Zombie Knight Walkthrough Guide

Zombie Knight Walkthrough guides you on customizing your character by equipping armors, shields, swords and special skills, and then go into battle in this RPG / Beat em up game. Battle in 11 different locations, each with varying races and difficulties. Enemies include human knights, elves, orcs, ogres, undead, demons, treants and lizardmen.

Play Online: Zombie Knight (Unlock Achievements)

Zombie Knight Instructions

ARROWS to move | A – block | S – attack | D – skills | 1-4 – select skill

Zombie Knight Stats

Endurance affects energy. (1 Endurance = 10 Energy). Command affects number of units you can summon. (1 Command = 1 Summon). Armor reduces damage taken. Reflect returns enemy damage to themselves. Health affects your life maximum. (1 Health = 10 Life). Speed applies to either attack or movement. Dmgmult. stands for Damage Multiplier, and affects how much damage you do. Energy max is obvious. Vampirism gives you life when you do damage. Counterrate is how often you do damage when blocking. Strength affects how much damage you do.

Zombie Knight Strategy Tips

Fastest way to get godly items
Get your max energy at 160+, go to Ashmrash where there is a Insane level with 3 demons in 1 wave. Spam thunder skill. You will finish 1 map in 10 secs

Easy strategy to win.
Save up for items in this order, summon skeleton, summon lich, summon skeleton giant. Second, make sure you get enough mana to be able to summon the skeleton giant. Third, always pick the vampire equipment, get all vampire equipment as soon as possible. Then continually use “zombify” this causes you to get a critical and therefore leech massive amounts of health. I finished the game with almost all legendary vampire equipment and only using “zombify”. In the end your summons are destroyed in seconds so keep your shield up and keep attacking the enemy, if you run low on health use “Zombify” a couple of times and you should leech all your health back. Vote this up in case people get stuck and need a strategy to help them. Cr. Sobersnowman

Clearing Edhel Woodlands (Corrupted Forest)
Beat the treant level by maxing command and energy, spammed as many lichs as possible with 1 giant skeleton before final round, and so when final round came, i had like 6 lichs and a giant skeleton, which kept them at bay to finally beat level… took me over 10 tries (all failed) when trying maxed health and using stuns to kill them.

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  1. Pedro

    I really think this is a very helpful sight, i was stuck on the corrupt forest for 3 days, i read this, two minutes later i’m done. But im still wondering how to get legendary vampire equiptment…