Elephant Quest Walkthrough

Elephant Quest Walkthrough guides you through completing all quests and obtaining trophies, balloons, and keys to unlock maps. The fight is on! Wooly has taken your precious bowler cap and now you are on a romp to go get it back! Explore the freeform world of 45 various areas in this RPG-Shooter hybrid. Complete sidequests to get power-ups, extra firepower, and experience! Navigate the ridiculous Level Up tree to become the most powerful elephant in the universe.

Play Online: Elephant Quest (Unlock Achievements)

Elephant Quest Four achievements & 40 points to earn!

Power in the Trunk Badge (5 points) – Get to Level 10
Brave new Elephrontier Badge (5 points) – 20 unique rooms visited
NEVER FORGET Badge (15 points) – Complete the ones below:
Bearish Means, Chance of Rain, First Place Trophy Chase, Mr. W’s Throwdown,
Time for a New Watch, I Has Hunger, Three Luftbalons, Seven Times Lighter Than Air,
All Overblown completed Buffalo’s Identity Crisis.
Hats Off to Extinction Badge (15 points) – Game completed.

Elephant Quest Walkthrough: Location

Area – Location of NPC, Items, Keys, and Locked-Doors

01 – Blue-key
02 – Bobby
03 – Umbrella
04 – Sprout
05 – Ella, Orange-Balloon
07 – Green-Balloon
10 – Green-Balloon, Mr Doo, Nate
11 – Tasselphant, Cormyn
12 – Steve
13 – Dave, Yellow-Balloon
15 – Pokey, Mark, Blue-Balloon, Bob, Larry, Yellow-Locked-Door (16), The W, Blue-Locked-Door (19)
16 – Mr Tooty
17 – Umbrella
19 – nothing
20 – nothing
22 – nothing
23 – Buffalo
24 – nothing
26 – Teddy-Bear
27 – Red-Balloon, Bobbington, Blue-Locked-Door
28 – Duke
29 – Green-key
30 – Blue-key
31 – Yellow-Balloon
32 – Golden-key
33 – nothing
34 – Blue-door
35 – nothing
36 – Cyan-Balloon
37 – Blue-door
39 – Blue-door
40 – James
41 – Nancy
42 – Bethany
43 – nothing
44 – nothing
45 – Blue-key
46 – Blue-key

Elephant Quest Walkthrough: NPC Quest Provider

Wooly’s Flight
Find the yellow key in the caves.
Bearish Means
Chance Of Rain
Find Mr. Tooty’s Umbrella in the Forest Area (Rewards: Extra Weapon)
Mr W’s Throwdown
Time For A New Watch
Get the quest from Nate at Area 10 – Go ask Mr. Doo if he will fix Nate’s broken watch.

I Has Hunger
Three Luftbalons
Find 3 Balloons and show them to Bob
Sevens Times Lighter than Air
Find 7 Balloons and show them to Bobby.
All Overblown
Find 10 Balloons and show them to Bobbington. (Reward:)

Bob – Find 3 Balloons and show them to Bob. (Rewards: Extra weapon)
Bobbington – Find 10 Balloons and show them to Bobbington.
Blue-Locked-Door – Find 4 blue keys located in four corners.
Buffalo – Buffalo is looking for Dave. Find him somewhere nearby.
Ella – Find Ella’s friend Bethany in the Ruins.
Dave – Try to figure out if Steve is really a buffalo. Find Steve nearby.
Mark – Find Mark’s Teddy Bear in the caves. (Rewards: Extra Weapon)

Nancy – Find Nancy’s Trophy in Cloudy Area.
Pockey – *Continuing from Buffalo Quest* (Rewards: Extra Weapon)
Sprouts – Find the yellow key in caves.
The W – Deliver Mr. W’s message to Duke.
Yellow-Locked-Door (Unlock) – Find the green key in the forest and ruins area.

Elephant Quest Walkthrough: Skill Build

All skills can reach up to a maximum of level 100. However, if you level up your skill incorrectly, you will not be able to max out all skills in Elephant Quest. Therefore, I have listed skills below in the sequence from most useful to least useful.

You need to max out the “Credit Junkie” skill. You will need lots of intellect to fund it, therefore, go to the Intellect Path (+50 Intellect). There will be many enemies you will encounter, hence, complete Charisma Path (+50 Charisma) to obtain max Miniphant Swarm and Quest Uptake. This skill allows 4 minis floating elephants to auto-attack enemies, especially flyers. Quest Uptake helps speed up your leveling process, so you don’t need to grind hard to kill enemies. Next, go for Dexterity Path (+50 Dexterity) to multiply your Miniphant damage by quadruple! Last, but not least, go for Agility Path (+50 Agility) to increase your jump height for easier travel.

INT – Intellect | DEX – Dexterity | AGI – Agility | CHA – Charisma
(INT) Credit Junkie – Credits awarded with each level up.
(DEX) Weapons – Increase weapon damage.
(AGI) Acrobatics – Increase jump height.
(CHA) Miniphant Swarm – Mini-floating-elephants that auto-attack a nearby enemy.
(AGI) Constitution – Increases your max health.
(INT) Weapon Targeting – Increases the accuracy of your firing laser.
(DEX) Swiftness – Increases movement speed.
(DEX) Adrenaline – Regenerate health.
(AGI) Hide Armor – Ability to deflect the damage.
(INT) Spike Readiness – Ability to skip pike damage.
(CHA) Quest Uptake – XP Bonuses for the quest.
(CHA) Cantering – How cute you look.

Elephant Quest Screenshot Walkthrough

Elephant Quest Walkthrough World Map Location

Elephant Quest Walkthrough Level Up Tree Full View

Elephant Quest Video Walkthrough

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