Windows 7 Activation Guide for Home, Professional and Ultimate

This Windows 7 Installation and Activation Guide applies to x86 (32bit) and x64 (64bit) Operating System either Home, Professional or Ultimate Edition.

How to set up Windows Updates to only install when you ask?

This allows you to only download and install updates that you only need, therefore saving your precious hard disk space especially on a SSD (Solid State Drive). Also allows you to avoid notorious WAT updates that compromises your system that displays non-genuine copy license message every 10 minutes which can happen to legit users as well.

1. Open “Start Menu”
2. Type “Windows Update” in the “Search Program and Files” textbox.
3. Double-Click on the program listed in “Start Menu”.
4. On the left panel, click “Change Settings”.
5. Under the “Important Updates”, click the drop down menu to list update options.
6. Select “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download or install them”.
7. Click OK to save and apply changes.

What Windows 7 Updates to avoid?

This is to keep Windows 7 Genuine otherwise you will get “This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine” after installing the updates below. This can occur to legit and pirated copy of Windows 7.
KB971033 – Windows 7 Activation Technology (WAT)
KB949810 – If you install Microsoft Office, this will appear!

KB971033 is also known as Windows Activation Technology (abbreviated as WAT, published on 2010-Feb-23) that detects activation exploits and tampering to key Windows System Files. These exploits try to bypass regular Windows Activation and are sometimes included within counterfeit copies of Windows.

KB949810 is also known as Office Genuine Advantage Notification (published on 2009-Nov-17) is part of Microsoft’s effort to reduce software piracy. Installing this software will help confirm that the copy of Office install on this computer is genuine and properly licensed. If the copy of Office installed on the computer is not genuine, the software will provide periodic reminders to help you take appropriate action and protect yourself from security threats posed by counterfeit software.

How to know more about a particular Microsoft Windows Update?

Go to the official site**** and replace the *** with the Windows Update ID name (example: 2505438 from KB2505438).

How to remove “This copy of windows is not genuine” watermark?

1. Open “Start Menu”.
2. Type “cmd” in the “Search Program and Files” textbox.
3. It will list out “Command Dos Prompt” and double-click or ENTER to run.
4. Type “slmgr -rearm” without the double quotes. (You can only rearm max 3 times)
5. Restart computer.
6. Download and Run Windows Loader to activate Windows OR activate it by inputting Windows 7 serial or Windows 7 CD key displayed either on the purchased legitimate CD-DVD cover or found on a sticker placed on your PC case should it be pre-installed by the distributor. Open “Start Menu”, right-click “Computer” and click “Properties”. Under Windows Activation, click the blue link “Change Product Key”. Type in your Serial Key and restart PC.

“slmgr -rearm” set your Windows OS to trial mode for 30 days (so you do not have to encounter Popup Annoying Messages) This method also helps to remove the Non-Genuine Watermark but you will need to activate your Windows within that period otherwise you will face this issue again.

Where to download official legit Windows 7 SP1 32/64bit directly?

Below are Windows 7 Direct Download Links from Digital River (official Microsoft Windows OS distributor) with SP1 included. (Service Pack 1 released on 5/12/2011) . If you have or planning to use more than 4GB RAM (Memory) download and install the 64bit version (x64), otherwise 32bit version (x86).

Windows 7 Home Premium x86: English
Windows 7 Home Premium x64: English

Windows 7 Professional x86: English
Windows 7 Professional x64: English

Windows 7 Ultimate x86: English
Windows 7 Ultimate x64: English

You will need to use ei.cfg Removal Utility on the Windows .iso to allow the Windows to display other Windows Edition (Home / Professional / Ultimate) options to install before burning it to your CD-DVD or booting into USB.

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