Bloom Defender Walkthrough

Bloom Defender is a tower defense game where you defend Mother Tree against evil spirits using plants. The story goes that natural energy emanates from Mother Tree, which is the essence that creates Spirits. These spirits sometimes gets unbalanced, materializing into Evil Spirits as they fused with elements. The only way to stop it is by cleansing them before they reach Mother Tree.

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Bloom Defender Tree List

Arboro shoots 1 spirit at a time.
Blomb shoots explosives that affects all surrounding spirits.
Drillem shoots spirit that pierces all enemy within its path.
Sappy shoots a wide splash of sticky sap that slows every spirit it touches.
Snikoya shots becomes much powerful for every hit against same spirit.

Bloom Defender Spirit List

Earth Spirit is a generic spirit with no special traits.
Fire Spirit regenerates health overtime. (Strength: Fire / Weakness: Water)
Rock Spirit has strongest armor among all spirits. (Strength: Rock / Weakness: Wind)
Ice Spirit gains speed boost when attacked. (Strength: Ice / Weakness: Fire)
Air Spirit slowly disappears when attacked. (Strength: Rock / Weakness: Wind)

Bloom Defender Spells List

Ice Spell freezes spirit for a short time. (Shortcut: 1)
Wind Spell lowers spirit defenses for a short time. (Shortcut: 2)
Fire Spell sets spirits on fire and deals damage for a short time. (Shortcut: 3)
Rock Spell stuns spirit for a short time. (Shortcut: 4)
Light Spell deals huge amount of damage. Regenerates slowly. (Shortcut: 5)

Bloom Defender Tips

1) You can’t plant trees when evil spirits is invading, only casting spells is allowed.
2) The only types of trees you can plant are the ones provided in the map.
2) Plant multiple Arboro to defeat bosses quickly with its rapid focus shots.
3) Plant Blomb to cleanse cluster of evil spirits instead of single shot trees.
4) Spell effects does not stack! Casting one after the other just replaces it.
5) Use Rock Spell against Air Spirits to revert their visibility back to normal.
6) Use Wind Spell to remove all armor on Rock Spirits temporarily.
7) Ice Spell are very effective when freezing Earth spirits.

Bloom Defender Level Guide

Below are Bloom Defender level final layouts for strategic tree placement. Without proper placement, evil spirits can leak pass your defenses easily without being cleanse fully. Also, don’t forget to check tips above on using right spells to aid your trees.

Sunny Woods Level 1

Bloom Defender Level 1 introduces Fire Spirits which can take shortcut by walking on lava path. Plant Arboro in the center of the map to allow it to attack bosses all around. Also plant Blomb to cleanse mobs of evil spirits to allow Arboro to focus its attention only on boss spirits.
Bloom Defender Walkthrough Level 1 Final Layout

Sunny Woods Level 2

Bloom Defender Level 2 introduces Rock Spirits that can take shortcut by moving on cement path. Plant Drillem where it can attack enemies while they are travelling on long straight path.
Bloom Defender Walkthrough Level 2 Final Layout

Sunny Woods Level 3

Bloom Defender Level 3 introduces Ice Spirits which can take shortcuts on icy path. It seems casting fire on them is not really a good idea as each passing second, they have mini speed boost from each damage taken from fire. Slow Ice Spirits with Sappy’s sticky sap by placing them near corners.
Bloom Defender Walkthrough Level 3 Final Layout

Sunny Woods Level 4

Bloom Defender Level 4 introduces Air Spirits that becomes invisible every time it gets hit by your trees. Cast Rock Spell (Stun) to revert their visibility back to normal. Air Spirits can take shortcuts on grass patches path.
Bloom Defender Walkthrough Level 4 Final Layout

Sunny Woods Level 5

Bloom Defender Level 5 introduces Snikoya, a pink tree similarly to a Sakura Tree. It has a special ability that allows its spirit bullet becomes more powerful for every hit on the same target! Works best on bosses with high health. Snikoya Tree consumes lots of spirit when upgrading. Therefore, plant and upgrade Sappy and Arboro, followed by Drillem and lastly Snikoya. You will encounter a boss known as Tomax. Hit his weak spot to bring him down using spells, one piece at a time.
Bloom Defender Walkthrough Level 5 Final Layout

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