Toughest Interview Questions #2: Why Should We Hire You?

In our continuing series on how to answer toughest questions, today we take on another one of the top open-ended questions that strikes fear into the hearts job seekers everywhere: “Why should we hire you?”. Just like the general questions “Tell me about yourself?” and “What are your greatest weaknesses?” your answer to this question can raise a red flag for the interviewer if you don’t answer correctly.

Your Chance to Sell Yourself

The question really is nothing more than the interviewer asking you to sell yourself to them. So how do you sell yourself?

Inventory your strengths
First you need to have done the preliminary research to understand core professional strengths and identify several examples from your career that demonstrate these strengths in action.

Understand the interviewer’s motivation
Second, you need to understand why the interviewer wants to hire someone in the first place. What capabilities are they looking for? What’s the pain that they’re trying to eliminate? The wrong way to respond is something like “because I need a job”. Remember the job interview isn’t about you, at least not yet. The interview at this point is all about what the interviewer wants and what you can do for them.

Preparing answer
So a good place to preparing your answer is a job listing itself. What specific skills and experience and working skills are they looking for. What are they trying to accomplish? What will it take to get their job done? Now, examine your inventory of professional skills and match those with the employer’s needs, this what you clarify those two or three qualities you have to offer and fulfilled their precise requirements that lets you set yourself apart from all the other candidates.

List strengths, traits and attributes
Remember these traits don’t have to be unique to the position like a specific programming language or professional certification. They may just be your energy, your initiative, you’re working style, your communication strength, your ability to get along with others in the workplace. These are types of attributes that are irrelevant virtually in any job and essential to any long-term success that you’re gonna have.

Create a summary sales statement
So from the list their requirements, you simply match what you have to offer, merge the two into a summary sales statement. Bingo! You got your pitch. It shouldn’t be any longer than a couple minutes and it should stress your traits that makes you unique and a good match for their job.

“Why Should We Hire You?” Sample Answer

From our conversation it sounds like you’re looking for someone to come in and take charge immediately. It also sounds like you’re experiencing some problems integrating all of your branches systems to provide you with an overview of their activity and success on a daily basis.

With my six years experience integrating CRM systems on systems range for a desktop PC to corporate mainframe, I’ve learned the best ways to integrate the system’s at the lowest-cost.

My high-energy quick learning style enables me to hit the ground running, to quickly identify and analyze problem areas, and move quickly to plan the course of action.

My colleagues will tell you I am a team player who always maintains positive attitude and motivate his staffs to deliver exceptional results. I have the ability to stay focused instressful situations and I can be counted on to keep critical projects moving forward and come in on time and on budget. I’m confident that I can be a great asset to your team.

To sum up:

Complete this exercise around this question allows you to concentrate on your unique qualities. Take the time to to your specific capabilities and think about what is sets you apart from anyone else there interview for thisposition that let the interviewer know you can listen to the problem they’ve described and you have what it takes to do the job that you bring specifically identifiedvalue to their organization and you have the solution to their problems and that’s why they should hire you.

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