TUDIA Ultra Tough OMNIX Case for OnePlus One Review

TUDIA Ultra Tough OMNIX Case for OnePlus One Review
Purchase: TUDIA Ultra Tough OMNIX [Heavy Duty] Hybrid Full-body Protective Case with Front Cover and Built-in Screen Protector / Impact Resistant Bumpers Cover for OnePlus One

Product Description

Since OMNIX case features fully covered front build-in screen protectors, tempered glass screen protector will NOT compatible with the case. And you don’t really need tempered glass screen protector under tough protections from OMNIX case. The TUDIA TUDIA Ultra Tough OMNIX [Heavy Duty] Hybrid Case for OnePlus One is a premium triple layer cover that provides optimal protection from the scratches and scuffs of daily use. This long-lasting, durable case is made with a mixture of top grade Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate materials. With openings for all buttons and connectors, the TUDIA Ultra Slim CYGEN preserves the angles and original design of the OnePlus One and still allows the device to be fully functional when equipped with this cover. The TUDIA Ultra Slim CYGEN provides superior protection utilizing a shock absorbing TPU and a scratch resistant exterior shield, keeping your OnePlus One looking as good as new.

Product Features

  • Has 4 color designs: Red, White, Black Matte, Slate.
  • Triple layer design fuses a premium quality polycarbonate outer layer with an enhanced Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) rubberized gel skin anda front polycarbonate plastic cover with build-in screen protectors to offer slim, lightweight and form-fitted protection for the OnePlus One Smartphone.
  • Features fully covered front screen protectors to protect the display screen from scratches when the device is placed face down.
  • Compatible with the OnePlus One Smartphone. Precision-Cut cutouts perfectly align with all buttons, controls, and ports. Allows easy access to the camera, speakers, microphone, and charging port without having to remove the case.
  • Snap on design allows for easy installation and multiple colors are available to match your personal style.
  • Utilizing triple layers, this cover incorporates the top safety advantages of both a hard and soft case. The soft inner TPU absorbs and disperses the shock of most drops encountered in daily use. On the exterior, the durable polycarbonate shield protects against scratches and still maintains the smooth and sleek feel of your device.

TUDIA Ultra Tough OMNIX Reviews


  • Appearance: User’s can choose one of the 4 color types (red, slate, black matte, white) to suit their preferences! It’ looks and feels like a very solid case.
  • Full Protection Case: Has TPU Rubber on all of the edges surrounding the phone and have a metal back plate on the rear. Also includes a screen protector on the front. Also includes rubberized flaps to protect from any unwanted large object inserted into the micro-USB and headphone jack. However, dust particles may still enter as its not 100% sealed.
  • Good Grip: The back plate of the matte black feels somewhat a little grip.
  • NFC Works: The NFC connection still works even though its covered by OMNIX thick casing.
  • No Camera Obstruction: The extra thick layer on the rear does not obstruct the camera view and flash.


  • Heavy: The TUDIA Ultra Tough OMNIX case weights 90 gram, which is 45 gram more than most phone cases for OnePlus One.
  • Stiff Buttons: The power button is beyond hard to press including if you try to break the case in.
  • Non-Responsive Touch Screen: The case comes with a built-in plastic screen protector for the front of the phone. However, it’s positioned far from the actual phone screen. Hence, its frustrating to type or do anything when its only registering half of the actions. Solution: Manually peel off the plastic screen protector and remove remaining double-tape adhesive on the surrounding edges. It is pretty easy to fix but time consuming. Note: If the OnePlus One already has a tempered glass screen protector installed, this issue will be non-existent since it will fill the gaps between the plastic screen protector and the phone screen.
  • Inferior Screen Protector: The in-built screen protector is a finger-print magnet and has a flimsy build quality. Solution: Use a 2.5D rounded-edge tempered glass screen protector as the main protection.
  • Large: The cover makes it bulky and twice as thick. It might not be suitable for users who like the svelte sleek design of the OnePlus One.
  • Imperfect Kickstand: This plastic kickstand is not sturdy and applying pressure either by swiping or touching the phone while standing will cause it to snap out of the case, causing the phone to fall easily. It’s a massive pain to install once its off the hard shell. An owner who uses kickstand often has his broken after 3 months of usage, where the plastic pegs for the hinge broke off.
  • Small Headphone Opening: The case opening for headphone jack is small and obstructs large regular headphone from being inserted. Solution: Get a short extender cable for it to work.
  • Poor Grip: The sides of the case aren’t grippy at all as they are made of hard plastic.
  • Difficult to Disassemble: It takes a lot more effort to remove the phone case when the phone is already installed inside.
  • Stiff Flaps: The flaps located on the micro-USB and headphone jack are difficult to open and it’s especially annoying when you use it often. Solution: A long fingernail will definitely help in this scenario to pull it open before inserting one of the connectors.
  • Curvy Side Screen makes opening Menu problematic: It’s difficult to swipe on the very left part of the display to pull out menus due to the curves on the sides of the screen. I usually use the phone right handed so when my thumb tries to drag out a menu on the very left of the screen, it doesn’t work 90% of the time. It sometimes doesn’t work when I use my left thumb.


OnePlus One Tudia Tough Case Review
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