Armaggeddon SwiftSpectra AK-333S Gaming Keyboard Unboxing and Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing a new keyboard released by Armaggeddon and its called the SwiftSpectra AK-333S. The highlights of this full-layout keyboard are it provides a nice full-spectrum backlighting for all keys and offers silent-smooth key presses which is idle for both gaming and typing. This keyboard can be purchased at LeapFrogGlobal for USD 19.90 before tax and shipping. Before we dive into the review, let’s take a quick overview of the technical specifications and features of this product!


  • Multicolor Backlights: Vibrant full spectrum backlighting
  • Fast actuation and Low Profile: Enables fast movement across the keyboard.
  • Quality and Reliable: Soft-touch membrane keys
  • Soft and Silent Chiclet Keys: Low-profile (2mm) 104 chicklet keys with silent keystrokes.
  • Keyboard Backlight Key: On/Off Keyboard Backlighting by pressing Scroll Lock.
  • UV Coated Low Profile Keypads: Provides longer durability of the keypad lettering when compared with conventional silkscreen keyboards.


  • SKU: AR276ELAA85UFKANMY-17354707
  • Model: Armaggeddon AK333S Gaming Keyboard
  • Size (L x W x H): 46 x 4 x 16
  • Weight: 0.5 KG
  • Warranty period: 2 Years Limited Warranty


Packaging-1: Here is an overview of the front and back of the SwiftSpectra AK-333S box that houses the keyboard. The front displays a picture of the keyboard lit with the full-spectrum color. The back of the box highlights the features and specifications of the keyboard.


Design-1: The keyboard lighting can be turned on and off by pressing the “Scroll Lock” button. SwiftSpectra AK-333S uses the traditional keyboard layout 104-keys. The differences I noticed immediately upon comparing to regular keyboards is SwiftSpectra keys are placed quite close to one another (arrow keys, function keys, numpad) and the concave keys is substituted with flat surface similarly to a laptop keyboard.

Design-2: The bottom of the keyboard has only 2 anti-slip pads to prevent the keyboard compared to other keyboard that has 4. However, even with the lack of anti-slip pads, it doesn’t slip around easily. The keyboard on the top is slightly raised up, and does not offer user the ability to adjust the keyboard angle compared to regular keyboards that has a keyboard legs.

Design-3: Here is an overview of the keyboard with its lighting turn on. The SwiftSpectra AK-333S does not offer any functionalities to change the lighting pattern upon user clicking the keys. In addition, the lighting brightness is not adjustable using Function Key + Arrow Keys.

Design-4: Here is a closer look at the keys from the side. The number keys are not raised above the alphabet keys, therefore it would be slight difficult to sense whether the fingers is on top of the number keys. However, if you are a long time laptop user, having no keys raised at different height would not be an issue. The good thing about having short keys is it makes cleaning much more effortlessly with a wiping cloth to remove dust and cloth fibers that sticks on it. If you are used to concave keys (non-flat), it might be a little difficult to sense the fingers are placed/rested correctly on each key.



  • UV Coated Low Profile Keypads so the fonts doesn’t fade quickly upon long-term usage.
  • Feels great when typing on it and it doesn’t feel tiring when typing for a long period as it requires short actuation.
  • Short keys make it cleaning easier to clean the sides/top of the buttons with moist cloth.


  • Keys are too close to one another (arrow keys, function keys).
  • Anti-ghosting not applied on certain keys when pressed simultaneously.


  • Keyboard legs not provided to raise or flatten the keyboard.
  • Has 2 anti-slip pads on the bottom of the keyboard instead of 4.
  • Lacks of multimedia button keys (volume increase/decrease, mute).
  • Keyboard is not spill-proof.
  • Does not have feature to switch lighting patterns and lighting brightness is non-adjustable.

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