive different rewards, depending on their Tournament performance.
  • The third-place and final matches require Solarseals for the guessing.



  • Rewards can be earned by meeting the given conditions and the categories are: daily, weekly, achievement and completed.
  • Daily and weekly achievements are refreshed daily and weekly, respectively. (Achievements are not refreshed.)



  • This is where you earn rewards once a certain amount of time has passed after heroes have been assigned.
  • Dispatches are accessible from the Airship.
  • The team specified for dispatches will be used and different teams will be saved for each dungeon.
  • Dispatches take 5 hours to complete.



  • This is where you can use certain currencies, heroes, and materials to buy equipment materials, heroes, and Fatecore and assemble/disassemble materials.
  • Recipes are added as you progress in the story.
  • If new recipes have been added, they will be shown upon entering the Door to Creation.


  • This is where you can craft designated or random items/heroes by using certain materials and currencies.

Assemble / Disassemble

  • This is where you can assemble/disassemble certain types of materials into higher/lower level materials of the same type.

Combine / Convert

  • This is where you can use heroes to obtain other heroes or change the Guardian Stone element of heroes or equipment
  • The materials list only shows heroes and equipment that meet the conditions to be used as materials.
  • Heroes that are assigned to teams or as the leader are not shown.
  • (Changing Guardian Stones of heroes is possible even if they are assigned to teams, locked, or assigned as the leader, changing Guardian Stones of equipment is possible even if it is equipped.)


  • This is where you can use various materials to obtain Fatecore.


  • Bookmarked recipes can be checked from the bookmark category.

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