Volantia Kingdom in the Sky Guide

Volantia Kingdom in the Sky Guide (Story Trailer)
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Volantia Kingdom in the Sky Guide (Complete Guide)
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Volantia Kingdom Tips

  1. Farming Resources: In early game, start farming “Dust” by building as many “Dust Tree” as possible. Also build 1 “Fruit Tree” to feed the worker living in “Homestead”. You will need at least 2 worker to speed up the transportation of “Dust” from “Dust Tree” to the “Collegium” (your base/headquarter) to convert the “Dust” into “Matter”.
  2. Build Research Center: Next, once you have stockpiled sufficient Dust, start by building Chryso Tree and Alchymist. Alchymist is a research center that allows you to research technologies to unlock more buildings. However, it requires Chryso and Dust to perform research. Build 2 Alchymist to speed up research and 2 Chryso Tree to produce sufficient Chryso. You will need to perform research as quickly as possible to unlock skills that allows you to scout for Monolith aka Zardim that extends the time-limit to 20 minutes before the tiles starts crumbling/destabilizing/dropping off.
  3. What to research first in Tech Tree? : If the the hexagon map doesn’t have much Dust Fields but many Pasture (to build Fruit Tree), then start researching “Fruit Compactor” first. This will allow you to build Fruit Compactor that converts Fruit into Dust. Otherwise, research Chryso Distillery, Aethium Tree and Metallurgist first so you can build a more powerful research center that speeds up the research of tech tree by 5 times.
  4. Build Advance Research Center: Metallurgist requires Distilled Chryso from Chryso Distillery and Aethium from Aethium Tree before it can perform Research. Therefore, build at least 2 Chryso Distillery nearby the Chryso Tree, and build 2 Aethium Tree which is adjacent at leasts 1 mountain tile (Production Time: 49 seconds). Aethium Tree gains +50% faster production (33 seconds) bonus when its located adjacent to 2 mountains and +100% faster production bonus (24 seconds) if its adjacent to 3 mountains.
  5. Expand transportation network: Build 2 or more Homesteads with Fruit Tree to support the rapid growth of your base! The more transporters you have, the faster you can get the resources to your buildings. Replace Alchymist building with Metallurgist. You will need more Dust to be convereted into Matter for more expensive building.
  6. Activating Monolith/Zardim: Around this time, you will need to activate the Zardim to prevent the tiles from destabilizing. Activating the Zardim will refresh the time-limit back to 20 minutes and gain a bonus. This is done by building roads to it from your Collegium base, and clicking on the Zardim to open the window panel and click “Activate” button. Activating the Zardim early will allow you to gain special bonuses that will help your buildings to perform better. Higher bonus is rewarded based on the stability of the tile aka stability here refers to activating as quickly as possible.
  7. Research Monolith/Zardim Scout: With the 2 new Metallurgist available, start researching Aethium Foundry, followed by Prismatic Spectrometer. This will give you the ability to uncover new Zardims floating nearby your base. From there, you can start connecting those floating tiles from your base to the new Zardim tile.
  8. Alternative to Dust: By mid game, most Dust Fields will be depleted by Dust Tree. Building more Fruit Compactor is not the solution for Dust resources as it will eat away the Fruits required for Homestead. Therefore, start researching Greenhouse and Transmutation Apparatus. This allows you to gain infinite Matter. Chryso Tree cuts down the Forest to produce Chryso. Chryso is converted into Distilled Chryso by Chryso Distillery, and finally the excess Distilled Chryso is converted into Matter by Transmutation Apparatus. Greenhouse performs reforestation on Forest tile that are depleted by Chryso Tree. Ensure that the tiles are well-watered by building a well nearby a water tile along with a Greenhouse within the Chyrso Tree location. This solves the issue for farming matter.
  9. Explore more Zardim: Once you have solve the “Matter” production, it’s time to now focus on getting all 7 Zardim. This will provide you sufficient time to research all the technologies in the Tech Tree. I would highly recommend to research Technologies that unlocks Urzardim. This will guarantee you a 100% success/win upon exploring all 7 Zardim if you have access to all 7 Zardim in map!
  10. Other Tips: If you have tons of Matter stockpiled, you can perform research on Aethium Dynamo, Fruit Hydroponics and Residence. This will unlock an advance Homestead also known as Residence that houses worker that can travel 2 times faster than ordinary worker. You can replace all Homestead with Residence to save the Fruits, since Fruits will be converted to Infused Fruit that the advance worker will consume. Residence needs to be build within the Aethium Dynamo range as it provides electricity.
  11. End of guide.

Volantia Buildings

Production Buildings

Collegium: Dust → Matter
Fruit Tree: Water + Pasture field → Fruit
Dust Tree: Dust Field → Dust
Chryso Tree: Forest field → Chryso
Aethium Tree: Mountain field → Aethium
Fruit Compactor: Fruit → Dust
Chryso Distillery: Chryso → Distilled Chryso
Fruit Hydroponics: Fruit → Infused Fruit
Aethium Foundry: Aethium → Refined Aethium
Dustworks: Dust + Chryso → Argent Dust
Transmutation Apparatus: Distilled Chryso → Matter

Housing Buildings

Homestead: Fruit → Worker
Residence: Infused Fruit + Electricity → Advanced Worker

Service Buildings

Well Tree: Water field → Water
Greenhouse: Dust + Water field OR Water → Reforestation (Forest field)
Manufactory: Argent Dust OR Dust → Matter
Aethium Dynamo: Refined Aethium → Electricity
Compost: Distilled Chryso → Fertilize tile
Thermoregulator: Argent Dust + Electricity → Refrigeration

Science Buildings

Alcymist: Dust + Chryso → 1x Research Points
Metallurgist: Aethium + Distilled Chryso → 5x Research Points
Thaumaturge: Refined Aethium + Infused Fruit + Chryso → 20x Research Points
Ur Zardim: *None*

Volantia Kingdom In the Sky Tech Tree

Chryso Distillery (Production)
Consumes: Chryso | Produces: Distilled Chryso
Converts Chryso into Purified Chryso. Among other uses, excess Purified Chryso can also be convereted into Matter with a Transmutation Apparatus.

Aethium Tree (Production)
Produces: Aethium. Requirement: Must be build next to “Mountains”
Extracts Aethium from nearby Mountain tiles. Aethium is a very durable crystalline mineral and has special kinetic properties useful in avariety of applications.

Fruit Compactor (Production)
Consumes: Fruit. Produces: Dust
Mashes excess fruit into Dust. This can be collecteed by custodians and converted into Matter at the Collegium or a Manufactory.

Metallurgist (Science)
Consumes: Aethium, Distilled Chryso. Produces: 5x Research Points
Produces research materials. With speciulative philosophies and avant-garde engineering techniques, the Metallurgist can produce many more research materials than the Alchymist.

Aethium Foundry (Production)
Consumes: Aethium. Produces: Refined Aethium
Converst Aethium into Refined Aethium. Refined Aethium is a versatile crystal composite imbued with immense amounts of kinetic energy. Now what could we use such a thing for?

Compost (Service)
Consumes: Distilled Chryso. Prorduces: Fertilizer
Increases the productivity of nearby gardens and buildings. An extremely aromatic concoction of biowaste and Purified Chryso, which enriches the soil and promotes prosperity.

Greenhouse (Service)
Consumes: Dust. Produces: Forest on tiles with water channel
Enables the planting and cultivation of forests on adjacent tiles. Using unconventional techniques and a lot of Dust, we can expand the forests that produce Chryso out onto empty terrain.

Transmutation Apparatus (Production)
Consumes: Distilled Chryso. Produces: Matter
Converts purified Chryso into Matter. With enough Chryso Distilleries and Greenhouses, we probably won’t need to rely on Dust Fields anymore.

Dustworks (Production)
Consumes: Dust, Chryso. Produces: Argent Dust
Converts Dust into Argent Dust. An exceedlying dry compound, Argent Dust can help to prevent moisture condensation and is used to moderate humidity in the Thermoregulator.

Wormfood (Service)
Increases the speed of a scouting mission. For a cost.
Scrupulously cultivated for their extraordinary nutritious benefits and subtly floral flavour notes, these worms are a compleling incentive for our avian scouts.

Landscaping (Service)
Enables the discarding of a single unwanted tile whenplacing a new island.
Tazari gardeners ahve developed sophisticated techniques to excavate and shape topography without compromising its structural integrity. That’s important when you live up in the sky.

Manufactory (Structure, Service)
Consumes: Excess Dust, Argent Dust. Produces: Matter
Converst Dust into Matter. Increases Matter Cap by 50. Custodians can drop Dust off here instead of at Collegium, minimising travel time and maximising efficiency.

Aethium Dynamo (Service)
Consumes: Refined Aethium. Produces: Electricity.
Provides electricity to nearby tiles. This generator uses the innate kinetic energy of Refined Aethium to generate electricity with zero emissions and groovy vibes.

Fruit Hydroponics (Production)
Consumes: Fruit. Produces: Infused Fruit
Converts Fruits into Fancy Fruit. Custodians might be happy to eat regular fruit, but Curators have much more rarefied palates. Ripened in a mineral nutrient solution with exposure only to pre-dawn starlight during a gibbous moon, Fancy Fruit is then carefully sliced to enhance its presentation aesthetics.

Thermoregulator (Service)
Consumes: Argent Dust. Requires: Electricity. Provides: Refrigeration
Reduces the consumption rate of adjacent buildings.
Combining natural cycles of evaporation with the desiccant properties of Argent Dust, the Thermoregulator moderates atmospheric humidity andmaintains a relaxing ambient temperature at all times.

Prismatic Lens (Scouting)
Locates islands that are only a single tile.
With these modified optics, the magisters’ scouts will be able to probe nearby cloud masses for smaller fragments of land.

Residence (Citizen)
Consumes: Infused Fruit. Requires: Electricity. Houses Advanced Worker
Houses a Curator. A more leegant establishment for a more elegant occupant. Currators work much faster than Cutodians, but expect apropriate compensation and conveniences for their endeavors.

Complex Landscaping (Scouting)
Enables discarding of a second unwanted tile when placing a new island. Stacks with Landscaping. But no more than that. There’s a limit even to Tazari ingenuity.

Thaumaturge (Science)
Consumes: Refined Aethium, Infused Fruit, Chryso. Requires: Electricity. Produces: 20x Research Points
Produces research materials. Rejecting the principles of Alchymia and Metallurgy of Alchymia and Metallurgy as pointlessly empirical, Tazari Thamaturges employ obscure and arcane means to accomplish their objectives. One can learn a lot from failure too! Note: If you are able to produce the resources that Thaumaturge requires, then feel free to go ahead and build this building. Personally, having 2 Metallurgist is sufficient to unlock all technologies and it’s much easier too since you will not need to remember too much of the resource requirement and especially when you lack good tiles to build buildings together.

UrZardim (Scouting)
Stabilizes the entire kingdom. We’ve finally done enough research to surpass the ancients, and stabilize our kingdom permanently. Note: You will still need to get all 7 Zardim accessed first. If you unlock this technology first without having all 7 Zardim networked to your base via road, your entire map tile will still destabilize.

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