Were you a Nineties Gamer Walkthrough Guide

Were you a Nineties Gamer? is a music puzzle game where you guess the game title based on the popular SNES/GENESIS music. There is a picture hint for each puzzle if the music does not refresh your memory, but this requires chipping in some hitpoints. These points are gradually filled as time pass by. View Were you a Nineties Gamer Walkthrough Guide below to get all game titles! This game is also known as Nineties Game Quiz.

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Nineties Game Quiz Guide

Game titles are in ascending order so you can pick and match to each puzzle! The answer list is located at the bottom if you are unable to solve this quiz!

Aero the Acro-Bat, Air Buster, Aladdin, Alfred Chicken, Alex Kidd, Altered Beast, Animaniacs, Batman, Bomberman, Breath of Fire, Casper, Chrono Trigger, Chuck Rock, Columns, Comix Zone, Contra, Cool Spot, Cosmic Spacehead, Dizzy, Double Dragon, Donkey Kong Country, Ducktales, Dynamite Headdy.

Earl, Earthbound, Earthworm Jim, Ecco, Eternal Champions, Final Fantasy, F-Zero, Golden Axe, Gradius, Gunstar Heroes, Home Alone, Italia, Jurassic Park, Kid Chameleon, Killer Instinct, Kirby, Knuckles, Lion King, Lost Vikings, Mario, Mario RPG, Mario Kart, Mean Bean Machine, Megaman, Metroid, Micro Machines, Moonwalker, Mutant League Hockey

NBA Jam, Neighbors, NHl, Nightmare, Pac Attack, Persia, Phantasy Star, Power Rangers, Psycho Pinball, Puggsy, Punch-Out, Quackshot, Rap Jam, Rash, Raw, Ristar, Roll Racing, Robocod, Secret of Mana, Shaq Fu, Shining Force, Shinobi, Smash TV, Sonic, Sparkster, Starfox, Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2, Strider, Sunset Riders, Super Monaco GP, Terminator, Tetris, Tetris Attack, Turrican, Turtles, Vectorman, World of Illusion, Zelda, Zool, Zoop

Aero the Acro-Bat
A platformer game set in a circus. For a long time I didnt know why a bat played the main character in the game. Eventually I realised it was because he’s an acro-bat. Sigh. The hyphen is important – it’s actually part of the game’s name. I guess the pun needed to be obvious.

Air Buster
A sidescrolling shooter. Some people will know this game as ‘Aero Blasters’. The Genesis version was renamed, however. Aero Blasters seems like a much cooler name to me.

Everyone knows this story, whether it’s the Disney movie, the games, the animated series, or the original folk tale. It’s a platformer game, with the occasional magic carpet ride. Many of the Genesis / SNES licensed games, including this one, quickly became classics. More recent licensed games…. didn’t. The Genesis and SNES versions of this game were totally different, because Capcom held exclusive rights to publish Disney games on Nintendo consoles. Both the SNES and the Genesis version of the game were high quality games that became huge hits. But the Genesis version used animation directly from Disney itself.

Alfred Chicken
It’s a game about a chicken, so you can be pretty sure that the word ‘chicken’ feaures in the title. To promote the game, product manager Karl Fitzhugh named a political party after it and ran in an election. Fitzhugh finished second to last, with 18 votes. He still managed to beat the Rainbow Party. Because of the publicity stunt, UK election rules were altered to require more signatures for candidate nomination.

If you know the name of the TV series, you know the name of the game. This was another licensed game where the Genesis and SNES versions were totally different. The SNES version was also much more difficult.

Looks like The Incredible Hulk to me. What were you thinking? There were several different games across the Genesis and the SNES featuring this licensed characters. We picked some cool music and a cool screenshot. No idea if they’re from the same game!

The inhabitants of Bomber Planet lived in peace, protected by five spirits, until the evil Bagular and his robot army invaded. It’s a game about bombs! The tech demo of this game had 8 player multiplayer, but Sega chose a different developer for the project, and 8 player battles were removed.

Breath of Fire
An RPG game. Just get the name of the series right for this one. Chun Li, from Street Fighter, makes a short cameo in the first game – if you know where to find her.

He’s friendly. The last name of the main character in this game is McFadden. This was another movie spinoff game. In Japan a totally different game with the same name was released. It was even made by a different company.

Chrono Trigger
This SNES RPG replaced random battles with enemies visible on the world map. Hiroyuki Ito, who removed the random battle system, went on to refine battle mechanics even further in the PS2 game Final Fantasy 12. Square Enix has been brutal with its treatment of fan games, forcing each one to stop development.

Chuck Rock
A platform game. The game’s main character was named after what he spends his time doing. If you were named like that, what would you be called? You can see Chuck’s sausage in the screenshot. No really, on the ground, right in front of him…. Core Design went on to create Lara Croft, in the Tomb Raider series of games. The ‘magical’ cheat code for this game was one of the more difficult to get right. Try it now and see for yourself!

This was a match 3 game, though not the ‘Bewjeweled’ style of match 3. The three music tracks in the game are called ‘Clotho’, ‘Atropos’, and ‘Lathesis’, with the names coming from Greek mythology. The second game in the series was never released outside Japan, despite both the preceding and succeeding games receiving worldwide releases.

Comix Zone
It’s a single player sidescrolling beat-em-up. Know the game, but can’t get the name right? There’s some ‘cool’ spelling in the first word. The main character is a comic artist, called, predictably, Sketch Turner.

A run ‘n gun shooter series. You probably know it without hints, since you used the cheat code to get here.

Cool Spot
A platformer game. This was a promotional game for 7UP, despite costing many times more for a consumer to buy than a can of the drink. Since the European 7UP brand had a different mascot, PAL versions of the game had the 7UP branding removed.

A puzzle game, though played like a platformer. You could say this game was fantastic! Although the characters were all eggs, they didn\’t have any egg-like characteristics at all.

Double Dragon
This game is a side scrolling beat-em-up. There are no dragons in this game. The game features a character named Billy – but a typo at the start of co-op mode introduces him as ‘Bimmy’.

There are no spaces in the name of this game, though it sounds like there should be. The game had two possible endings, but only in the NES version. Nintendo had a policy of keeping religious symbols out of their games. Therefore the gravestones seen in one level had to be altered to replace Christian crosses with the letters RIP.

Dynamite Headdy
Be careful with the spelling of the second word in the title of this game. The Master System port of this game was only released in Brazil, despite the GameGear version getting an international release. The American release of the game inexplicably had the story removed, and the difficulty majorly increased. This didn’t help in promoting a game that was unusual to American audiences at the time.

The first game in the series was an isometric exploration game, while the sequel was a platformer. Both were exceptional games. The main characters were alien rappers (though they used Californian slang)

We’re looking for the Western title of this game, not the (totally different) Japanese one. One scene in the Japanese version of the game implies a parent spanked his child. This was censored in the Western release, where the character is simply shouted at. References to religion, drugs, and many cultural injokes (even those relevant in the West) were also removed from the international release.

Earthworm Jim
A platformer game featuring cows. He rockets through the sky! The SNES port of the game had better graphics, but was one level shorter, with the Genesis having better compression techniques.

Most of this game was set underwater. Players would have to balance exploration and battle with frequent surfacing for air. Many Nineties children were scarred by the terrifying and unexpected opening to the game. It was a traumatic experience. One of the most difficult levels in the game was named after the Pink Floyd song, ‘Welcome to the Machine’.

Eternal Champions
It’s a fighting game, 1 v 1. The aim here was to fight your way to the Dark Champion, and then defeat him. The characters for the game were selected by children, based on 50 initial concepts from focus group tests. Way before Kinect ever showed up, this game used the Sega Activator to motion control, of a sort. Players using the Activator were also made much stronger and more resilient.

A licensed game based on a sporting event. It’s a soccer game for the Genesis.

Jurassic Park
Another game based on a hit movie. The Genesis version was a platformer, while on the SNES (showed in screenshot) it was closer to a topview RPG. There are dinosaurs in it.SNES and Genesis games could often share the same title but be completely different games. This was one of those cases.

Kid Chameleon
A platformer game starring Casey, a stereotypical early 90s American kid. Casey was trapped in a VR arcade, and could transform into various powered up characters to help him escape.

Killer Instinct
It’s a 1 v 1 fighting game. This was a SNES port of an arcade game. It never received a Sega console release. New features not found in the arcade game were addded for the SNES release. This was to make up for the huge drop in graphical quality the game took to be able to run on a home console.

If you know the character, you know the game. This was the only SNES game to get a French-only release in Canada.

Final Fantasy
A JRPG for the SNES. There’s some debate over the ‘real’ number of this game in the series, due to the order the games were ported from Japan in. We’ll accept either. This was the last of the series on 16 bit consoles – the sequel was on the PS1. A bug with the ‘Sketch’ ability meant it could trigger effects ranging from spawning billions of powerful items, to deleting the player’s save file.

It’s a racing game. There’s a hyphen in the name somewhere, but no spaces. The main reason this game was developed was to show off the new Mode 7 technology, a form of psuedo-3D on the SNES.

Golden Axe
A sidescrolling stab-em-up game. The game was named after the item your characters were on a quest to retreive. The guy with the sword was named ‘Ax Battler’, something he probably didn’t thank his parents for.

A sidescrolling shooter game. Just the series title is needed for this question, though the screenshot is from the third game in the series. The SNES port of this game removed the psuedo-3D levels that were in the arcade version, and scaled the difficulty down. It’s still very difficult.

Gunstar Heroes
A sidescrolling shooting game. It’s worth noting that the title of this game is two words, not three. Be careful where the space goes. The Western and Japanese versions of the game had different storylines. The Japanese one is ‘canon’ within the series.

Home Alone
Based on the movie of the same name, this game involved setting traps for crooks who were trying to rob a house. The Genesis version of the game featured an entire neighbourhood, with the option of entering and setting up traps in any house. On the SNES, the game revolved around hiding your family’s valuables in a saferoom. Neither the SNES or the Genesis versions follow the plot of the movie closely. The movie wasn’t received well by film critics, but became the third highest grossing film ever after its cinematic release.

The first, and only, Genesis game to use ‘lock on’ technology. It’s a platformer game.

Lion King
A platformer games. It’s another popular licensed Disney game, following the events of the movie fairly closely. Michael Jackson held his kids over a balcony and was hated for it. Mufasa held Simba over a cliff and it became an iconic cinematic moment. Hmm. This game was directly responsible for the creation of DirectX, after the Windows port kept crashing due to WinG incompatibilities.

Lost Vikings
Starring Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout. This game was a puzle platformer on both SNES and Genesis, though the sequel didn’t get a Genesis release. The three main characters make a cameo in World of Warcraft as NPCs. A questline also refers to them.

A very popular platforming series on the SNES. A survey in the 90s found the main character from this game was more widely recogonised by children than Mickey Mouse.

Mario RPG
An action RPG on the SNES. This was the last appearance on the SNES for the main character in the game. He moved on to the N64 to star in more great games.

Mario Kart
It’s-a me! This is one of the most successful Mario spinoffs ever, and the third best selling game of all time on the SNES. The Mode 7 graphics engine gave the game visuals that, at the time, were unmatched on the SNES. The game didn’t actually start as a Mario game – he was added several months into development as a test.

Just the name of the franchise is enough on this question. We want the Western name of the game, not the Japanese one. In Japan the series was known as Rockman.

A new game genre is partially named after this series.”, “It’s an exploration-platformer game. Character designer Yoshio Sakamoto said the Alien movies were a ‘huge influence’ on the game world.

Micro Machines
A topview driving game, though not a sim. Yet another branded game, this time featuring miniature toy cars. PAL terrorities got a bonus game in the series, with a military theme. It was never released in NTSC regions. The driver ‘Violet Berlin’ is a real person. She used to present TV videogame shows, and now works for the Greenwich Royal Observatory.

Mutant League Hockey
A sports game known for over the top gameplay. It included parodies of major sports teams.

We’re looking for the full title from the USA release of this game, not the much shorter PAL name. Nintendo refused to allow blood in their games at the time, and so it was changed to purple ooze or removed entirely. The SNES version did feature an extra weapon, however. The flamethrower was not included in the Genesis game. In Europe, the chainsaw enemy was replaced by one with an axe, which was apparently considered to be less of an issue by censorship boards.”, “A feature film based on this game is in the works.

A licensed game featured characters from a popular cartoon. It was mostly a platformer, but several minigames were more like shooters. The lead developer didn’t like how the game turned out, and blamed corporate meddling for the issues. He never worked in the games industry again.

Just get the brand name for this one – its a licensed game with many iterations. It’s an ice hockey sim. The 1994 release of this game is still considered to be one of the best in the franchise by some people.

Pac Attack
A puzzle game somewhat similar to Tetris but with more involved gameplay.

A platformer game. If this game was released today, it would be called ‘Heir to the Supreme Leader of Iran. The Japanese version shows the main character being beaten by guards at the start of the game. This scene was cut from other versions. There is a 60 minute time limit on the game – in realtime.

Phantasy Star
A Genesis RPG originally designed for the Sega CD. Chaz Ashley must take on the evil magican Zio to save the solar system.

Power Rangers
Apparently a team of teenagers with attitude. This was based on one of the most iconic shows of the Nineties. There were several licensed games, again with major differences between SNES and Gensis versions. Shown is the SNES version. So there’s a fat plumber, a guy with crazy long legs, and a black dude whose legs are on back to front. Must be a dancing game. Needs more Tommy, right?

Psycho Pinball
A pinball game for the Genesis with 4 linked tables. The main character was a rolled up armadillo.

A platformer game with basic physics puzzles. It’s a spacehopper alien fighting raccoons. Yup. A sequel is promised to players on completion of the game, but no followup game was ever made. A planned SNES port was never released, despite most of the work on it being completed. The physics, and physics puzzles, in the game were groundbreaking at the time. This game had an anti piracy system that was initially very effective – if SRAM was detected, the game wouldn’t work. But soon emulators were designed that allowed the user to toggle SRAM, bypassing the lockout.

A one on one fighting game. There’s a hyphen in the title, though it was a star on the boxart. We left it in, because otherwise the options were to put a space in the word, or make it into one word. So yeah, use a hyphen.

A platform game starring the Donald. Okay, the other Donald (the one that quacks). There’s no space in the name of this game, despite what you might think. Donald Duck is most popular in Europe, especially Scandanavian countries. Fans of Donald Duck refer to themselves as Donaldists.

Rap Jam
This was a game that disguised stereotypes as gameplay. Rap, street basketball, and violence are all accounted for. Players could play as Coolio, House of Pain, or Public Enemy, amongst other notable rappers. Unusually, the game didn’t include any background music. While sports games nowadays generally don’t play music during the game, crowd effects and commentary are used in its place. This game had no commentary and minimal crowd noise. A sequel was never made, despite the game’s subtitle implying it was the first in a series.

A racing game. This game was named after a common motorcycling injury. Although a version of the game was released on the GameBoy, this never saw a SNES port. The chain was the best weapon!

There were a couple of different names for this game. We’re looking for the most simplified one, but if you happen to type the longer name, that will also be accepted. It’s technically a fighting game, though the real life entertainment it was based on isn’t a sport. This isn’t the Royal Rumble game – it’s the next in the series. The Genesis version ran slightly faster, but there weren’t many other differences between the consoles for this game.

A platformer game set across several different planets. It’s a game about a star. Naming conventions suggest that will be in the title somewhere. The main character was originally a rabbit with stretchy ears, who was first suggested instead of a hedgehog for the Sonic games. The star was intended to become Sega’s new mascot. But the Genesis was at the end of its lifespan, and the game didn’t reach the heights of Sonic. Ristar’s developer has said in interviews he’d planned a sequel, but it was never started.

Roll Racing
What do you get when a racing game meets a music genre? Yes, that’s ‘Bad to the Bone’ you’re hearing. The game had a fully licensed sound track that also included ‘Born to be Wild’ amongst other notable rock / metal songs. Most of the playable characters are based on rock or metal stars. The exception is Olaf, a hidden character making a cameo from ‘Lost Vikings’.

This was an absolutely huge platfomer packed with secrets and bonuses. Does that music sound familiar? The theme song parodied an iconic movie from which the game took its title. The UK release of the game was sponsored by McVities, with product placement helping their ‘Pengiun’ chocolate biscuits to increase sales. The re-release on the DS was actually a remake. The McVities branding was removed entirely from that version.

Secret of Mana
This was an SNES action RPG in the style of Zelda. Unusually, the game featured drop-in 3 player co-op. In single player mode the second and third characters were controlled by the computer.

Shaq Fu
This was a 1 on 1 fighting game. The main character is a basketball player. The Genesis version of the game had 5 more characters and three more stages than the SNES release. Whether this made the game better is open to debate.

Shining Force
A tactics RPG for the Genesis set in Guardiana. The game has a fantasy theme with a few steampunk elements. The hero is called Max. The lead developer of the game was asked if Fire Emblem had influenced his direction – but he was highly critical of Nintendo’s game, saying he didn’t even want to play it. The English translation of the game misses out some important plot points, and as a result, several parts of the story don’t make any sense.

Smash TV
A topview arena shooter for the Genesis and the SNES. Total Carnage! A brand new toaster!

A platform game. The Genesis version of the game had a long subtitle, but the SNES version didn’t, so you don’t need to include it in your answer. The difficulty level was ramped up for the USA release, with ‘Normal’ mode equivalent to ‘Very Hard’ in the PAL version.

Streets of Rage
A sidescrolling beat-em-up. Battle the most dangerous wave of bad dudes and chicks ever assembled. Unusually, this game started on consoles before being ported to the arcade. In one arcade version, players paid for time rather than credits.

Streets of Rage 2
Although the PAL release used Roman Numerals, and the Japanese version had an entirely different name, we’re looking for the name of the USA release. Western audiences found small parts of the game were censored, including Mr X’s cigar smoking. In the USA version of the game, Blaze’s somewhat revealing high kick was also censored. It was left unchanged in the PAL release.

It’s an action / platform game. The rapper Tinchy Stryder named himself after this game.

Sunset Riders
A co-op sidescrolling shooter on the Genesis and the SNES.

Super Monaco GP
A racing sim on the Genesis. Sega went for realsim by incorporating real life advertising boards into the game – and was promptly sued for trademark infringement.

You might recognise this licensed shooter game just from the music alone. The SNES and Genesis both got a version of the game, but c’mon, that music. You really need any other hints?

This is only the most famous game ever. The most famous game EVER! Oh, and it was on the Nintendo everything. According to one scientist, playing this game has positive effects on the brain. It apparently boosts many general cognitive functions. A strange psychological effect is supposedly caused by this game for a tiny minority of players who report images from it persisting in their minds.

Tetris Attack
This game was sold as a Tetris spinoff, although the gameplay is very different to that of the Tetris games. This was a Westernized version of the Japanese game Panel de Pom. The Tetris Company later said it regretted allowing Nintendo to use the Tetris name for the game, because the gameplay was so different.

A shooter game for the SNES that features a grappling hook arm.

Heroes in a half shell! We just want the brand here – don’t worry about the subtitle. The Genesis game was given a different subtitle and different levels, but was based on the SNES port of the arcade game. The Genesis game ran faster, had longer levels, and included more graphical layers. Conversely, the SNES version had a brighter color palette and more stages overall. Most people feel the SNES release was the better one.

A run ‘n gun platformer game on the Genesis.

World of Illusion
This was a Genesis game. It’s a co-op sidescrolling platformer. The game was licensed by Disney, and used many of their characters and worlds. It has been suggested that this game was used as inspiration for Kingdom Hearts, as many of the game worlds were reused in the PS1 classic.

An RPG series still going strong today. In a move that confused millions of gamers, the titular legend wasn’t actually the game’s hero. The actor Robin Williams named his daughter after this game.

A fastpaced platformer. The name of this game differs by just one character from the previous question. The game featured heavy product placement for Chupa Chups. The first three stages are based entirely on Chupa Chups range of candies. The SNES port of the game was buggy and ran slowly. The Genesis won the war on this one! The main character is not an ant. What he is, isn’t known. Two official fiction books about the game’s main character were published in 1995. In 2010 a book showing how to remake the game in Game Maker was also released.

The boxart called this game ‘America’s Largest Killer of Time. As part of a publicity drive, Blockbuster didn’t charge for rentals of the game. The ultra distracting backgrounds of the game were actually a feature. It used a technique referred to as ‘Opti Challenge’, though to this day no other game has ever used it.”, “The game makes an appearance in the South Park episode ‘Towelie’. Check out the packaging on the Okama Gamesphere.

List of Achievements in Were you a Nineties Gamer

Each achievement unlocks a new sprite!

Instruction Manual : Answer any question to get your achievement collection started.
Insert Cartridge : Get any 5 questions right.
Power Up : Get 10 questions right.
Blast Processing Activated : Get 20 questions right.
One Third Complete : Get 30 questions right.
Press P2 Start : Get 40 questions right.
Action 52 : Get 52 questions right.
He’s On Fire : Get 60 questions right.
Ri-Star Player : Get 70 questions right.
MariOwned : Get 80 questions right.
SNEStacular : Get 90 questions right.
Aren’t Emeralds Green? : (1st Emerald) Find Light Blue Chaos Emerald in Quiz 30.
This is a Ruby : (2nd Emerald) Find Red Chaos Emerald in Quiz 29.
It’s Sapphire : (3rd Emerald) Find Dark Blue Chaos Emerald in Quiz 87.
Looks Like Topaz : (4th Emerald) Find the Orange Chaos Emerald in Quiz 48.
The Only Emerald : (5th Emerald) Find Green Chaos Emerald in Quiz 46.
You Found Amethyst : (6th Emerald) Find Purple Chaos Emerald in Quiz 25.
Surely A Diamond : (7th Emerald) Find White Chaos Emerald in Secret Quiz 42.
Super Sonic : Collect Every Chaos Diamond.
Level Select : Find a secret Question.
A Winner is You : Complete Game 100% (Collect all Emeralds and Complete All Quiz including 3 Secret)

Find the Emeralds Tips!

Light Blue Chaos Emerald – This one is hidden somewhere with other jewels. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the same size as in Sonic Games.
Red Chaos Emerald – Find this one on a train! All aboard the NOstalgia Express departing now from Platform 1!
Dark Blue Emerald – This one is in the Wild West! Emeralds can be partially hidden, but there’s always enough of them visible for you to find them once you know where to look.
Orange Emerald – This one is under a table in the fourth row of games somewhere. You won’t turn into Super Sonic if you could collect every emerald, but there’s only 7 to collect, it shouldn’t take long.
Green Emerald – You’ll find this emerald in a cloud near the sun in a Nintendo platformer game. Sort of. Collect every emerald to clear the game 100%
Purple Chaos Emerald – Search near the Statue of Libery to find this emerald. There’s no red spheres to avoid while you find these emeralds, isn’t that awesome?!
White Emerald – One of the secret questions hides this emerald. There’s 3 secret questions in total. Can you find them all?

Answer List

Once you complete all 90 levels, repeat the ones with asterisk and perform the command in rounded brackets to open up secret questions!

1-Sonic* (Up, Down, Left, Right)
2-Final Fantasy
4-Altered Beast
5-NBA Jam
6-Mean Bean Machine
7-Legend of Zelda
8-Alex Kidd
10-Donkey Kong Country
11-Revenge of Shinobi
12-Cosmic Spacehead
13-Double Dragon
14-Jurassic Park
15-Cool Spot
16-Streets of Rage
17-Micro Machines
18-Kid Chameleon
19-Robocop vs Terminator
20-Fantastic Dizzy
21-Eternal Champions
24-Lion King
25-Comix Zone*
26-Gunstar Heroes
27-Mario Kart
30-James Pond Robocod*
31-Prince of Persia
32-Tetris Attack
35-Golden Axe
36-Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP
37-Alfred Chicken
38-Aero the Acro-bat
42-Chuck Rock* (A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A)
43-Dynamite Headdy
44-Killer Instinct
45-Chrono Trigger
47-Power Rangers
48-Streets of Rage 2*
51-Air Buster
52-Breath of Fire
54-Ninja Turtles
55-Zombies ate my Neighbors
60-Gradius* (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A)
61-Road Rash
62-Home Alone
63-Earthworm Jim
64-Rock and Roll Racing
65-Shining Force
69-Lost Vikings
70-Shaq Fu
72-Rap Jam
74-World of Illusion
75-Bart Nightmare
77-World Cup Italia
78-Pac Attack
79-Mutant League Hockey
80-Secret of Mana
81-Mario Bros
82-Super Smash TV
83-Toejam and Earl
84-Psycho Pinball
85-Mario RPG
86-Super Punch-Out
87-Sunset Riders*
88-Phantasy Star

Secret1-Sonic and Knuckles

Were you a Nineties Gamer Screenshots

Main Menu with a small credits at the bottom. Programmed by Renegade.
Were You A Nineties Gamer Main Menu

Level Menu with over 90 music quizzes. There are secret quiz in some other questions. Replay them and perform some keyboard combinations to unlock them.
Were You A Nineties Gamer Level Menu

100% Completed Game can be achieved if you have obtains all 7 emeralds, complete all 90 quiz and 3 secret quizzes!
Were You A Nineties Gamer Game Over Guide

Emeralds Location for Were You A Nineties Gamer








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