Tips to Make Your Resume Stands Out

In this challenge on job market, for every open position, you’ll be competing against more applicants than ever before. If your resume does not catch the attention of the reader within six seconds, then the chances of you getting invitation to an interview is reduced to almost zero. Today, I’m going to give you some tips to make your resume sing!

Tip #1 : Make it short
For the most part, resume that is drawn on and on are the ones that has the highest chances of getting sent to the circle file. Unless you are an executive with a long story career or you have a catalog of articles that you have published, you should stick to 1 or 2 pages for maximum punch. There is no need to use full sentences! Just make sure you clearly communicate critical points of each basic 5 elements of your resume.

Tip #2 : Make it interesting
Be sure to use action verbs and power words for maximum impact. These words will transform your resume from dreary to delightful. Concentrate on results and not just responsibilities. Of course you need to describe your day to day duties. But what will make you really stand out is by spending time telling about the best outcome of your assignments. While we are on this topic, a well-designed resume separates you from the rest of the pack by miles! Whether you use someone’s else product, make sure your resume has the visual appeal. In the sea of boring black white resume, giving a little attention to the space will certainly help you stand out.

Tip #3 : Make it New
It’s important to keep your resume fresh! Did you recently graduate from a master program? Did you take a promotion in your current company? Had you successfully completed a long term project with better than expected results? As soon as these events happen, you need to update your resume. If you regularly updated your resume, then you won’t need to scramble to put together something when the perfect opportunity comes along.

Tip #4 : Make it germane
You need to make your resume relevant! Each perspective employer that gets his or her hands on your resume will have a different position. You do not want to make your prospective employer work hard at trying to figure out what value you have to offer. A resume is not a one-size fits it all document that you send out to anyone and everyone. Focus on what your employer wants to know about you and not what you want to tell the world.

As you create your resume, it’s important to keep in mind your reader. Also important to remember that you have competition. Recruiters, headhunters, hiring managers are reading your resume with this one question in mind. Why should I call this person over all the other candidates for an interview? Your resume needs to grab the reader’s attention and answer this question within the first six seconds, because it can open the doors to your next big career move, you don’t want to be compreciates about how to put together your resume. These 4 tips will help make your resume sing and help you get notice.

If you have any other tips you would like to share with our audience or job hunters, or, if you have feedback for me on how to improve, please post a comment below.

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