Tripod Attack Walkthrough Guide

Tripod Attack is an action alien war defense game where you play as the 3-legged alien (known as Tripod) cleanse the Earth plagued by Humanity using your Heat Ray to scorch aircrafts, tanks, trucks and soldiers to death! View Tripod Attack Walkthrough Guide below to win this game easily!

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Tripod Attack Strategy and Tips

1. Always spend on repairing Tripod Armor first above 80% health!
2. Leave at least 1 weak enemy on field (such as Soldier or Jeep)
2a. This prevents next wave from invading.
2b. Use this time to recharge your Shield and Ray.
3. Destroy enemies that shoots missiles first to avoid damaging shield quickly.
4. Destroy EMP Tank before Missile Enemies as it will reduce Shield to 0%.
5. Always upgrade laser first followed by Shield Recharge and Shield Strength.
5a. Powerful laser kill enemies faster, hence avoiding absorbing enemy attacks.
5b. A fast recharging and powerful shield prevents Tripod armor from being damage.
5c. Therefore, you spend less cash on repairs and more on other upgrades.
6. Day 10 and Day 15 have boss, therefore is a chance to lose in this battle.
6a. To defeat Helicopter Boss, you need to destroy Helicopter Missiles first.
6b. Focus on Helicopter Boss when there are few surrounding enemies.
6c. To defeat Tank Boss, you need Full Upgrade on Laser, Armor and Shield.
6d. You can only damage Tank Boss when it does not have its Blue Barrier Shield on.

Tripod Attack Video Playthrough

Tripod Attack Days 1 – 5
[youtube url=]

Tripod Attack Days 6 – 10
[youtube url=]

Tripod Attack Days 11 – 15
[youtube url=]

Tripod Attack Achievements

Annihilation – Kill 15 soldiers in 5 seconds.
Grim Reaper – Kill 25 soldiers in 5 seconds.
Good Reaction – Destroy all kamikaze trucks on Day 8.
Quick Clean-Up – Complete Day 3 less than 1 minute.
Mad Killer – Complete Day 14 less than 2 minutes 15seconds.
No Pulse – Prevent actuation of all EMP Tanks on Day 9.
Sharpshooter – Reach 80% accuracy on Day 4.
Sniper – Reach 80% accuracy on Day 7.
Thick Armor – Complete Day 5 with 100% armor.
Unstoppable – Complete Day 11 with 100% armor.
Devastator – Upgrade ray damage to the maximum.
Immortal – Upgrade armor strength to maximum.
Hokum B – Destroy helicopter boss on Day 10.
Burner IK35 – Destroy laser tank boss on Day 15.
Great Victory – Complete Day 15 less than 130 seconds.

Tripod Attack Screenshots

Main Menu displays 4 options (Play / Options / Credits / More Games). More Games allows Developer to showcase their developed game collections. Social Buttons such as Twitter and Facebook to allow players to follow on game series or updates.
Tripod Attack Main Menu

Options Menu allows players to customize game settings such as Sound (Effects and Music), Game-Related Effects (Blood, Camera Shake, Lifebars, Missile Rects), Graphics Preset (Low, Medium, High, Ultra) and other Render Quality (Debris, Weapon FX, Tripod’s Ray FX, Motion Blur, Smoke on Battlefield, Second Background).
Tripod Attack Options Menu

Credits gives Developer opportunity to thank those who helped in game development.
Tripod Attack Credits

Level Menu allows players to replay a selected level to earn extra cash for upgrades before fighting Helicopter and Tank Boss or Replay Level to get certain achievements. This game does not require Cash Grinding for Tripod’s upgrade.
Tripod Attack Level Menu

Tutorial describes Tripod Attack UI (User Interface) such as the Ray Bar, Shield Bar, Armor Bar (Health), Progress Percent (total enemies to be killed to complete game), Credits (Cash Earned upon killing enemy), Current Day (Level) and Time Spent on that Level. The game controls uses mouse, just point-n-click enemies to kill them.
Tripod Attack Tutorial

Game is the place where most of user time are spent killing waves of approaching air and land enemies. Missile enemies deals most damage against Tripod’s Shield. This screen displays a walkthrough and menu button (which brings up the Game Menu).
Tripod Attack Game

Game Menu allows players to pause-resume game, restart or exit level. A walkthrough button and more games can be seen here as well. However, there isn’t any Options Menu here. To reset Graphic Rendering, you will need to exit level and change.
Tripod Attack Game Menu

Upgrade Menu is shown upon completing a particular level. Spend your cash in upgrading Weapon (Ray Damage, Ray Capacity, Ray Recharge Rate, Heat Radius), Shield (Shield Recharge and Shield Strength) and Armor. You can repair Tripod’s Armor too if it took damage.
Tripod Attack Upgrade Menu

Cool Menu is unlocked after obtaining all Achievements as listed in this Tripod Attack Walkthrough Guide. I recommend to complete all levels first and purchase all upgrades before getting missing achievements. It will be much easier obtaining them in that order. Some combination of these options can seriously slow down your computer.
Tripod Attack Cool Menu

Cool Menu Options
2x Tripod’s Ray Damage
2x Tripod’s Armor and Shield Strength
2x Units Count
2x Units Speed
2x Blood Splashes
2x Debris Count

Tripod Attack Review

Tripod Attack is short and simple game while displaying amazing graphics. However there is a lacking depth in strategy that player can apply in-game. All the user needs to do is replay levels to get lots of cash to purchase all upgrades and you win. Just prioritize on enemies that deals most damage first.

It would be nice to have a variety of weapons to take down enemies such as homing missiles that explodes lasers or extendable legs that pierces enemies from underground or perform a minor earthquake by hitting the ground to stun enemies or summon mini tripods to assist in battle.

Apart from that, how about allowing players to play on human side to defeat the giant alien Tripod instead? Double the fun as players can summon a variety of soldiers, tanks and aircraft to defeat Tripod before it reaches Day 15. There are some improvements Tripod Attack can implement such as having Visible Upgrades:
1. Upgrading Heat Radius displays smoke turning red and radius looks wider.
2. Upgrading Shield displays bigger hexagon blue shield upon absorbing damage.
3. Upgrading Ray displays more sparkling red laser exhibiting from Tripod’s cannon.

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