Wentworth Walkthrough Guide

Wentworth is an adventure puzzle game where you help Wentworth, the space cat who is having trouble with his mission. Point mouse cursor on objects and if there is a white highlight around it, the object is interactable. Some objects works with different items at hand. View Wentworth Walkthrough Guide below to solve parts you are having difficulty with!

Wentworth Travel Guide

The guide below will only pinpoint the exact location you will need to go. Therefore, I prepare a Travel Guide to allow you to find a specific location easily if you are lost in the lush-vegetation planet. Take note that some of these locations are only unlocked (made available) once you complete a certain quest in sequence.

Tree > River (UP) > Hilltop (LEFT)
River > Hill near Cliff (UP) > Cliff Bottom (RIGHT) > Tree Vines (UP) > Cliff (LEFT)
Tree > Gnome’s House (DOWN) > Cloverfield (RIGHT)
Tree > Bridge (RIGHT) > Tall Grass (RIGHT) > Underground (DOWN) > Flower Garden
Bridge > Tree Top (UP)
Tree > Forest (LEFT) > Deep Forest (LEFT) > Fairy Oracle (LEFT)

Wentworth Guide

Your main objective is to plant and grow the tree sapling on the planet before Inspector Seymour reach Space Station located in Hairball Galaxy to inspect the plant that he had asked to test the planetary surface. You will need to clear multiple obstacles to reach your goal.

Star Station #725 – Hairball Galaxy

Click on Missed Messages. Take Bucket and Duster. Collect Tree Sapling from yellow pot. Open the space hatch. Attached Bucket and Duster on yellow Transport Cable located outside the space station. *Travel to earth* (Star Dust allows objects to grow!)

Planting Tree Sapling

Go to river. Grow little branch located on other side of river using Star Dust. Go to Hilltop. Plant tree sapling. Grow Tree Sapling using Star Dust. Go to River. Return to the tree where you landed.

Getting Bucket

Go to bridge. Grow grass behind troll using Star Dust. Collect grass. Go to Cloverfield. Feed ram with grass. Go to Tall Grass. Collect gray Toadstool. Give Toadstool to Gnome at Gnome’s House.

Harvest Tobacco Leaf beside Gnome. Go to Forest. Grow Sunflower using Star Dust. Dry tobacco leaf on sharp-looking plant. Collect Sun-dried tobacco leaf. Go to Cloverfield. Insert Sun-dried tobacoo leaf into Leprechaun’s Pipe.

Reaching Fairy Oracle for Wisdom to Stop Forest Golem

Talk to Guardian Tree at Deep Forest. Once you have collected Fairy Dust and Pixie dust, sprinkle them onto the doorways and one passage will be left open leading to the Fairy Oracle. Consult Fairy Oracle for advice on dealing with Forest Golem.

Collecting Fairy Dust
Visit Gnome’s Garden and harvest Toadstool. Visit River (a new path is opened leading to Hill Near Cliff). Go to Hill Near Cliff. Go to Cliff Bottom. Plant Toadstool on soil. Grow Toadstool using Star Dust. Climb Tree Vines. Talk to Fairy. Fairy adds special power to your duster. It is now Star, Fairy Dust. (Fairy Dust allows objects to float)

Collecting Pixie Dust
Visit Tall Grass. Float big rock with hole in it using Fairy Dust. Climb down into Underground (Pixie’s Home). Climb up to Flower Garden. Harvest Primrose Petals. Take teapot. Collect water into teapot from river. Boiled teapot water using Sunflower Fire located in the Forest.

Return to Underground. Place Primrose Petals into cup and brew with hot-boiling water. Drink the brewed warm cup of primrose tea. Talk to Pixie. Pixie adds a special power to your duster, allowing it to turn objects into gold (hard precious yellow metal)!

Gathering Twigs to create Protection Boon

The Fairy Oracle will ask you to collect 3 types of twigs to create a Protection Boon against Forest Golem attacks. These twigs are Ash Twig, Oak Twig and Thorn Twig. Return these items to Fairy Oracle so he can assemble one. Finally visit Hilltop where Forest Golem resides along with Protection Boon to defeat it.

Collecting Ash Twig
Collect Climbing Ivy beside Fairy Oracle. Visit Bridge. Plant Climbing Ivy on tree. Grow Climbing Ivy with Star Dust. Climb up to the Tree Top using the vines. Convert purple eggs into gold. The eggs will fall and break Ash Twig from its branch. Climb down to the Bridge. Collect Ash Twig.

Collecting Thorn Twig
Visit Gnome’s House. Float red giant Mushroom Cap and turn into gold with duster. Collect Thorn Twig.

Collecting Oak Twig
Visit Hill Near Cliff. Convert Chestnut into gold. Give Chestnut to Squirrel residing in Forest. Sprinkle Star Dust on the acorn fallen from squirrel’s mouth to grow it. Collect Oak Twig.

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