Utopian Mining Walkthrough Guide

Utopian Mining is an adventure pixel game where you mine ores to rebuild the town that was destroyed by storm. This game offers 10 missions, variety robot upgrades such as drills, chasis, cooling liquids and batteries, with 7 types of minerals to extract! View Utopian Mining Walkthrough Guide to get more insight on this game!

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LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN – move around
X – Interact with things
C – Cancel or Leave
J – Jobs
M – Map
I – Inventory

Utopian Mining Overview

Mine and sell ore to profit. Each ores is priced based on its mining depth (Coal $25 Iron $50 Gold $100 Wolfram $250 Smaragd $500 Ruby $750 Diamond $1.5K) Spend money on repairing robot’s health and recharge energy. Your robot’s health will suffer heat damage if it digs too deep. This can be minimized by upgrading cooling liquid and chasis for better heat protection while increasing ore storage. Keep an eye on battery level as it diminishes each time when you dig. To last longer during mining, upgrade your battery capacity and equipped with better drill. If you lose all battery or health, it will cost $250 to rescue your robot out of the tunnel and all ores in storage will be forfeited. To save game, visit Memory of Tree and Press X. To buy upgrades, you need complete Job 3 (view job section) to unlock Shop.

Utopian Mining Job Guide

Complete each job to unlock more game features!
1. Rebuild the apartment – Help rebuild John’s apartment by giving him $250.
2. Making it warm and cozy – John needs coal to run his ovens. Get 10 coals!
3. Alternate Energy Sources – Gronk needs 5 iron to build a steam machine.
4. Running The Steam Machine – Gronk needs 12 coals to run his steam machine.
5. Starting Off – Dave needs $750 to build a wind turbine.
6. Visiting The Beach – Dave needs 50 sand to create fiberglass.
7. Superconductors – George needs 15 wolfram for making superconductors.
8. Green Power – George needs 20 Smaragd for energy testing purposes.
9. Making Jewelry – Jamie needs 25 ruby to make jewelry.
10. The Core – Equip yourself with best diamond hardware and get the CORE!

Rebuild The Apartment

Talk to John and he will ask for $250 cash to rebuild his apartment. Dig earth and tunnel at a depth of 3 layers. You can find plenty of black coals at this layer. Mine 10 Coals and sell them at Sell Station. Each coal earns $25, a total of $250 for 10 Coals. Return to John and fund his apartment refurbishment.

Making it warm and cozy

John request for 10 Coals again to heat up the apartment. Mine 10 Coals and give it to him. John rewards $500 for your help, unlocks Shop and introduce to you a new neighbor, Gronk who needs some help.

Alternate Energy Sources

Talk to Gronk and he request you to get him 5 iron for his steam machine production. These orange iron are found deep down at layer 9 to 13. Be careful not to go into layer 14 or deeper as your robot’s health suffer from high heat. At this point of time, your battery has now reach 50% or below. You will need to recharge it at the Power Station.

Running The Steam Machine

Talk to Gronk again and he requests for 12 Coals. Your current chassis can only store up to 10 ores. Purchase a Gold Chassis for $250 at Shop to carry 12 ores in storage. Spend remaining funds into recharging your battery at Power Station before diving into the earth. Return to Gronk with 12 black Coals and he will reward you with $1500 and 10% electricity allowance when you recharge battery at Power Station.

Starting Off

Talk to Dave and give $750 to fund his Wind Turbine Project by using the money rewarded by Gronk. Talk to Dave again to proceed with his next job request.

Visiting The Beach

Dave requests for 50 sands to produce fiberglass, which can be obtained from the Beach. This beach is located at the very far end to the right (east). Keep on walking till you see white sand! Dig up 50 white beach sand and return to Dave. Don’t worry as it will not use up any 12 ore storage. Press ‘M’ to open up the Map (notice the red dot? that is your robot position). Press ‘J’ to open up the Job Window to see how many sand you have harvested. Return to Dave with 50 sand and he rewards $2500 and 15% electricity allowance (a total of 25% allowance from Power Station!)


George request 15 Wolfram for his superconductor research which can help save town’s electricity. Buy Cooling Liquid 4 + Sapphire Drill. Mine Gold and Iron at Layer 28-32 (before first barrier) and sell them. Do these for 3 rounds to have sufficient cash for a Large Battery and Smaragd Chassis (19 Ore Storage).

Finally tunnel your way to second white barrier (Layer 61). Blue Wolfram are abundant in Layer 58-66. Don’t go into Layer 67 and deeper as Cooling Liquid 4 can’t take high amount of heat! Return to George with the research materials and he rewards you with 25% electricity allowance (a total of 50% allowance from Power Station!)

Green Power

Talk to George again and he requests for 20 Smaragd, a green ore which found deeper than Blue Wolfram. Use your current hardware and mine lots of yellow gold and blue wolfram. Use this cash to purchase the Ultimate Cooling Liquid 4. Repeat mining routine and get Diamond Drill and Diamond Chassis (30 ore storage). With these setup, you can complete the remaining jobs easily! George rewards $15000.

Making Jewelry

Talk to Jamie and he requests for 25 Red Rubies and by completing this job, he rewards $20000.

The Core

Talk to George again and he request you to obtain the core located at the bottom of the map. With the tons of cash obtained from all the previous jobs, you can grab all the best hardware from shop before digging down to the core location. Return to George with the CORE and the game is completed!

Utopian Mining Screenshots

Click on Main Menu to allow it to track keyboard keystrokes. Press X to CLICK to start game. Press Y for More Games. Press 0 to Mute Music / Sound Effects. It also integrates a Credit section below: Made by Schulles, Music by Kevin Macleod and Special Thanks to Adam Atomic.
Utopian Mining Main Menu

This game provides 3 Save Slots so if you have messed up your robot build, you can restart by making a new account. However, there isn’t an option to delete existing save games.
Utopian Mining Save Slot Menu

Mining is the robot specialty, able to tunnel to the deepest area while sustaining heavy pressure and high heat that no human can withstand! The deeper you dig, the more valuable ores you can find. There are 7 types of ores namely Black Coal, Orange Iron, Yellow Gold, Blue Wolfram, Green Samaragd, Red Ruby and White Diamond.
Utopian Mining Ores Minerals Jewels

Check your inventory by pressing “I” to see how many minerals you have harvested. You can also check it by opening your Job Window by pressing “J” if you are required to send an amount of ores to NPC (Non Playable Character), also known as the person who is providing the job/mission/quest objectives.
Utopian Mining Inventory

The map displays 5 levels or layers of earth. The Red Dot indicates your robot position while the green dot is the CORE. Obtaining it means Game Over or Happy Ending. But it will require to equip robot with best hardware to get down there!
Utopian Mining Map

Sell Ores at Sell Station to earn some money to pay for energy recharge and chassis repairs. If you die having zero on either or both, all ores are forfeited and $250 is deducted from your bank. You can spend your hard earned cash for upgrades.
Utopian Mining Sell Station

This is the Upgrade Menu or Shop which can be unlocked after completing Job 3. There are 4 types of upgrades you can purchase (Chassis, Drill, Battery and Cooling Liquid). Each can be upgraded 5 times! Upgrade costs are same for each type starting at $250, $500, $1000, $2500 and $7500.
Utopian Mining Upgrade Menu


Gold – Take less damage from heat and get more storage.
Sapphire – That’s a nice protection!
Smaragd So much space!
Ruby – Unbreakable… nearly!
Diamond – Nothing can stop you now!


Gold – Drill faster and save energy.
Sapphire – Breaks through rocks!
Smaragd – Faster than a mole.
Ruby – That’s what I call quick.
Diamond – Break through everything and get the core!


Small – Lasts Longer
Medium – Mine Longer!
Large – Stay underground for hours!
Supersize – Extremely high duration!
Ultra – The Ultimate Battery!

Cooling Liquid

Cooling Liquid 1 – Drill Deeper
Cooling Liquid 2 – Cool down!
Cooling Liquid 3 – Can’t stop!
Cooling Liquid 4 – So Cool!
Cooling Liquid 5 – Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails! (unlimited exploration)

Congratulations you beat the game! The game is completed after you obtain the mysterious CORE (an emerald jewel found at the bottom center of the map) It is used as an electric supplement with coal and wind energy. But how would you get there?
Utopian Mining Congratulations

Exit Menu can be brought up by pressing the ESC (Escape) Button on Keyboard. Basically all controls are based on Keyboard and few with Mouse Clicks. You will need to click on the Flash Game Screen to activate keyboard listeners to react to your keyboard instructions. By exiting, you can return to the Save Slot Menu.
Utopian Mining Exit Menu

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