Epic Friends Walkthrough Guide

Epic Friends is a minimalistic but richly featured tower defense game. The graphics aren’t as good as popular TD games such as Bloons Tower Defense nor Kingdom Rush but what highlights this game is it allows player to have the ability to customize their “friends” with weapons and upgrades. The game offers 3 modes (easy, medium, hard) with maximum of 100 waves of monsters.

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Epic Friends Guide

How to build powerful friends with right equips?

The equips you need are Magic Wand, Ice Gun, 3 Shotgun, 2 Throwing Axe and Poison Bamboo. Get these weapons in sequence. Below are the description on building powerful team with the right combination of weapons against various types of enemies in Hard Mode difficulty.

Time-freezer: Slow Enemies to a Snail Pace

Have at least 1 friend equipped with ice gun to slow-down fast-moving enemies or high health enemies such as bosses to allow your other friends to deal more damage against them. Friends equipped with these weapons should not dump money into upgrading damage as it increases its DPS (Damage Per Second) very little.

Mobster: Multishot Killer

Have at least 1 friend equipped with magical wand to kill multiple enemies quickly when large group of enemies pour in from top. However, at later levels, these enemies are too much too handle, aid Magical Wizards with Axe Throwers.

Killing Zone: Headshot with Shotguns

Have 3 friends equipped with Shotguns as they are the most damaging weapon when their bullets are shot at close range. Friends who are equipped with these weapons must not upgrade their range to take advantage of this benefit!

Sniper: One-Shot One-Kill

This title belongs to the Throwing-Axe, not Sniper Rifle. Thanks to its special ability, it can deal a whopping epic damage in 1 hit therefore killing enemy on the spot, depending on luck. Use them along with Magical Wand Friends.

Epic Friends Tips and Hints

Laying Land Mines Quickly with SHIFT KEY

Hold SHIFT (keyboard button) and click on the green field to lay mines. This allows you to spam land mines to explode bosses quickly when your friends can’t handle the pressure! Do note that you can lay mine before you start enemy wave, this is useful especially wave 100.

Prioritize Enemy by Location and Ability

You can order your friend to stay at a certain position to defend their outpost or work with team members. Here is a list of options: attack enemies closest bottom, closest top, closest right, closest left, closest friend, weakest, strongest, crowded, going solo or stationary (just like traditional tower defense).

There are number of ways you can order your friends to attack enemy by priority such as attack any enemies, non-slowed enemies (best with ice gun), slowed enemies (best with laser gun), non-poison (best with poison bamboo) and poisoned enemies (best for ninja star).

Additional Information

List of Weapons in Epic Friends

Slingshot has no special abilities but average stats.
Sniper Rifle has no special stats, far range but long delay.
Shotgun deals highest damage among all weapons in close range.
Ice Gun slows enemies movement speed.
Laser Gun deals extra damage on frozen/iced enemies.
Poison Gun deals damage overtime for a fix duration. Damage is absolute.
Ninja Stars deals extra damage on poisoned enemies.
Magical Wand kills multiple enemies with like chain-lightning.
Rocket Launcher shoots missile that explodes killing enemies nearby.

List of Enemies in Epic Friends

Basic (Grey) has no special abilities.
Group Enemy (Brown) walks in group.
Mommy Enemy (Pink) pregnant with quadruplets.
Fast enemy (Yellow) moves 3 times faster than ordinary enemy.
Strong enemy (Blue) has high health.
Healers enemy (Cyan) regenerates health overtime.
Sick enemy (Purple) weak against ice and poison but strong against everything.
Immune enemy (Orange) is immune against ice and poison effects.
Egg enemy (Dark Green lays eggs that spawn a new dark green enemy!
Swallower Enemy (Red) swallows everything when it open its mouth!

Epic Friends Screenshots

A simple Main Menu with 5 options: New Game, Resume Game, Weapon Info, Mute Background Music and Mute Sound Effects. Personally, I dislike the sounds of my “friend’s” squeaking sound, or was it the enemies that squeal when they drop dead? Music needs a change though.
Epic Friends Main Menu

Weapon Information describes the special abilities in 5 levels.

Impossible Difficulty? Nope, only 3 : Easy/Normal/Hard. The hard mode limits you to 8 friends, normal mode limits to 10 friends and Easy mode allows 12 friends on battlefield. Easy provides extra money when you begin your wave.

Here is the meat of the game where you position your friends in battlefield, equipping them with various weapons and upgrading accordingly. Check the guide above on how to prioritize friends targets. I only use the very first option (attack enemy closest to the bottom). That way, it will kill any enemies that are closing to the exit first to avoid any leaking.

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