Elune Heroes of Dimension Guide


  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  2. Common Mistakes New Players make in Elune

Elune FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ #1: What is Elune

  • Elune is also known as hero or champion in this game.
  • You can have up to 5 Elune in a team to battle against enemies.
  • Elune can have either 1 of 5 type of rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common.
  • Legendary Elune has great stats and powerful skills while Common Elune is the opposite of it.
  • Elune can have either 1 of 5 classes which are Tanker, DPS, Healer, Support and Debuffer.

FAQ #2: What Elune should I re-roll?

  • It’s highly recommended to get a Farmer and DPS to help speed up early game progression.
  • For DPS Elune: Caroline, Badlr, Arslan, McCarthy, Kai, Eris
  • For Tank Elune: Fahrenheit, Omen, Enme
  • For Healer: Freya, Fabian, Eun
  • For Support: Wei Wei, Mana, Stella, Lam
  • For Debuffer: Mikazuki, Kang Rim, Reina, Chloe Vann, Sally
  • For Farmer: Reve

FAQ #3: What is Aeon

  • Aeon is basically Energy which you used to perform Grinding for Fusion Fodder and Bossing.
  • You have a max capacity of 60 Aeons that you can spend in your account.
  • Aeon is replenished every minute.
  • You get to claim up to 3 times either 25K Gold, 50 Aeon or 150 Elune’s Light everyday per hour.

FAQ #4: What is Ruby?

  • Rubies are in-game currency that is obtained through completing quest or spending real money.
  • Rubies allows you to purchase a wide variety of things in-game to speed up your game progress.

FAQ #5: What is Gold?

  • Gold is in-game currency that you earned by completing stages once or repeatedly.
  • Gold is used in all aspects in-game such as enhancing Elune, Skill and equipment.

FAQ #6: What is Elune’s Light?

  • Used in Summon Light. Can be obtained by scrapping Elunes or purchasing at Shop → Lighture.
  • You can receive Elune’s Light by sending back the Elunes you don’t use in Sscrap Elune.
  • You can use Elune’s Light to summon an Elune in Light Summon.
  • The Light Summon list refreshes monthly.
  • You can earn additional rewards by completing the rows in Light Summon.
  • You’ll receive a Legendary Elune Summon for summoning every Elune in all 12 rows.

Common Mistakes New Players make in Elune

Mistake #1: Don’t use your preferred name when you first create your account.

  • Elune is also known as hero/champion who you used to battle against enemies.
  • The game has a summoning hero system that allows you to summon powerful Legendary Elune early in game.
  • If you have no luck summoning Legendary Elune, you can delete the account.
  • When deleting the account, that name you entered will not be able to be used by anyone including yourself.
  • Once you are able to get your preferred Legendary hero on your account, use Gems to update the temporary name to your preferred name.

Getting Started in Elune

  1. Re-rolling: Re-rolling means attempting to get Legendary hero early in game. When you start the game, it will ask you to enter your game account name. Enter a temporary name (not your preferred account name). Complete Astoria Stage 1-2 (Normal Mode) to get 10+1 Summon Card which has a chance to summon 1 or more 5* Legendary Heroes. If you did not get any Legendaries, delete the account. To delete, go to Settings and click Delete Now (Bottom Left Corner) and type in “Delete Now” and restart your re-rolling process. If you are happy with the heroes you have obtained, proceed to complete Astoria Stage 1-5 (Normal Mode) to get Premium Summon Card which allows 10-reroll-pull but rewards 3* Heroes (Legendary~Common), if you did not get any Legendary Heroes, re-roll until you get a Legendary Hero/Epic hereo that you preferred. Once done, use Gems/Rubies and convert the temporary name to your preferred account name. Those accounts that are deleted you will not be able to re-use the name.

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