Hotel Dash Suite Success Walkthrough Guide

Hotel Dash Suite Level 5

This level introduces another new room to fit a bigger guest group, making it a total of 6 rooms! Purchase Super Cart to allow Flo to carry 5 items at once to serve guest requests. This makes things less hectic with luggage, food, towels, and leftover trash.

Spice up your lobby by purchasing ‘Beautiful Lobby Wallpaper’. This decreases the amount of happiness lost while new arrival guest awaits for their rooms to be prepared. Also buy ‘Attractive Wallpaper’ for the ones near the guest rooms. Stylish Carpet makes your flooring looks more nicer to walk on. All these 3 improve guest’s patience while awaiting for their request to be served. Upgrades purchased are Super Cart, Beautiful Lobby Wallpaper, Attractive Wallpaper and Stylish Carpet.

Hotel Dash Suite Level 5 Playthrough
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